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'Have You Seen Molly?' DJ

Madonna's Right ...

My Song Ain't About Drugs

3/27/2012 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The song in the middle of the Madonna ecstasy controversy isn't about drugs ... it's about a girl named "Molly" ... this according to the guy who wrote the lyrics.

You'll recall -- Madonna appeared at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami this weekend ... and asked the crowd, "How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?" In case you didn't know ... "Molly" is a slang term for MDMA, the key ingredient in ecstasy.

DeadMau5 slammed Madonna for encouraging drug use -- but Madonna responded today, insisting she was simply referring to a friend's song called "Have You Seen Molly?"

Now, this "friend" -- a DJ named Cedric Gervais (left) -- is coming to Madonna's defense, insisting his song is NOT about drugs ... it's about a girl named Molly who, according to the lyrics, "makes me want to dance." See below for the yet-to-be-released song's "teaser" video that was definitely not inspired by party drugs.

This just in -- Britney Spears' song “If U Seek Amy” is totally about her lost friend Amy.


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Ted Allen    

Does she honestly think people are going to buy into this LAME spin?

947 days ago


It's official.

Madonna, along with this guy, think's her fans, as well as the rest of the world, are a bunch of half wits.

Rather then take responsibility and apologize for her actions gracefully, she and her dumb friend just keep sticking their feet further and further in their mouths.

Really speaks volumes about her maturity level. She may not be the youthful 16 years old she so desires to be, but gauging by her maturity level, she sure acts like it.

What a dumb ass. Once in a while I see a situation where age does not equal wisdom. This would be one of them.

947 days ago


she should be more concerned with breaking a hip than favorably singing about drugs in a desperate attempt to remain hip. Come on grandma.... This is just sad.

947 days ago

Gerard L    

this is all BS..100% drug reference..and heres another one that Cedric Gervais just had to get his hands on..its called Let's Take Drugs

947 days ago


Total fxcking BULLSHXT. Don't dish it out if you can't take the heat. FYI: Not all electronic music lovers pop Mollies. Me being one of them. Go suck a fat one.

947 days ago


I am going to have to call BULL****.
A) Her new album is called MDNA, clearly a play on MDMA.
B) She was at Ultra Fest and knew people knew what Molly meant.
C)Cedric whoever's song isn't out yet, so why would these people understand the reference or cheer for him... they wouldn't
D)His song, if she really was referencing it, is OBVIOUSLY about MDMA. So They are BOTH full of ****!

She was trying to be relevant and failed. Real dance fans would never listen to her music. We listen to Deadmau5. And he is totally right, she is encouraging a negative image of Dance fans by promoting MDMA. She should be ashamed.

947 days ago


I've been following EDM for 20 years (so what I'm old. The PR spine Madonna's team is doing is an insult.We all know what you really meant Madgey. Also, Cedric is a resident DJ at XS in Vegas,not a big DJ by any means, but now I gaurantee you he'll be massive.

947 days ago


Just shut the **** up already!! The public aren't stupid enough to believe these bull **** excuses!!

947 days ago



947 days ago

jp morgan    

What a piece of **** you are Madonna!! A 53 year old woman making money off of kids doing drugs. You are no more than the kid on the corner selling weed.

947 days ago

giovanni villella     

hello it was so about drugs ... name of the album and molly all of cedric's songs have been drug related and if she didn't pick on it ..dumb of her lol

947 days ago

Deejay Touch    

in the uk we call it Mandy !

947 days ago


Madonna does it better ;)

946 days ago


honestly who ****ing cares...this is def. **** no one cares about...SNOCA

945 days ago


this is crazy... Madonna is an idiot thinking ppl are so ignorant first her album title MDNA (familiar to MDMA) and that stupid comment of MOLLY... she so looking for controversy, and who comes to her defense? Gervais? !! the guy that has a song called "pills" !!! please

944 days ago
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