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Bruce Jenner

Kim Kardashian's Flour Bomber

Is an 'ASS'

3/29/2012 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0329-bruce-jenner-vidBruce Jenner is rallying behind his stepdaughter Kim Kardashian -- claiming the rogue PETA member who dumped flour on her last week is nothing more than a pathetic little "ass."

Bruce and Kris Jenner were leaving LAX yesterday -- when a photog asked what they thought about the flour-bombing PETA activist Christina Cho blasting Kim for wearing the flesh of dead animals.

Bruce didn't miss a beat, calling Cho an "ass." Meanwhile, Kris played coy.

As we previously reported, Kim's sis Khloe has already cut ties with PETA over the flour-bombing -- accusing the organization of "bullying." 


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Bruce is the ass.....what the heck is a 60 year old man doing wearing an earring??? Does he think his bad facelift and an earring will make him young again...WRONG...great family...his wife thinks she is a Kardashian sister and he thinks he is there brother...feel sorry for the 2 teenage girls. How messed up will they be? When is there sex tape coming out?

907 days ago


I didn't know the Kardashians pet doggy could talk. I knew he graduated from obedience school, and had mastered numerous "tricks" on command. Now I guess he can talk...doesn't say anything, but he can talk.

907 days ago


Bruce needs to get a refund from from his plastic surgen cause he did a bad number on his face.

907 days ago


bruce on wild

907 days ago

Melina Pothier    

I find it funny that Khloe cut ties with PETA after this. She did photo shoots for them and a campaign and she didn't know what they stood for? If anything, she should be mad at her sister for walking around in a fur coat, which is truly despicable. Rich snobs that are famous for no discernible or right reason, need to get over themselves.

907 days ago


Where is SCOTT DESICK ,and what have they done with him?????

907 days ago


He is so p#ssy-whipped...of course that is what he would say.

907 days ago


Good lord it was FLOUR!!! Who cares about Kim Kardashian, Bruce Jenner and that whole K&J family....they need to go!! This is not news, at least she wasn't gunned down like some of the kids are in school shootings, or news of babies and little children being abused and/or kidnapped,killed, etc.......they act like this flour thing was so terrible...OPEN YOUR EYES KARDASHIAN-JENNERS, YOU ARE NOT NEWS!!! Maybe Bruce should change his name to Kardashian since Kris wanted to go back to that name anyway for "business purposes"...because WE KNOW who wears the pants in that family!

907 days ago


Last time i checked pouring flour on someone has not caused any major injuries or death. Kimmy needs to get over it! I used to be a fan of the shows but the appeal wore off a long time ago. I'm tired of seeing her and her voice is extremly annoying.

907 days ago


No, the flower bomber is not the ass. Have you seen your face Bruce? Like Rock n Roll? Google search Hot n Taut .... What is it?

907 days ago


Harvey is kissing up to this skanky family again, Kris Jenner must tell Harvey what to say and how to say it. TMZ is really getting bad, how do you put the spin on this one?

907 days ago


Come on- Bruce did something once. 36 years ago!-now he just rests on his laurels! His sugar mama takes good care of him!

907 days ago

not surprised    

The Jenner and K-trash Klan have all had so much plastic surgery they must have to bring old photos of themselves to the dinner table when they all get together so they know who their talking to. The money these Klowns have put into their "LOOK AT ME" plastic bodies could have been better spent by feeding starving children, and donated to worthy charities, at least they'd have something worth seeing for their money. It's sad they were never taught that it's whats on the inside that counts.

907 days ago


Look at your face Bruce, that looks like an ass.

907 days ago


I tell ya Kris must have many HIDDEN talents to pull the strings of so many people...yes Scott Disick was an a$$ but now he's as pu$$y whipped as the rest of them...and poor Lamar, he seems like such a great guy! Hope Khloe never tires of him or he's screwed, especially since Kris is now his momager too! What is the attraction to this family people???? Quit watching them so their shows get canceled and hopefully they GO AWAY!!!!!!

907 days ago
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