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Lindsay Lohan

Everyone's On Board

To End Formal Probation

3/27/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is in the clear ... if she doesn't screw up in the next 48 hours, she will be off formal probation for the first time in more than 4 years ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us ... The L.A. County District Attorney is satisfied Lindsay completed the terms of her probation. As a result, the D.A. will accept the L.A. County Probation Department's report that Lindsay has complied with all the terms of her probation. We've learned the D.A. will have no objection to Judge Stephanie Sautner terminating Lindsay's probation in the Beverly Hills DUI case.

As for Lindsay's other little problem -- the jewelry heist -- we've learned the L.A. City Attorney sees no reason why Lindsay's formal probation -- requiring her to regularly report to her probation officer and the judge -- will be changed to informal probation, meaning as long as Lindsay keeps her nose clean she is off the hook for misdemeanor theft.

Lindsay is in court Thursday, and we'll be livestreaming. She will walk out with virtually no strings attached to her freedom. Well, there is one string. To get off informal probation, she must obey all laws for the next 2 1/2 years.


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Joan K    

I see some people gave her around 6 months and she will screw up, I give her around 3 and her name will be in the news for some screw up because that is how LL rolls.

937 days ago


Give it a break already TMZ how many times are you going to give us the same info over and over and over, like you really got exclusive information from the County at 1am in the morning. TMZ is nothing more then a bunch of bloggers posting the obvious and making up sources

937 days ago


I tell ya, seeing lindsay walk out of probation meeting with that "Eat s**t" smug on her face, makes me wanna smack the first person i

937 days ago


When Sautner said "This is what we call, giving the accused the keys to the jail", really meant "This is what we call giving a celebrity the keys to freedom".????

937 days ago


I have to admit, my video is not working well on my pc at this juncture, so i will miss the livestream on thursday. Note this, it might be a good thing, cause i cant stand her smug, which means i wont smack anybody that day....LMAO

937 days ago


You know Daneille I know exactly want you mean....really I just want to to bodily harm ....But don't worry "She'll be Back"
I know why TMZ is posting this praise fest for Lohan cause its good for TMZ , stir the ants up and gets them hits but for the life of me I can't understand these trolls who get on her and wrote utter nonsense of congradulations to a fool that took 4 yrs to get off a probation charge that a ordinary person could and would have done in 6 weeks !!!!
Frankly I am sick to dead of people pushing this arrogent whore down the publics throat every dam day...its not like she is beautiful , unless you like bloated plastic ..or talented ,hell she couldn't even read a cue card and move her hands at the same time...I can see what men see in her ..she has the certain " Bitch in Heat" look that males can't resist...thats why you see them following her up and down the side road when shes out roaming the neigborhood..must be the smell.....
I for one hope she walks out of that courtroom and straight to the damn airport and flys that smelly ass clear out of the country.....and taints up europe for a while.
Mean while certain officals in the department of juctice will be counting up their fat retirement funds and moarning the loss of a steady income.....!!!!

937 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Wow, hits are way down. It may be a number of factors, but maybe nobody really cares anymore?

937 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

"sees no reason why Lindsay's formal probation... will be changed to informal probation, meaning..."

Actually, what you say they said means the opposite of what you say it means. I can't believe who work at TMZ get paid to write.

937 days ago


Nikki: 8 minutes ago
ROTF! You crack me up

Nikki if this came out of lindsays trap, it would be with a crack dealer...hahahhahaa

937 days ago


Harvey your pony is down on it knobby knees now barely hobbling alone. Mpbody but the Lohan Inc hired posters care and they are even sleeping in today..

Oh and us old retirees who don't feel like working today because its a teacher workday and has a housefull of little boys who are bored....bored 11 and 9 yrs old and a 3 year old stirring up trouble...As soon as it warms up they are going OUTSIDE>>>>>>>. lol

937 days ago

Pony Princess    

Hi grandma and ketjo. Hope you are both fine.

937 days ago


Is it too early to start the Dead Pool?

937 days ago


Danielle : about an hour ago
Morning Nikki, its down to the wire now, maybe geragos is planning on a surprise attack and apparently there is video...hahhahaha. Lindsay might get off on the formal right now, but if geragos has a case lilo could be right back to square one.
too bad for him people have seen the video and there is no proof of any hit and run on the video.

937 days ago

Jay W.     

Wonder what will happen next... ?

937 days ago


Hell that will be a short investigation....that trail will go dead straight back to Lohan Inc ....and the head of the corporation.....LOL

And why is TMZ using a damn 6 yr old picture on Lindsay Lohan on the top...Hell anybody can see thats her old teeth and real hair both of which she doesn't have anymore....LOL

937 days ago
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