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Whitney Houston's Family

Bobby Brown's DUI Proves

He's a Bad Influence

3/28/2012 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's mother believes Bobby Brown's DUI arrest proves what she's been telling people all along ... he's just a bad dude.

Sources close to Cissy Houston tell us ... she's always felt Bobby was a cancer ... who infected Whitney's life with negative influences.

We're told Cissy felt "vindicated" when she found out Bobby was arrested for driving drunk on Monday afternoon ... and believes the incident is exactly why she wants Bobby to "keep his distance" from his daughter Bobbi Kristina.

The Houstons believe Bobbi K has been in a "vulnerable place" since Whitney passed ... and as one source puts it, "This is the last person she needs to be around."

Instead, we're told Cissy wants Bobbi Kristina to hang around "positive mentors" ... like Clive Davis.



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Did you ever stop to think he relapsed because of the way you people treated him? Did you ever think that because you had his child turn on him made him relapse? You people are horrid and that child will be od'ing in no time

903 days ago


So she thinks bobby brown is soooo bad an influence but her mom overdosing is not?????? This mom is flocking stupid and needs to be kept away from the kid! That's the issue. The mom.

903 days ago


SMH. I wish her family would sit down and stop trying to place blame everywhere. That man lost 3 people he loved all in a year. Regardless of what he did, that's that girls father. Aren't they supposed to be Christians? The biggest holy rollers be the biggest devils. I need them to stop pointing fingers. I love Whitney, but that woman was not perfect, so stop trying o make us believe she was before Brown.

903 days ago


Clive how blind they are

Clive Davis was basicly nothing more then Whitneys voice pimp
he kept her from doing alot of stuff she wanted to do...and forced her to do stuff/songs she didnt want to do
and was making himself big $$$$ all the way to the grave and beyond

and im sure he would send out for "special stuff" when whitney needed it

903 days ago


Huh. Lindsay Lohan has multiple DUIs and TMZ acts like she's a saint -- and takes whatever trash her side is spinning to slime the other side. Good thing Whitney Houston's mother is making this statement about Lilo or we'd see TMZ tearing the mother apart in the press.

903 days ago


Yes, but Bobby is not the one who overdosed and died now is he? I wonder how his heart is. Does he have heart disease from doing coke every day for years?

903 days ago


Sure, Bobby was holding his finger full of cocaine in front of Whitney's nose prior to death. He KILLED her! God bless Cissy for being so brilliant!

903 days ago


It bothers me that Cissy proclaims to be a Christian woman and being a Christian is about forgiveness. I realize that Cissy and the rest of Whitney's family is grieving over their loss but shouldn't Bobby's feelings be considered also, after all Whitney was the mother of their child. Bobby may have influenced her in the beginning but it was ultimately her choice that day. The family needs to put aside their differences for Bobbi Kristina's well being.

903 days ago


I understand that she is a greiving mther but Cissy needs to get he head out of her ass. Whitney did crack and coke and drank throughout her grand-daughter's life. Died because of it with coke in her system. So really NEITHER parent was stellar. HE's her father, like it or not. Clive David made her daughter famous and made her a lot of money, and put the pressures of fame on her. He didn't get her off drugs and he didn't save her. Put the blame where it belongs and its not all on Bobby Brown.

903 days ago


STFU!!!! Who disposed the cocaine? Clive knew she did drugs, you knew she did drugs. She and her daughter did drugs together. Enough!

903 days ago


seems llike whitney's family likes to point the finger at bobby brown for everything, did they ever say which one of whitney's family members took her picture and made money off her dead? HUMMMMMMM.

903 days ago


Jumping her Adopted Brothers bones is ok though.Bobby DUI bad,,Hookup with Adopted Brother ok

903 days ago

Dave Stainless    

Whitney was snorting coke and smoking crack before she was involved w/ Bobby. FACT. She was getting into trouble before her and Bobby were dating. FACT. RIP Whitney, but foreal this woman was no saint when she was alive. Her family needs to stop trying to get 13mins of fame and mourn the loss of their family member in private.

903 days ago


Vidicated? Now you're sounding like one of the Jacksons, Sissy. And if Clive was such a GREAT influence, why is Whitney dead?

903 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Cissy........please shush before people forget about the goodness in Whit and spill or renew all the negative news about your daughters's life. Should we blame Bobby because your marriage failed, or that you could not accept your daughter's life style with a female, or that Dionne is a known druggie, or that someone you let in a private viewing took and sold pictures of Whit and you are protecting him, or that you gave him a seat in the family section of the funeral but did not show kindness to the Brown family, or that that BK is finding comfort in a man you can't decide is her brother or a hanger on, or that Clive was comfortable partying under Whit's dead body, or that Bk tried to stab her mother and kill herself or that my yard has hundreds of species of weeds this year..........on and on and on.....just shut up before more nuts like me make the world remember that Whit had problems BEFORE she met Bobby and had demons that made her punch HER SELF blue and black or lived in a filthy bathroom doing drugs.....please just shut up. Keep this un-christian blaming up and you may lose your granddaughter akin to the way you lost your daughter. If you want to be positive and show your christian your reactions when you wanted to have polygraphs to see who took the pics of your daughter and your quietness caused the funeral home owner to be spat on, talked about, accused and still have not brought the TRUTH to the public.
L E T IT GO......

903 days ago
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