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Lindsay Lohan


See Another Judge Again

3/29/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan vows ... she will NEVER again step foot in front of another judge.

Lindsay was on break at the L.A. County morgue Wednesday -- where she officially completed her community service obligation -- when she vowed to stay clear of all courtrooms for the rest of her life.

As for her big post-probation celebration tonight -- Lindsay said she plans to grab dinner with her sister, and that's about it.

Lindsay also says she doesn't plan to see her intrepid lawyer Shawn Holley very often after today's hearing -- but adds, Shawn "is still a good person in my life. She's been there for me."

Understatement of the century.

Lindsay just left court -- she's officially off probation in her Beverly Hilly DUI case. She is now on informal probation in her jewelry theft case. She may never see another judge ever again.


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Dr. M    

Wishing u all the best Lindsay. Following ur life has been a roller-coaster of emotions. How about some smooth sailing 4 a while ?

Grace and Peace be with you Lindsay.

Dr. M

877 days ago


Yeah, just like she said that she's no longer a party girl, but now a homebody. Then, she goes clubbing that same night past 3am. She's given that "I'm done clubbing" several times....and well, she lied.

Then, she gets in an alleged hit-and-run accident with a nightclub (those clubs again) manager. She says that she will be putting herself under house arrest for next 2 weeks until her probation ends. The very next night she's seen out clubbing again.

LieHo has no credibility at all. So, no doubt she will be back in court before her "informal probation" ends.

877 days ago


Bret Michaels wants his bandana back.

877 days ago


It's tragic. Lindsay Lohan will soon commit suicide or be a fugitive from justice. Those are the only two way she will never see the inside of a courtroom again.

877 days ago


"Lindsay was on break......"

............story of her life.

877 days ago


Seriously it's about damn time she cleaned up her act. **** doesn't make any since how long it took for her to do this. She looks healthy and clean! Btw the red hair makes her look much younger and prettier!

877 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Bret wears the bandannas because he is bald too.

877 days ago


In the background the sign says no pedestrian traffic and there is Lindsay walking in a no pedestrian area. Not even off the lot yet and already breaking rules. You go Lindsay, that's the way to prove us all wrong. hehe

Also if you look by the dumpster you will see Lindsay's last customer. She just used the poor guy and threw him away like yesterday's trash.

877 days ago


Lindsay....trash dumpster behind her....nuf said

877 days ago


Get ready people for the influx of trash ready to tell us what a saint she is after court today. Just a heads up.

877 days ago


It looks like the guy is quite satisfied the way he is sitting back with his hands behind his head. Lindsay must of finished off her day in a big way at the morgue. Leaving them something to remember her by. But did they have to do it beside the dumpster?

877 days ago


Typical narcissistic Blohan--- breezily tosses off Shawn Holley and not a mention of anyone else who had to lock her down and coddle her every step of the way.
Assuming Holley had the brains to get PAID IN FULL from Lohan Inc beforehand.

877 days ago

FU Lindsay    

This idiot sets herself up. She going out to dinner with her sister means she will be out making birthday wishes to all her club friends tonight.

877 days ago


Good for you, now work hard lose the mother and father and get up on top, your a good actor we hope you the best

877 days ago


Hey Lohan get those flavored socks ready because you will put your foot in your mouth again.

As always she speed dials tmz and pats herself on the back for what. Over 4 years and 7 mug shots later to get this part over with. 2.5 years left of probation Lohan is still an irrelevant moron.

She still is a pathological lier, thief who hasn't changed or matured one bit and still can't be trusted. No one cares about a possible bit part in a TV show or a low budget made for TV cable movie. The public doesn't like her and won't spend money out of their pocket go to the theater to see her in a movie. Lohan is still Z-list Hollywood poison.

Lohan, Toronto is not LA. Don't think for one minute you get away with your crap there. You screw up they will make room for you. Count on that.

877 days ago
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