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Spike Lee -- Mea Culpa

for Incorrect Retweet of

Trayvon Shooter's Address

3/28/2012 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0328_spike_lee_bnSpike Lee is doing the right thing ... finally apologizing for retweeting a home address he thought belonged to George Zimmerman -- and for inadvertently putting an elderly couple in harm's way.

Lee tweeted the address to his roughly 250,000 followers last weekend, but it wasn't Zimmerman's -- the shooter of Florida teen Trayvon Martin -- instead it was David and Elaine McClain's home.

The couple, in their 70s, say they were forced to flee their home because of threats. Lee also received several racially charged responses to the screwed up retweet.

But late Wednesday night Lee tweeted, "I Deeply Apologize To The McClain Family For Retweeting Their Address. It Was a Mistake. Please Leave The McClain's [sic] in Peace."

Lee also seemed to be asking people who are angry about Trayvon's death to leave Zimmerman's fate to the legal system ... closing with, "Justice in Court."

It's worth noting ... the apology came a few hours after the McClains reportedly lawyered up.


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Spike Lee,Jackson,Sharpton and the news media are all race baiters and have convicted Zimmerman via the news media. The Black Panthers have put a bounty on him. First claiming Zimmerman is white so it must have been an intentional killing because Trayvon is black. Claiming Trayvon is just like everyone's son that is expelled from school for pot residue found in baggie, got caught tagging buildings with spray paint, was found with womens jewelry and a tool used to break and enter but said police checked for stolen jewelry in Miami and none reported but have they checked in Sanford for missing jewelry? My point is I have an 18 year old and he has never done any of those things. They have made Trayvon to be a innocent child and Zimmerman to be a white racists. His mother keeps giving interviews on tv saying (they) killed my son I guess she means all white people are responsible for killing her son. I have an 18 year old and I do understand their emotion but they have convicted Zimmerman without hearing the evidence and have caused racial tensions and hate towards whites. Here in Florida you hear all the time young blacks shooting police officers,drive by shooting killing a young little girl but because its black on black you don't hear it covered all over the media or the race baiting and blaming of whites. Zimmerman deserves his side to be told and his day in court without being convicted by the news media and race baiters. I'm just so tired of everytime something happens between a black and white its racists, they always play the race card. Zimmerman isn't even white as has been reported, he does volunteer work on behalf of minority children, has best friends that are black and are speaking out for him but it doesn't get the same news attention. I honesty feel if there is still racists in this country its against the whites and thats sad for me to feel that way. Spike Lee should have to do more than apologize he clearly hates white people. Stop all the race baiting and hate and let the courts and justice system do its job.

938 days ago


Mr. Spike Lee needs to stick to movies and stay out of politics!! What an idiot.

938 days ago


I hope the guy who's address was tweeted, sues that stupid racist a/hole's black ass into oblivion!

938 days ago


I just dont get it, I've lived in and around Detroit all my life. Where are all you talking heads when blacks kill blacks
by the minutes not hrs. How about 4 black childern ages 2 to 9
killed by drive byes and and drug deals gone bad. Once again where is the F-ing outrage???? BTW they use the N word
like it was (the)

938 days ago

BB not bb    

This is the funny thing, George Zimmerman has a Jewish father and a Hispanic mother. He is not what whites even call white half the time. He is the nationalities that are subject to prejudice by what is thought of as the whites, yet he is the one being used to go to war against them.

Not to mention that he cried for days after the incident because he didn't want to kill anyone. Not to mention that his best friend defending him seems to be a very nice and civil black man. If this guy is a symbol of white racism, then people need to checkt their eyes again.

Treyvon Martin was a 6'2" football player suspeneded from school for a week and wandering a strange neighborhood at night in a gated community with a night watchman from the community on patrol. He is not some little boy in a hoodie eating his Skittles that was just randomely shot as people are making it out to be. Get your facts before you go on the attack.

938 days ago


Let's see. Trayvon, a thug, gets killed while trying to beat up a citizen. Jesse and Sharpton see an opportunity to shout racism. Obama comes out and makes a ignorant statement instead of diffusing the situation. The black panthers put a bounty on Zimmerman's head. Eric Holder ignores the bounty although it is a felony to due such a thing. Spike Lee, the racist, puts out the wrong address and an elderly couple gets harassed by thugs. Does anybody see a pattern here? The other side is racist. Pure and simple. This country is going down the drain due to ignorant, stupid, and racist people like Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, Lee, and any other liberal. I hope they sue the hell out of Spike Lee.

938 days ago


What an idiot. Here he is getting involved in something he should stay out of. Tweet carefully and make sure you have your facts correct. Zimmerman should fry though.

938 days ago


He is such a loser. I hope they sue the **ll out of him

938 days ago

Who Knew    

Not enough idiot, get ready to break out that checkbook. Also if something happens to that guy and you encouraged it, get ready to do some time as well. Forget Jungle love, you'll be getting some inmate love.

938 days ago


I didn't need an extra reason to despise this ugly, no-talent, midget hack. Never saw 1 of his dumbass movies. He hates white ppl so much, yet without them, he would never have made a dollar. I hope those ppl sue the hell out of him. Go f@ck yourself, you piece of sh@t.

938 days ago


While it's terrible that he put people who were totally uninvolved in this case at risk, it would have been just as wrong if it were really George Zimmerman's address.

938 days ago



938 days ago

BB not bb    

Why are these Black Panthers allowed to put out hits and terrorize white people? Where is the justice in that? I belive that is known as terroristic threats, which is a felony. They have intent and ability to kill and publicized that they are in the process of hunting someone down.

Are we in a lawless society now or what? Tip to the black people wearing hoodies and holding candles, if you beat up a nigh****chman and are in the process of killing him, you may get shot dead. Perhaps this concept eludes them.

The police in Florida are scared but they are trying to do the right thing. Why are others taking their kicks by making life so hard for them and others who mean no harm? This is a big set up. They are setting up a fake enemy to start a war.

938 days ago


That was actually the whole point. His silence was deafening UNTIL they got lawyers. It's disgusting. And as mad as anyone is, even if the address was correct, he was completely wrong to incite violence.

938 days ago


Spike, you are genuine. A genuine piece of dog $hit.

938 days ago
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