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Lindsay Lohan

Criminal Record

Creates 'Issues' For New Movie

3/28/2012 1:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has just learned another lesson as to why crime doesn't pay ... because she's having to jump through hoops to get a Canadian work permit to shoot a movie that could jump start her career.

Lindsay has been cast as Liz Taylor in the Lifetime movie, "Liz and Dick," which will be shot in Toronto.   Problem is -- Lindsay has 2 DUIs and a theft conviction on her record, and Canada doesn't much like convicted criminals earning cash in Canuck country -- then again, they like money.

So, there is a very complicated process that Lindsay must follow to get a work permit.

Lindsay is in court tomorrow, where Judge Stephanie Sautner is expected to take Lindsay off probation for her Beverly Hills DUI case.  The judge is also expected to change Lindsay's status in the jewelry heist case, from formal probation to informal -- meaning she won't have to report to her probation officer or appear in court, as long as she doesn't break the law.

We're told Lindsay's lawyer is filling out the maze of paperwork required to get the work permit, and the results of tomorrow's hearing will make it easier.  It's a pretty sure bet Canada will give Lindsay the right to shoot the movie.


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Refrain from replying on my comments if you can not be nice. I don't know who you are nor do I care if you behave like a bully!

grandma cracker: 4 hours ago
Joined 34 minutes ago, get lost poser

908 days ago


Should the movie actually be filmed AND Lindsey IS playing the part of Liz, this is one Lifetime viewer who will pass on this movie. Can't figure out why 'the powers that be' think LL will make a good Liz Taylor....poor Liz is probably rolling over in her grave at the thought.

908 days ago


Should things go Lohans way tomorrow, probally will. That's just her legal BS she's gotten away with. Her career she destroyed is still down the toilet.

Lindsay Lohan is publically not liked at all. A low budget cable movie, maybe. Box office revenue no way.

Movies are and still is an industry and so is Television. It's a business. Movies rely on box office revenue and TV rely on ratings for revenue. Seperate yet similar. They are businesses. Success or failure is always a 50/50 crap shoot.

Lohan, supposedly in a low budget money production made for cable TV movie about Liz Taylor and Richard Burton (no offence to Lifetime and espically to Liz Taylor) people can change channels.

A Hollywood movie, much larger production budget money, people have to physically go to a theater and pay money out of their pocket to see the movie. Public is not going to spend their money to see Lindsay Lohan who is not liked at all in a movie. TV cable movie (no offence to Lifetime cable channel or shooting in Canada) people can change the channel.

908 days ago

Hot Farts    

RC: you mean to tell me that your great claim of success and adulation is for Lohan, with multiple cases for 6 years, to be off of formal probation. Seriously I couldnt care less if she is on formal probation or off all together. She only threatens the health of the public as a highway terrorist - apart from that there is no fear that she will be on TV or any other media. Once her negative crap is is she.

908 days ago


A while ago the Taylor biopic was to start filming in early April, as soon as she finished her obligations to the court. Then it was May. Now she's have 'difficulty' getting into the country the filming IS SUPPOSE TO TAKE PLACE IN. Lifetime doesn't know what city they're filming in, Vancouver or Toronto, let alone WHEN. Schmucks

908 days ago


you lost your Moniker red has been turned over to the state (the state of drunkness and confussion)...
you said she would sign two roles by last lost..go put "MR.STUPID" gave your word..

908 days ago


Special Alert:

The overflowing crowd in the hills above Hollywood tonight is not a rock concert or a star party...I is the night long vigil being held at Shawn Holly Chapman house the candle light vigil of prayers and thank giving for Shawn as she waits out the final hours of her three year sentence as Lindsay Lohan Criminal Lawyer. which is suppose to come to a end tomorrow ....the Crowd which has swollen to two blocks deep has police protection and some of them have joined in chanting Shawn's motto that she has been chanting all week..."Thursday Lord and I will be Free at Last....Thursday Lord I can say Kiss my Ass"....TV channels from all over the LA area have set up to report on the vigil which is the biggest they have seen in resent history.....Police report that a red head woman in a damaged Porsche tried to get pass the yellow cones set up..but they were able to turn her around before she made it pass though she did try to run over three police officers and a camera man when she left....they are now have put out a APB on the car.........

908 days ago


theres a moving truck outside Holleys (bought by lindsay) mansion..Go figure

908 days ago

Red Cloud    

Zip Code and others,

Lindsay will be on TV and the big screen many times. She is not a menace, she did not plan a heist and take a necklace with intent to deprive, she hasn't stolen, stolen, stolen. Tabloid distortions, inaccuracies, exaggerations, and just plain stupid nonsense. Most poeple are level-headed and can tell the difference between reality and BS. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY Lindsay has a gigantic number of admiring fans. Non-fans and haters accept tabloid foolishness as gospel truth. I don't get it. Strange world!!!!!

908 days ago


TMZ, please talk about something new! You've peddled the same bullsh*t about your favorite loser ad nauseam. If (and that's a big if) she is signed to make the movie, maybe Canada will have the bad taste to let her in, maybe not. Maybe Randy and Loon Woman Quaid will take her under their delusional wings and keep her there (one can hope). Or maybe they won't recognize her now that she's plumped up her face like a chipmunk.

But whatever, I have no interest in seeing this airhead as Liz Taylor. So if she films in Canada or on the moon, I'll be in America not watching it. Either way, guess we can't lose. She'll either make a movie we can ignore, go to Canada and screw up something there, or be locked down so hard during the making, she won't be able to pee without keepers. Roll the dice, LoBlow!!

908 days ago


WOW! Canada does not want Lindsay. They are pissed, cant say I dont blame them

908 days ago


Nikki: less than a minute ago
Good Luck to you Black Cloud, after Lindsay ODs because of YOUR black Jinx you set upon her. May the guilt eat you up forever. May you never toot your horn and toot it as loud as you did to destroy another humans life. The death of Lindsay will all be on YOU Black Cloud..Bravo, job well done. Congrats to you! Mission complete
Nikki this is kinda morbid, but oh well..I dug whitney Houston..and she didnt have a drug problem (that I knew of) until she was almost 30...lindsay started off at 16 or 17...with habitual use...and she hasent gotten any better..
at 25 she looks the part of what she has done..
Red it might not be tomorrow..but her past is catching might be 10 years or longer..but all you want is to see her on the big screen, and not to get better

908 days ago


Poor pitiful Homebody Lohan.... teetering on the brink. At some point real soon, Linds will no longer be able to sustain herself (and DUIna) as cocaine-addled lushes - only trashy winos. They let you drink all day and night if you work in the circus.

Barnham & Bailey are out to get her.

908 days ago


I'm off, Sweet Dreams to all. Dont know about tomorrow I have two big meetings in the AM one at 8:30 and one at 11am but I will catch up. Heres to handcuffs! Night

908 days ago


Night Maddy xoxoox Mwahaha!

908 days ago
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