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Lindsay Lohan

I've Conquered Therapy

3/28/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is mentally prepared to move on with her life ... because she finally completed her court-ordered psychotherapy sessions ... TMZ has learned.

Lohan had been ordered to complete 18 sessions as part of her sentence in the jewelry theft case ... and we're told her last session finished up yesterday afternoon.

Sources connected with Lindsay tell us ... the actress feels therapy has "made an impact" on her life ... and she's learned different techniques to help her handle difficult situations in the future.

Lohan is due back in court tomorrow ... we're told she's hoping Judge Sautner will continue to be impressed with her progress ... and not sidetracked with that whole maybe, maybe-not hit-n-run fiasco.


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Lohan hasn't changed one bit. Lohan knows how to play the game God knows she's had alot of practice and does only what she needs to do to get to be able to leave the states. Her only reason she's complied. Everyone knows jail is a joke.

Look how she's milked this to the bitter end cause it's the only attention she's gotten. After tomorrow Lindsay who? untill she does something stupid to get attention. Christ she can't drive sober let alone when she's wasted. She's going to end up hurting somebody. She is reckless which makes her dangerous.

Lohan still talking about her comeback...can't have a comeback when never missed.

753 days ago


They love to use the worst pictures of her...

753 days ago


She sure trying to promote herself to Hollywood again. I'd be surprised if she got any significant movie offers, especially with hair and makeup that contribute to not taking her seriously.

753 days ago


Isn't it sweet that you all held her hand and walked her through the steps of rehabilitation. Now go do that for the people who do not have the world watching them. Could you be equally efficient when you are not being a star yourself?

753 days ago


Just hang in there Shawn Holly-Chapman....

.One more day.....Nicole thinks she the only one keep a calender for Lindsay but she is dead wrong...Shawn Holly Chapman had one whole wall in her office painted into a calender with revolving numbers to mark down the days till she gets rid of Lindsay Lohan .....and the numbers is down to "1" and hymns can be heard coming from that office...Most popular today is "One More Day Dear Lord"... "Walk beside Me" and her every favorite....."Free at Last ".... and she has all her paralegals working hard total up the bill she is going FedEx over to Lohan Inc cause its going be so long and so heavy they will need a delivery truck to get it their....!!

753 days ago


She's a champ," Honig said yesterday. He said Lohan, 25, had no plans to "celebrate" Thursday other than holding "her head high."

Is Dina jetting in to help Linds be high?

753 days ago


"Sources close to Mark Gregaros" claim that there's a massive party scheduled at his mansion this Thursday night. Celebrities only, Brinks Security manning the fur-coat-check room, orange cones aplenty. I wonder what the occasion might be? It wasn't in any of the tabloids.

753 days ago


LINDSAY BARRED ENTRY TO CANADA! Canadian Border Services announced today that Lindsay has a better chance at starring in a porn version of Mother Teressa in India and Bollywood than getting into Canada to do anything, particularly film work, eh? “People with convictions, addictions, DUI’s and behavior that endanger public safety are not welcome, especially people who are lower than pond s***!” he said. Sorry Lindsay?
In a related story, India Border Services replied “We have had Leprosy, Lindsay is not welcome here either. She is worse than the plague, eh? Even Calcutta has no use for sluts like her!”

753 days ago


Since when does she look like a Chinese woman?

753 days ago


Good Lord, she looks 50 in Hollywood years.

753 days ago


and it only took you 5 years to get it together. Bravo! During that time you have done irreversable damage to your looks and as for what was left of your career .. sorry but that ship has sailed.

753 days ago


She's a champ," Honig said yesterday. He said Lohan, 25, had no plans to "celebrate" Thursday other than holding "her head high."
As she sets on her favorite bar stool in the Château Marmont deciding which client to take the bathroom first..and accepting congrats for all her special friends for getting away with another one......Hell if shes lucky Uncle Terry will give her a free snort or two without charge...

753 days ago


Everyone grows up. Everyone could benefit from therapy. I never saw anything serious about her craziness other than the DUI which had the potential to seriously hurt other people. I see her biggest issue now is that first she is really overweight which is not photogenic and second as you can see in anyone who has been a smoker how seriously and negatively it affects a persons looks.

753 days ago


To bad college didn't make an impact on her life.

753 days ago



753 days ago
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