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Kris Humphries

Hey Kim ...

How Much $$$ Did We Make?

3/29/2012 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries has filed legal docs ... asking a judge to reinforce the obvious -- that Kim Kardashian has a duty to disclose how much money the couple raked in during their 72-day marriage. But Kris is also challenging Kim's right to give away money that represents what they made in wedding gifts.

Kris' lawyer wants the court to reinforce that Kim has a duty to deal with him fairly and in good faith ... and that includes giving him a full accounting of the assets and liabilities accumulated during the marriage.

In the docs, Kris' lawyer writes, "A spouse may not make a gift of community personal property, or dispose of community personal property for less than fair and reasonable value, without the written consent of the other spouse." 

It appears the lawyer is referring to Kim keeping the wedding gifts but giving double the value to charity.


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When kim doated she left out the 250k farri.
Kim drives around in the stolen car that was a joint gift to her and kris. That is major thieft right there.
Seh has been very misleading about the vaule of the wedding gifts and moneys made.His atternys cant count on Kim to be honest about anything they have to sepna enet work ect.
we all know kk trash is super sahdy I cant rember them ever telling the truth about anything.she should have taken the org.7 mil. he ofered hes going to get much much more now!
This all proves how stupied Kim is that she thought she could get away with these crimes. she is hockiong everything from her diet products to clothes shoes perfume socks,, and all made by child labor. I dot knwo why they keep truing out products none buys at least not here in the US.I was embarssed for he r when she stood up to speak about dress for sucess and didnt know a damn thing about the org.onlty that they were undrewriteng her perfum launch party.Gag. Kris is doing the right thing beacuse if he lets kim get away with this there well be more victems in the futer. she cant get a date to save her life now.
Men dont apricate being rippped off millions of doallrs and having thier name dragged threw the mudd.

938 days ago


Reading through these comments is hilarious, especially since you can recognize the Kardashian sock puppets from a mile away. ROFL

938 days ago

Yep I said that    

Good for him this skank has been trying to dirty him up since October and so have the rest of her family. She may have donated money but the ho gets a tax break and also gets to keep all of the expensive sh!t she asked for

938 days ago

Jay W.     

Love them Kimmi lips. Slippery... uh gic gic gic

938 days ago


she is probably pulling her hair out of her head right now... this is a great move by his attorney or Kris.. she had no right to give away all that money without him? she took all the credit wow and he wants a audit because he is baffled on the amount ? they are going to settle soon and fast good going Kris cant wait till you get your annulment and a nice chunk of cash and this all ends with you and her with a nice agreement and if agreement is broke someone has to pay again

938 days ago


the truth always sets your free and it looks like the truth is coming who ever advised her to give the money away should be fired

938 days ago


Sock it to her, Kris!! (Just don't pocket the money yourself, or else you'll look as bad as the skank and her Kartrashian family...)

938 days ago

BB not bb    

Kris told her that she should give back all the wedding gifts, which would have been inapropriate since it is rude to not accept a gift, so Kim did the next best thing and made donations in the value of the gifts, plus matched them with her own money.

Kris makes plenty of money of his own so what is he so worried about Kim giving some of hers to charity? I hope the judge sees through this. He is just being the same pain to her now that he was when they were married, nitpicking and complaining over every little thing.

I think he is a highly offensive person and should just shut up and play basketball and bake cookies with his mom like he said he wanted to do on TV. He is instead dogging Kim nonstop trying to make her feel bad and look bad and for what, for loving and trusting him?

That he throws in Christ's name as an excuse makes it that much worse. Why can't he just shut up and get lost? He is a classless person who is seeking fame by staying connected to her name in the news. He is like a on a mission of destruction.

I wonder why this happends to Kim. I think of who her father defended and think maybe it is a karmic payback for helping bad black men who prey on innocent white women. How does she deserve this?

She was smart to break it off with him ASAP. He is inufferable. You can't make it work with a jerk.

938 days ago


California will be having a canned Hunt. Hunters from all over the world will partake in a one day only hunt for the elusive fur wearing Kardashians. The two most wanted trophies are the Kris and the Kim. The winner who bags one or the other will be able to have it stuffed and mounted and put on display at Sears in the "Tool" section with their name proudly displayed. There will be an extra day to bag the rest so that there won't be any chance of reproduction from the ones left behind.

938 days ago


KK, Karam is a Bitch now isn't it....LOL!!!!!

938 days ago


Thank god Kris is taking legal advise. That pre-nup he was forced to sign is bogus now. Humphries had every intention on being married to this creature for the long haul. Every dime Kardashian made during their 72 day marriage should be accounted for and in CA half goes to the spouse. Listen to your lawyers Kris. You were screwed!

938 days ago


You go Kris get her for everything she has. She plays the victim so KARMA is a bitch is it kkk clan. Please Kris get her good she deserves it for trying to make people think that she is nice and she is not she is worth nothing she dose nothing it is a pathetic person. i don't fell bad for her at all i think she is getting what she deserves.

938 days ago


really? is he that stupid he walked into the phone **** for MONEY

938 days ago


I saw some kkk clothes at sars and the prices were 98 for cheap littel skirt and 68 for the cheap matching top.
Not asingel item had been sold.
All the suffering people makeing thier crap dont even make the amonut of the price of one of their shirts thier
selling. The sweat shop workers need a raise!!!
The greedy whore kim doesnt care about the suffreing that goes on to make her crap.Heartless witch!

938 days ago


she messed w the wrong guy. Kris is RIGHT and I hope he gets the truth.

938 days ago
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