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Lindsay Lohan

Criminal Record

Creates 'Issues' For New Movie

3/28/2012 1:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has just learned another lesson as to why crime doesn't pay ... because she's having to jump through hoops to get a Canadian work permit to shoot a movie that could jump start her career.

Lindsay has been cast as Liz Taylor in the Lifetime movie, "Liz and Dick," which will be shot in Toronto.   Problem is -- Lindsay has 2 DUIs and a theft conviction on her record, and Canada doesn't much like convicted criminals earning cash in Canuck country -- then again, they like money.

So, there is a very complicated process that Lindsay must follow to get a work permit.

Lindsay is in court tomorrow, where Judge Stephanie Sautner is expected to take Lindsay off probation for her Beverly Hills DUI case.  The judge is also expected to change Lindsay's status in the jewelry heist case, from formal probation to informal -- meaning she won't have to report to her probation officer or appear in court, as long as she doesn't break the law.

We're told Lindsay's lawyer is filling out the maze of paperwork required to get the work permit, and the results of tomorrow's hearing will make it easier.  It's a pretty sure bet Canada will give Lindsay the right to shoot the movie.


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Next thread "lindsay just filed lawsuit against canada"
but she will settle out of court for some bacon, and canadian mist

916 days ago


I have to say, this morning was hilarious! We ROCK!

916 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

So who thinks Lindsay is currently having a cow about her impending arrest for felony hit and run?

916 days ago


TMZ is not reporting what ROL reported since TMZ is totally on Lindsay's side which is that the guy who claims she hit him and his car in the hit and run met with cops on Tuesday for at least an hour and turned over surveillance video which must show something otherwise there would be no reason to turn it over. Therefore, Lindsay is not off the hook because even if they don't file charges for a hit and run before her hearing tomorrow, she will still be on informal probation during which time she has to obey all laws or possibly go to jail. Besides, the incident happened while she was still on formal probation. Get with it TMZ!

916 days ago


"Canada doesn't much like convicted criminals earning cash in Canuck country -- then again, they like money." trust me there is a lot Canadians dont like, especially ignorant American stereotypes. no wonder ur nation is in the dumps!

916 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

So who thinks HELL(p) is currently busy googling loopholes to Canada's laws to try and get Lindsay into Canada?

916 days ago


I got a mist. DUI in 1982, and when I tried to enter Canada last year (2010)I was denied entry and taken off my boat.The Canadian Coast Guard found that old DUI and denied me entry.I was there for work too, so why would this convicted felon be allowed in their country when I was not? My DUI was from over 20 years ago,and this girl has multiple DUIs and a drug arrest in a few short years. If she is allowed in Canada, that will say a whole lot about their system of justice and procedures.

916 days ago


Canada, hide your kids, hide your wife... Lindsay hasn't lived within the law for a very long time. As long as she can't drive, can't shop and stays away from drug dealers (well - that's asking too much), she won't break the law - maybe. Maybe if she leaves her mother in the U.S., she has a chance.

916 days ago

Hot Farts    

People get waivers for Visa illegal violations all the time. There is a process of filing a waiver that takes a great deal of time to be approved and there is no guarantee. You cannot just show up in Canada with a record. A Visa must be obtained.

916 days ago


imdb does not list anything yet for Lindsay. They will not put anything on the site without confirmation. It's not a done deal yet. Perhaps they are waiting for the outcome of tomorrow before signing her...or the outcome of her visa.

916 days ago


I dont know, But with lawsuits pending, and IRS on her back..well that also put a damper on her going to canada?

916 days ago


Has 90291 shouted it often enough for everyone to get it? There is no film role for PathetiLinds. Has history taught nothing? The Gypsy Grifters do this every time. Directly before the next "glowing report", Linds is miraculously offered another "work opportunity" that never comes to fruition - can't - they were never there. It's all fiction and a transparent attempt to prove to the Court that Homebody Lohan has to be free to make a living.

As comical as it would be if Judge Littlejay asked to see legitimate proof from her "producer", that won't happen. Judge Littlejay is a starstruck clamslammer.... equal justice never stood a chance.

916 days ago


Lohan can speed dial tmz all she want's, she can pat her self on the back and self-promote herself, boast and brag all she want's claiming her 'comeback' people tuned in to see if she could back up all her self hype on SNL. She couldn't. What a surprise. She was horrible and tanked on her SNL live TV 'comeback'. That's why the ratings. Lohan did not disappoint. Horrible, of course not her fault. Sure as hell Lohan speeds dials to tmz right after the show stating how she didn't bomb. Why? Yet boasts again, how she got SNL one of the best ratings of the season (yes, SNL got ratings because Lindsay Lohan prooved herself a complete bomb. Lorne Michaels is no fool) Lindsay Lohan can't have a comeback when Lohan was never missed). Still that simple.

916 days ago


Head's up.... the *Dislike* faeg is back from dinner.

916 days ago


@duinalohan DUIna Lohan

@lindsaylohan dunt wury huny caneda has 2 let u in or eyl soo and it wunt mater than we get the mony anysways. maek shur 2 pae fernando cuz i nead 1 moar keeloe 4 next weak. luv u baybie

just in:

Dina Lohan ‏ @dinalohan

Set ur clocks back people :)

916 days ago
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