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Spike Lee -- Mea Culpa

for Incorrect Retweet of

Trayvon Shooter's Address

3/28/2012 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0328_spike_lee_bnSpike Lee is doing the right thing ... finally apologizing for retweeting a home address he thought belonged to George Zimmerman -- and for inadvertently putting an elderly couple in harm's way.

Lee tweeted the address to his roughly 250,000 followers last weekend, but it wasn't Zimmerman's -- the shooter of Florida teen Trayvon Martin -- instead it was David and Elaine McClain's home.

The couple, in their 70s, say they were forced to flee their home because of threats. Lee also received several racially charged responses to the screwed up retweet.

But late Wednesday night Lee tweeted, "I Deeply Apologize To The McClain Family For Retweeting Their Address. It Was a Mistake. Please Leave The McClain's [sic] in Peace."

Lee also seemed to be asking people who are angry about Trayvon's death to leave Zimmerman's fate to the legal system ... closing with, "Justice in Court."

It's worth noting ... the apology came a few hours after the McClains reportedly lawyered up.


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Hahahahaha, Good,I sincerely hope they sue his dumm ass. So,couldn't mind your business,needed to be relevant and threw in a little race baiting eh Spikey! Now get ready to fork over a big bit o cash hahahaha. Couldn't have happened to a nicer jackass. Wonderful! I haven't had a good laugh for quite some time. thanks Spike, you idiot.

940 days ago


What the hell did he think he was doing tweeting anybody's address in the first place? He knew he would be inciting an angry mob to this address. Spike Lee is only sorry that he posted the wrong address.

940 days ago


How about someone starts a petition to have Spikey arrested for inciting violence??

940 days ago


racist Spike are a digusting piece of ****...shame on you...I hope those people sue the ass off you!

940 days ago


I think he should be charged with a crime. What did Spike think would happened if people got the address..Spike knows that the black panthers have a bounty on Zimmerman's head..Spike was hoping for violence.. He doesn't care.. He lives far away from the neighborhood that will be effected.. Spike is a moron !

940 days ago


Ok, now what about the other celeb douchebags who also re-tweeted the address?

940 days ago


What an idiot, and such a shame. I never liked him before this, always thought he was a creep, but I will never sit through one of his lame, hypocritical movies ever again. I hope they sue him and he ends up where his unclassy, loud mouth belongs, in the gutter. George Zimmerman, if you read this, there are people of all races who believe you and are behind you.

939 days ago


you should never never put someones address on twitter what is wrong with you dumb people. hit they where it hurts their wallets then theyll learn.

939 days ago


Spike should do the right thing. Eye for an eye and all that. He should tweet his own address and invite everyone to egg and TP his property. Say a 12hour window where he won't call the cops. Only fair. Prolly should pay for a number change for the couple who's address he tweeted. Some security for a bit as well.

939 days ago


I think George Zimmerman should be in prison for manslaughter (not murder). That being said, Spike Lee retweeting ANYONE'S home address is reprehensible. As a celebrity he has tons more twitter followers than the ordinary folks. He deliberately put the McCain's (mistakenly it was George Zimmerman's home) in harm's way. I hope the McCain's get a huge payday from Lee. And what if it was Zimmerman's home address? He has a wife and family. It's disgusting to think something might happen to them because of George's stupid decisions the night he killed Trayvon Martin.

484 days ago
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