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Kris Humphries

Hey Kim ...

How Much $$$ Did We Make?

3/29/2012 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries has filed legal docs ... asking a judge to reinforce the obvious -- that Kim Kardashian has a duty to disclose how much money the couple raked in during their 72-day marriage. But Kris is also challenging Kim's right to give away money that represents what they made in wedding gifts.

Kris' lawyer wants the court to reinforce that Kim has a duty to deal with him fairly and in good faith ... and that includes giving him a full accounting of the assets and liabilities accumulated during the marriage.

In the docs, Kris' lawyer writes, "A spouse may not make a gift of community personal property, or dispose of community personal property for less than fair and reasonable value, without the written consent of the other spouse." 

It appears the lawyer is referring to Kim keeping the wedding gifts but giving double the value to charity.


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This will show how greedy and conviving they really are. Keep going Kris Humphries, so maybe one day, they will all go away soon. Don't back down!

939 days ago


How selfish can one lady be. Kris Humphries family, friends and associates gave gifts also.

939 days ago


I will be glad will her silly azz is removed from the limelight. She is so boring.

939 days ago


FRANKLIN: 13 minutes ago
How selfish can one lady be. Kris Humphries family, friends and associates gave gifts also.
Franklin, you raise a good point but also show your very naive. Allow me to elaborate:
you used the word LADY when referring to Kim - she's a WHORE not A LADY
you used the word SELFISH - that is another word for Kim Trash-kanian.
I find it extremely funny that Kim is now in the hot seat (hopefully it's hot enough to melt that silicone ass of hers) - i dont believe her divorce attorney (disso queen as Harvey calls her) can fix this mess.

939 days ago



939 days ago


TMZ STOP the pandering to those S***BAGS aka Kardashians. Humphries is actually doing the right thing. Standing up to their shady, grifting ways. Is there A SINGLE PERSON that does an "estimated dollar amount of gifts" and admits it? Then donates money said estimate, makes a public statement only to take a hefty tax deduction? F'ing disgusting those people are...Americans deserve coverage on people that earn fame for something, anything!!

939 days ago


Keep on her Kris. Stay on her like white on rice until she gives you your fair share. Wear her down until she caves from the bad publicity and forks over the cash.

939 days ago


TEAM HUMPHRIES all the way!!!!

939 days ago


omg the geico caveman is still after kim's money. does he not realize that using blackmail is against the law. does he have no pride left in him? he's acting like a male prostitute who feels entitled to kim's money. to the haters, if this was your money you would not be agreeing to hand it over to anyone. his parent's should be ashamed to have raised someone like him. now i understand why the basketball team refused to play with him that's why he ended up in minnesota.

939 days ago


This bitch assumed the wedding and all its bounty was all hers. This guy was just for window dressing -- she needed someone to profess her undying love. These two knuckleheads deserve each other. He may be dumber than dirt, but she is one greedy, needy whore!

939 days ago


Is that really Jon Hamm replying on tmz? Anyways, yes the whole Kardashian Clan (and I would wish you guys would please move on to other tabloid subjects) are bring me down. Who cares about this botoxed, face-lifting, staging a sex tape, fake wedding, hoe-ishe family? No one!!! Most people would drop out of the lime light as soon as any tape of them having sex appeared on the internet. Not Kim Kardashian- she has absolutely NO SHAME, or self respect. All she is good for is to be f--k'd and used by some black basketball player or rapper. She's a used rag and i'm sure it embarrasses her poor brother to have a family of skanks who screw professional black players.........these guys use them and then find a decent girl to be with. Just something for them to put their sexual organs in whenever they want.....scandalous

939 days ago


Speaking of Bruce Jenner....I wonder how come noone has commented on how bad his face-lift looks? Does he know......he kind of looks like a woman!!! What man is vain enuf to get a face-lift?.....not many men do that!!!! And how come none of his "real manly" friends told him that? Some friends...huh. This is a classic example of people living in their own bubble and living in Hollywierd. I live in Los Angeles....and they do not represent the people in Los Angeles......who work hard everyday, catch buses and have real issues!!! Their problem (the Kardashians and unfortuntely Bruce Jenner) is that they lost it when they wanted to be either famous or near someone famous (oj simpson), started to believe their own lies, put money before pride and family and lost all dignity. Look at the daughters, screwing every black man on tv....used hoes!!!!!!

939 days ago


This is to the Kardashians, you people are showing your true colors. You are all about money, don't care about anything but how you look in the public eye. I don't think Kim faked her marriage. I do think she shouldn't have married anyone knowing she wasn't really in love. These people make me sick. He's all about money and so is Kim.

939 days ago


I love the show..you guys make me laugh all the time..

939 days ago


kim, you filthy whore, stop commenting on stories about yourself.

939 days ago
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