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Jennifer Lopez's Kid

Daring Escape FOILED

By Fleet-Footed Bodyguard

3/28/2012 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


It was kinda like a toddler version of "Shawshank Redemption" at LAX yesterday ... with Jennifer Lopez's 3-year-old son making a fearless break for his freedom ... and it ALMOST worked.

J.Lo had just arrived to the airport with a bodyguard and her two kids Emmy and Max ... when Max (dressed in a pimped out track suit) ... decided he had enough of the privileged life, broke away from his mother's grip ... and sprinted toward the terminal at full speed.

It was athletic ... it was inspiring ... it was completely thwarted by a super-quick bodyguard who pounced on the kid like a lion hunting a gazelle.

Don't worry Max ... it's probably better this way.


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I wonder what Marc Anthony is going to think about this. But with her money, I would have just had the twins stay at my mom's house with a bodygaurd/nanny. It would be easier on everyone. Kids especially.

910 days ago


Toddlers will often dart off.What is strange is that most mother drop whatever they have or whatever they are doing and immediately run after their children before any harm comes to them!! Awe!!! the life of the rich and famous

910 days ago

She's baaaack    

I'm sorry, I guess I missed the parenting classes that said not to worry about your toddler bolting? THEY DO THAT ALL THE TIME!! That is why in parenting 101 they teach you to hold their hands ... in a death grip if they are bolters. That, and a swat on the backside won't hurt either.

910 days ago


He's YANKING that kid up by his arms!!! Hope the bodyguard and/or all the others who are raising her kids don't hurt them!

910 days ago


And another thing. As a mom, if I would have seen a man pick up a child like he was doing by one arm, all the while the kid is screeming, my 1st though would be kidnapping. He clearly has no experience with children.

910 days ago

She's baaaack    

What's funny is the child who walks by them when that little Mon Chi Chi is having his temper tantrum runs to his or her mother like ohhhh s**t, he's gonna be in troubllllle

910 days ago


I think this video is hilarious!!! Jennifer giggles when the little boy is running and then the little girl passing by get startled and runs to her mom lol. its so hilarious!!!

910 days ago


JLO probably fired him right after that for being too agressive with her son, lol

910 days ago


Wow...when watching the video, the first thoughts I had was A-J.Lo looks great and B-It is funny to watch a celeb's kids act the way normal kids do. He is 3 and was having a temper tantrum like one. He may be spoiled but you can't tell from this video since he is doing what NORMAL kids do. And as for people calling J.Lo "fat" or "ugly", it is just plain jealousy. She has lots of money to prove otherwise! ;)

910 days ago


She is not a good mother at all you can tell she doesnt even know how to react to his tantrum because she never with her kids. Looks like Casper tells the security guard to do something before he even runs. It should have been JHO running after her child not a security guard. She is a sorry excuse for a mother and so fake. I think she is trying to make herself look younger by dating a younger guy

910 days ago


All Toddlers should be hobbled until they can be trusted. I'm not sure when that is.

910 days ago


Manny/Bodyguard, same diff!!! Let him chase after the child, and be the bad guy...while she swoops in and rescues! Celebrity children = ass(ccessories)!

910 days ago

i'm a lawyer!    

who would've caught the kid if the bodyguard hadn't run after him...? apparently no one.

910 days ago


Any real mother would have moved a bit to chased down the kid and maybe slow down once you see the bodyguard captured them, that's the motherly instinct automatically but in Jlo's situation, we see, that anyone can have kids (via In-vitro)but not everyone is a mother, same with the men, anyone can be a daddy but it takes responsibilities to be a father.

910 days ago


I guess she chooses fashion over being a fully functioning mom. With those heels she'd never catch him. Let's just thank God he didn't make a break for the street. Nice to stand back and let 'the help' do the parenting for you.

910 days ago
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