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The Rock

Childhood EVICTION Drove Me

to Become a Beast

3/28/2012 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson says he owes his ENTIRE career to a traumatic experience from his childhood -- a traumatic experience that inspired him to spend every waking hour in the gym.

The confessional was shot for a documentary which chronicled the build up to the Rock's upcoming match against John Cena at Wrestlemania XXVIII this weekend.

During an emotional car ride, Rock opens up about the time he and his family were evicted from their apartment in Hawaii when he was 14 years old.

Rock says he'll never forget the look of despair on his mom's face when she tried to explain why he couldn't sleep in his own bed that night.

As a result, Rock says he resolved to change his life forever ... so he'd never experience anything like that ever again -- and the change began in the weightroom.

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I really like The Rock, I do. But sometimes I just think how americans actually have no idea what "being poor" is. "...I worked out at my highschool gym..." Man, I went to one of the most expensive catholic colleges in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I still had to pay (a lot) for most of my material and stuff I needed in order to study... I am NOT A POOR PERSON BUT, if you guys have gyms in highschools in the U.S...YOU SURE AS HELL ARE NOT POOR.

904 days ago


I've always been a fan of his thighs. I can't help it.
Helllllllo !

903 days ago


This is in response to Majestik: You seriously need to do background research before you blast someone. The Rock grew up poor as ****. Wrestlers did not get paid well back in that age, especially black wrestlers (his father being one of the door breakers that lead to that change). Growing up, they had no choice but to physically move from ****ty place to ****ty place just so his father could make enough money wrestling for his family to survive. The Rock was actually poor up until he wrestled. He decided to wrestle due to him being so poor in Canada while attempting to play football there (his career ended after a terrible injury at 'The U', would have been drafted otherwise). He did what most these days don't do, bust his ass to make a better life for himself and his family despite how low they were in the world. Most celebrities came from worse places then you, yet exceed your life goals based on work. Don't downplay their struggles just because you failed to get to that point with less on your plate. Done.

903 days ago

Tiffani M    

Very touching story. Really made me feel sad because my mother was a single parents handling four kids on her own and it was hard seeing the eviction notice wondering where we would go.

903 days ago


Majestik really things that, back in the 70s and 80s, you earned good money in the wwwf and wwf? get your facts straight. Back in the day, you earned less money than a friggin indywrestler does today. It's not like wwwf and wwf were a global brand who sold millions and millions of merchandising etc. they were a bigger indypromotion with a tv deal, just like ring of honor is today. and wrestler there get a maximum payment of 500$ a show.

903 days ago


The Rock is an icon to the WWE industry,children love to see the rock on theme ring every single day he steps in,showing to the world his natural talent.he did struggle. At an early age,we don't have to say lots of crap about him coz we don't know what he went thru,as for Rocky we ur fans love to see u woop Cenas ass on WM28.......

902 days ago


80 percent of African Americannball players regardless of the sport, grew up poor

899 days ago


This story is full of crap. If it was true, which trust is not, he would of mention this life changing moment in his auto-biography written in 2000. Plus he contradicts himself by saying he grew up with his dad making hardly good money as a wrestler, but in his book mentioned on Page 75, that his dad made between $150,000- 175,000 a year in the 80's. I believe it, because I personally know another famous Black Wrestler for the WWF back then who made about $2000 a night, and back then they wrestled 2-4 days a week. Save the sobbed story Dwayne,not everyone believes the lies. You had a good life growing up, this is just a story made for good dramatics

871 days ago

keleita grigsby    

hey my name is keleita grigsby and i can really relate to the rocks background and childhood my mother and father were drug addicts most of my life and there were many times were we were on the streets of in a house but no heat or food and no water it was when my mother died (i was 12) i determined to never be like my parents and on may 17 i became the first highschool grak of my family and i am now going on to college to be a teacher so i can help other children

827 days ago

Ace Jorkel    

This is the reason why this man "Rocks" and the reason why John Cena "sucks".

688 days ago
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