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Piers Morgan

I Want Madonna to Apologize


3/29/2012 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0_f5b2z1f5_0_7q4tbjfsPiers Morgan
wants Madonna to "get down on bended knee" and apologize to him ... on TMZ -- all because of a mystery feud that blew up on the Internet this week.

You'll recall ... Piers publicly banned Madonna from his CNN show on Twitter Tuesday, writing, "Welcome to Twitter. You're still banned from my show. Love Piers X."

Madonna's manager Guy Oseary thumbed his nose in response, tweeting back Madonna had already been invited to Piers' UK show -- so Piers extended the ban worldwide.

Piers refused to elaborate on what's really behind the feud -- on his way out of an L.A. supermarket today -- telling us, "It's a private spat." (Piers also doesn't return his shopping cart to the cart corral in the parking lot ... but that's another issue.)

Piers added, "Madonna can come on [my] show, but she has to get on bended knee and apologize to me ... on TMZ."

But he probably won't get his wish -- because a source close to Madonna's management tells TMZ, "Piers is delusional for feuding with Madonna. He isn't even on Madonna's radar. The UK invitation speaks for itself."


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The fact that he wont say what it is they're 'fighting' about goes to show that he is just trying to get publicity by riding on her coat tails....he needs to grow up and move on...she's not going to apologize to him or anyone and probably doesn't even want to be on his show--she doesn't need to be!! He's so stupid!! CNN bring Larry back!!!

904 days ago


He is so gross...

904 days ago

hung and dashing    

Can't stand Piers Morgan. Did Madonna rub him the wrong way at some time? Maybe. Maybe when he was running his sickening tabloid in the UK. Who cares. Morgan is annoying and desperate for ratings. His show stinks. It was its best whe he had lesbian substitute host week (take note, CNN). HOW he even got the gig after Larry King remains a mystery since he's utterly horrible as an interviewer. But with this, he's transparent in doing another "Donald". He sucks at the bull teat of Donald Trump who endlessly loves to pump attention and ratings from phony or overblown celebrity feuds himself. But Morgan ain't no'Trump even. CNN needs to replace Morgans...and fast. His show is unwatchable and the ratings reflect it.

904 days ago

Christina G.    

I never thought I'd take Madonna's "side", but what a douche bag. She probably ignored his interview request 20 years ago and his ego never got over it. I predict his show will NOT be a long-term success based on his doucheyness. Can you imagine someone of Larry King's or Regis Philbin's stature acting like that?

904 days ago

moe l.    

madonna needs the attention. because who wants to see a skinny bony hagged out has-been?

904 days ago


Two egomaniacal douchebags, spitting vinegar at one another. Shocking.

904 days ago


Don't they call this a tempest in a teapot? A good feud has always been a good ratings gatherer...doesn't matter how phony it is. Of course, it helps if the two feuding are worth caring about...alas, such is not the case with these two.

904 days ago


"Apologize"? Is that another word for it?

904 days ago


Madonna couldn't care less. He's trying to get attention by saying her name. It makes him look like a little man.

904 days ago


TMZ, I complain enough on here about the lack of intelligence / interview skills of the your camera people / reporters so now I feel I must be as vociferous when I have a compliment to give. Well done to this TMZ employee. Finally, a non-cring-worthy interaction on camera with a celebrity. Intelligent, entertaining and response-provoking. Well done. More of this please, and less of those dudes with a camera, with barely a coherent thought to share between them!

904 days ago


Could be phony for publicity (both of them) or not, but I tend to believe Madonna has pissed off a lot of people over the years. I think Piers saying "She knows what she did." and not getting into it shows he's a gentleman. Madonna, otoh, claimed she didn't know who Piers is. I'm not Madonna, and *I* know who he is. I'm ready for old, phoney, drama-queen, narcissistic, entitled Madonna to go away now.

904 days ago


sounds like someone is full of himself....a person who isnt really relevant in the U.S. ad probably begging to ge tratings for that lackluster Piers Morgan TOnight crap

904 days ago


Grow up Piers. You know that she won't come to your show no matter how many times you invite her. You wish she would! An apology? You should be the one apologizing and maybe if you grow up and stop trying basking in her spotlight you'll become a better human being.

904 days ago


Piece of crap Morgan ;)

904 days ago


"Piers also doesn't return his shopping cart to the cart corral in the parking lot ... but that's another issue" LOL!!

904 days ago
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