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George Lucas

Star Wars is Dead

3/29/2012 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stick a fork in Jar Jar Binks ... 'cause the "Star Wars" franchise is done ... FOREVER ... so says intergallactic space god George Lucas.

The Jedi Master's master was leaving Toast in L.A. yesterday when we asked when he was finally going to release the long-awaited 7th, 8th and 9th installments of the greatest space saga of all time.

But judging from Lucas' answer ... it looks like the series will remain frozen in carbonite for the rest of time.

Hopefully, that goes for the Indiana Jones series too ... because NO ONE SURVIVES A NUCLEAR BLAST BY HIDING IN A REFRIGERATOR!!


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As long as someone else is in charge and not Lucas Im all for some Star Wars.

874 days ago


The banner over the picture of George LUCAS would suggest at a glance (yes, I did) that the Director/Writer is dead -- NOT THE movie!

874 days ago


george lucas blows dog!
those prequels were AWFUL (yes ALL of them)the best best one of the bunch (empire strikes back) wasn't even directed by him it was the only one that wasn't and it was easily the best. when george gets his turdy little hands on stuff- it turns to dog****.
screw you george and you better just retire and stay that way!

874 days ago


I didn't need Lucas too tell me that. The new Star Wars movies + the 3D animated series was enough for me to know it was dead.

874 days ago

I am Me    

Starwars was dead after The New Hope was released and george lucas has been putting us all through a slow painful death ever since. Who over is obsessed with star wars and believes in all the meaning of lucas's BS is about as dumb as a box of rocks.

874 days ago


Here's the real reason:

874 days ago

El Gato    


And the "Death Star" and little green men from "Dagobah" is plausible right? I think the stoner wrote this one...

874 days ago


Im so glad the man who created it said it himself its dead!! I watched the first 3 in the 80s when I was young. 1 time. that was good enough for me. F star wars. just watch the old ones. wtf cares about the new ones.

874 days ago

Reality Check    

GEORGE LUCAS lied about the star wars movies 789. When Star Wars came out he said in a interview the nine movies would be like Shakespeare where you have three main parts. Each three movie installment was supposed to be a part in the story line. like everything else that comes out of Lucas mouth he later lied and backpeddled the whole thing. It is because he is too old and not interested in doing the rest of them because it will take too long and too much involved that h does not want to be part of. So what is the last part of the story the books and go search the internet for the timeline of books that were released. then you get the end game story. George Lucas is a fail.

874 days ago


I met George Lucas at a USC reunion. Biggest arrogant douche bag around. It's sad when you start thinking of yourself as a demi-God when you are just a man like anyone else. I think his tombstone should read: Jar Jar Binks was a better man.

874 days ago


It sounded like he was kidding and he didn't want to be talking with you.

874 days ago

Joe Marszalek    

Like they "Rebooted" Star Trek they should "Reboot" Star Wars Episodes 1,2 and 3. Cut back CGI by 70% and get rid of Qui-Gon Jinn.

874 days ago


He already said all this--months ago, in a different interview, a print interview. I guess no one cared at the time. But just because he is REPEATING it now doesn't make it "news."

873 days ago

common sense    

Who cares? They sucked anyways. Orginally & remade they sucked. Sci-fi,vampires, & dragon movies are all stupid. The man earn the right to decide what to do with his money & creation good for him to finally kill the thing. Most in his position would have spun it off or continued on especially with the nut job cult follow still dreaming of more but it is one series that deserved to dead slowly painfully and permantantely.

872 days ago


Im 16 years old and watching star wars movies since I was five. ( big thanks to my awesome dad ) I'm a girl. I love star wars so much that I will never let it die. There are millions maybe much more fans out there. Star wars will never ever die!

871 days ago
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