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Poses Nude

For Rent Money

3/27/2012 12:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom poses nude for cash.Octomom is so desperate for money, she did what she swore she would never do -- pose nude for cash.

Nadya Suleman is days away from being homeless ... the house she owns that has been in and out of foreclosure for more than a year will be sold at an auction Thursday ... so Octo needs a new crib for her brood ... stat.

The dilemma -- getting first and last month's rent together, so Octo has gone naked. She posed for the European magazine, "Closer." 

Sources tell TMZ ... Octo got $10,000 for the shoot, which is what she needs to rent a new place.

Octo is being very up front now about some misgivings about having 14 kids, saying, "I'm doing that (posing nude) because I need to feed my kids. I need to pay the bills. And I'm still very cognizant of the repercussions of my choices."

It's not the first time Octo has been offered cash for skin ... porn giant Vivid Entertainment offered Suleman a $1,000,000 contract back in 2009 ... which she rejected.

Little Ricky on "I Love Lucy"


0110_welcome_ricky_memba_launchKeith Thibodeaux became famous for playing Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's son, Little Ricky, on the classic '50s TV series "I Love Lucy." Guess what he looks like now!

Stars Without Makeup

Gaga Tweets Natural Photo


The over-the-top singer tweeted a surprisingly "normal" photo yesterday, showing how she looks with minimal makeup.

While Gaga looks great without all that face paint, the same can't be said for all celebs -- check out our gallery of makeup-free stars above!

Stars Stripped Down

It's Spring-kini Season!

0323_bikini_launch_v3Spring has officially sprung which can mean only one thing ... half-naked celebrity photos from all around the world!

Check out some of the sexy starlettes that have started off the year right and busted out their bikini bodies in 2012!

Female Pop Stars of the '90s & '00s



They dominated "Total Request Live" back in the '90s and '00s -- but what do music video stars like Willa Ford, Natalie Imbruglia, Dream and t.a.t.u. look like today?

Check out the gallery above to see how biggest female singers of yesteryear look now.

Celebrity Scramble


Can you guess which Hollywood hottie is behind this warped photo?

Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox

Sued For Alleged Brutality

On the Beach

0326_brian_fox_launch_EX_v2Brian Austin Green is being sued by a celebrity photographer who claims he was brutally beaten by the actor as his wife, Megan Fox, egged him on.

Delbert Shaw claims in a lawsuit that will be filed this morning in L.A. County Superior Court ... he was taking pics of the smoking hot couple last December on the beach in front of the Four Seasons Resort in Hualalai, Hawaii ... when Brian and Megan allegedly made verbal threats against Shaw. 

According to the suit, it escalated when Megan yelled to her hubby, "Are you going to let him get away with that?"

Shaw alleges Brian defended Megan's honor by hauling off and pummeling him, causing severe injuries. To add insult to injury, Shaw claims Brian threw his iPhone into the deep blue sea.

Shaw says Megan was egging Brian on during the entire incident.

He's suing for unspecified damages and is represented by attorney Sark Ohanian at the law firm of Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP in Beverly Hills.

Calls to reps for Fox and Green were not returned.

Fergie Turns 37

See Her Sexiest Looks!


Who would've imagined that cute Stacy Ferguson from "Kids Incorporated" would become the single-named pop sensation known as Fergie?

In honor of her 37th birthday, we're pulled together 37 of her sexiest looks!


No Avatar


I for one have always thought she was ugly, very grotesque.I cannot imagine the caliber of man who would want a peek at these photos. Yuck

903 days ago


She has to pay rent? So do I, but I don't pose naked. I have what's called a JOB.

903 days ago


woooooooo hooooooooo ill buy that issue, nadya is a FOX!

903 days ago

gary brunk    

To pisser:
At 62 years, I have no doubt that you are a better person and much better looking than Octo-TRASH!!

903 days ago


This is why some women shouldn't be allowed to reproduce. What a selfish pig. She only had this children for money and now they will suffer.

903 days ago


LOL... the octomom posing nude is ONLY worth 10k- SHOCKER! Ever hear her speak, what her mentality is- she's a NUT job at its finest. The people who paid wasted their money. Also- the pics of celebs in bikinis- KIM K all the way- she's got curves and is NOT so bone skinny like the one on far right that looks like she's got her legs hanging off bone- that's gross. Too many look like that. Any bimbo can buy fake boobs- you either got it or you don't- many do NOT. Better to have too much than too little- too much is good, too little is LACKING and they rarely can gain a weight to look healthy.

903 days ago


That looks photoshopped. Her head is too big for her body.. ummm well maybe its not photoshopped?

903 days ago


Tell her to put clothes back on and that she is really sick!

Get a real job!

903 days ago


This woman is mentally disturbed. She isn't a good mother and now is desperate for money? She wanted her 5 minutes of fame , got it and now has to care for these 14 kids. And they don't let gays adopt in Florida but they allow this nut to breed like a gerbil and keep her kids. Watch her kids get taken away from her.

903 days ago


Maybe the occupy people will give her a job.

903 days ago


This woman is pathetic and so is the doctor who provided the treatments for her to have all of those kids.Also,can't imagine anyone wanting to see her nude.

903 days ago

FM King    

Whatsamatter octomom? Isn't your 976-imaslut bringing in enough to pay the rent? Sheesh! What a ditzy brained idiot!

903 days ago


we all this was coming... shes a breeding machine with no way to feed clothe or educate her kids.... this is why it shoul dhave been illegal for her to do this. now what do we do with her???
besides sterilze her for heavens sake!

903 days ago


I didn't know the rent on shoes was that high!

903 days ago


She should have gone for the $1million offer when she had the chance. Now she's just yesterday's news . . . except for those kids. Those kids are facing a nightmare yet to be encountered. For any other potential "octomoms" out there, please, please think this out.

903 days ago
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