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Model Lauren Scruggs

REJECTS $200k Settlement

in Airplane Propeller Accident

3/27/2012 6:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lauren Scruggs -- the model who lost a hand and an eyeball
Lauren Scruggs -- the model who lost a hand and an eyeball when she was struck by an airplane propeller last year -- claims she shot down a $200k settlement offer from the plane's insurance company ... and now she's suing for much, much more.

Scruggs filed legal docs in Dallas, Texas ... claiming the insurance company "verbally offered" to pay her $200k for the Dec. 3, 2011 accident ... and they explained it's the MOST the insurance company can pay out to a "passenger."

But Scruggs is calling BS ... claiming she shouldn't be considered a "passenger" because "she was not in the aircraft or getting in or out of it at the time of the incident."

The 23-year-old model argues she had "completed her exit from the aircraft prior to the time of the incident and was physically located on the tarmac when the incident happened. Until struck by the propeller, she was not in physical contact with the aircraft after her exit."

Scruggs is asking for unspecified damages ... but we're guessing she wants WAY more than $200k.


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Yeah...with her mother "keeping a diary" and now's been pretty clear they had every intention of cashing in on this situation. What I don't understand is why some dumb broad who was probably drunk off her ass and not watching where she was going is entitled to a payout for her mistake. Nice world we live in where no one is accountable for their actions anymore.

905 days ago


If it was so obviously her fault, why is she being offered any money at all? And to say that the safety procedure is to tell the person to watch out for the propeller. Who's running the show, the 3 stooges?

905 days ago


over on Ferrari-Chat someone posted that these kinds of accidents occur every few years at private airports

905 days ago


sorry-at "general aviation airports"

905 days ago

charlei harper    

what did the blonde say when she walked into a bar???...she said "OW!!!"...

That girl has crazy one should be paid for being stupid and forest gump said " stupid is as stupid does"...

except for the christians, homos and lesbos...

905 days ago


She did this to herself. She walked into the propeller. This is not up to the manufacturer to pay her for walking into it.... This lawsuit should be thrown out!! She should not get money for something that was her own fault.

905 days ago


I know what happened to her was terrible, but it was her fault.

905 days ago

charlei harper    

what did the blonde say when she walked into a bar?...wait for it...wait for it...she said OW!!! get it?

no one should be paid for being careless and time, try sticking your hand into a blender to stop the blades...

905 days ago


It is unfortunate that she suffered how she did...but she walked into the propeller. She was not paying attention and was careless. Why is the plane's insurance company responsible for that?

905 days ago


I'm sorry for what Lauren has been thru and still has ahead of her, however, holding the plane owner/insurance responsible for her misjudgement is crazy. This is an example of the sue-happy world we now live in, making premiums higher and in the long run not just the person being sued but all their customers/associates ultimately pay.

905 days ago


so if she is no longer a she claims...then shes just an idiot walking on the tarmac!!! wrong runway honey!!

905 days ago


They shouldn't have offered her anything because it was her fault. But that is one of the things that is wrong with this country, you can sue anyone. The pilot was a friend of hers, I hope he isn't the one she is suing. He also warned her to watch out.

I guess in this country if you are absent minded it means you will get rich.

905 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

She should be thankful they're even offering her any amount of money. That was clearly her fault.

905 days ago


Lauren Scruggs: I fought the prop, and the prop won!

905 days ago


The accident is truly awful and they should at least pay all her medical bills - if that exceeds $200,000 then pay it. If $200,000 covers it - that's enough. It was not their fault she walked into the propeller unless they can prove proper exiting procedure was not explained or the propellers were not supposed to be in that position and still going - i.e. negligence in any way. People need to develop accountability for their actions instead of just suing that pants off everybody for their own [albeit tragic] mistakes.

905 days ago
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