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'NCIS' Star's Ex-Hubby

I'm No Restraining Order Violator

3/27/2012 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"NCIS" star Pauley Perrette's ex-husband did NOT violate the actress' restraining order against him -- he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time ... this according to the man himself.

TMZ broke the story ... Francis "Coyote" Shivers is currently being investigated for allegedly violating the restraining order last Tuesday -- after showing up to the same Hollywood sushi joint where Pauley and her fiance were having dinner.

But Francis -- an actor in his own right -- tells us, it was a total accident ... he and his current wife have been eating at Shintaro for years ... and when they arrived, the host sat them right beside Pauley and her fiance. Francis says he even Tweeted his dinner plans that night.

According to Francis, Pauley's fiance saw him and "aggressively" got out of his seat to have it out -- at which point Francis whipped out his cell phone to record any potential confrontation.

Cops were called -- but Francis and his wife decided to leave the restaurant before they arrived.

Francis tells us he plans to file a police report against Pauley's fiance.


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wtf is this video? It's as if someone wanted to make this vid look like it came from an E news broadcast, except they weren't very good at judging what an E news segment is actually like. A bunch of name dropping trying to make it seem as if all those people came to see mr. shivers himself. Except it's some PR guy in a cheap office pretending to be on E news? Or? Smells like some more shena****ns to me... I wonder if the E channel would like to sue this person for faking one of their segments.

942 days ago


Whether he or she showed up first doesn't really matter He came there with his present girl to enjoy dinner not get into a confrontation with his ex-wife and her partner. It could have just been a mere coincidence. I seriously doubt he dragged along his girl so she could watch him stalk after his ex-wife who has a order against him.

Chances are it was a coincidence like was stated since they both had been going to that place for years. He supposed to call and check if she wasn't there?? come on be sensible. Probably the exwife went crazy and then her current man got dragged into a macho showcase and started with the guy to get lost and put on his white knight routine. The ex didn't back down when the stupid fiance put on his macho i stand up for my woman act.

All that b.s and hassle and all he wanted to do was eat dinner with his girl. Sounds like she and the fiance were the ones who instigated the craziness

Restraining orders are meant to seriously protect the harassed; not be used carte blanche to restrict the guy from ever having contact from anywhere around her; shes not restricted airspace and him a airplane that can't fly anywhere around her. Some people do abuse them to threaten legally people who have business in that area.

He moved on and doesn't seem like he was their to start trouble until words were exchanged with the wannabe enforcer fiance

942 days ago


What a desperate idiot! Rod Dovlin was a E! news host in the 90s. Hit him up and check. He's on Facebook. "Anon", you are so concentrated on making his wife look bad that you are starting to sound like a jealous ex. His wife was the cover of a nude magazine in Brazil as several celebrities are. And she's gorgeous!!!!! ;))

942 days ago


Shivers is an idiot and he is the stalker. Just read his tweets. He is manipulating his wife and if she ever leaves him she should be happy if he doesn't start to stalk her. However, she would have to become famous for that to happen. This is BS and only Shivers attempt at more headlines.

942 days ago


Check this PI's website for some extremely interesting comments about Coyote and his actions. There is some excellent theorizing as to why any woman would want to get involved with Shivers. The last comment from Tatiana is also very telling as it explains much more about Mayra Dias Gomes and what is driving her to join Coyote in attacking his exes. Interesting immigration questions too.

Here is Coyote's YT rants about perrette:

(WARNING: May Be Triggering)

942 days ago


I'm SOOO sick of these two always making their fights and struggles public. They're both fame whores even from back in the club days. And I love how Pauley acts like she's SOO into all these "causes" she supposedly fights for and stands for, but she just does it all for attention. She could care less about anyone's well-being but her own. She's a narcissistic fame whore, not pretty, not a good actress and she's ALWAYS having drama with the guys she dates/marries in her life. She accused the last guy she was dating of stealing money from her. It's just getting old and frankly NO ONE cares anymore honey! You're tired. Your look is tired. And we are TIRED of you! So go away!

942 days ago


Hey TMZ, you should check out these IP addresses ALL coming from Rutherford, New Jersey, where Bebe Buell lives. Bebe, don't you have anything to do? I hope you don't do to TMZ what you did to Groupie Central. Have them take the website down because of your comments...LOL!

942 days ago


Here's an idea Francis & wife; next time you see that someone who has a restraining order against you is already at your destination, turn around and leave. How about that?

942 days ago


NCIS is the worst show ever besides NCIS Los angeles which is even worse.

942 days ago


Wow. The haters are unbelieveable. Pauley is a warm hearted person who gives everything of herself to charities and to anyone she can. She's been very open about her history of dealing with stalkers and domestic abuse, and has NEVER named names.

What does it matter what anyone looks like? Or who arrived first? There's a restraining order involved (presumably for a reason) - he should've turned around and left. There is more than one restaraunt in LA - yes?

942 days ago


Shivers is an idiot and he is the stalker. Just read his tweets. He is manipulating his wife and if she ever leaves him she should be happy if he doesn't start to stalk her. However, she would have to become famous for that to happen. This is BS and only Shivers attempt at more headlines.

942 days ago


There seems to be a lot of support for him here - which is strange since he has such a history of behaving badly, breaching orders, harrassing people through the court system etc. He was accused of sexual battery by his ex girlfriend and more than one woman has accused him of violence. The guy is trouble and even this incident seems to fit his pattern.

942 days ago


What a pathetic half a man. Is everyone supposed to live and die by the tweets now??? Silly azzed story.

942 days ago


Perhaps Mr.Shivers should just keep his mouth shut as the more he speaks the CRAZIER he seems.... Even if he is telling the truth you come of looking a bit desperate by you and your wife ranting and raving all over the internet

942 days ago


That is no man; and the only acting he seems to be able to pull off is "nutjob."

942 days ago
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