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Lindsay Lohan

I'm EATING, Not Clubbing!!!

3/29/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan made her first post-court appearance on TMZ Live ... and she was downright giddy about finally ending formal probation. You gotta hear LiLo explain why she was finally able to follow judge's orders -- and she also pleads her case about hitting nightclubs.

Plus, Michael Bay and Tyrese Gibson surprised us ... calling in to squash rumors they're in a legal feud. Also, wrestling legend Kurt Angle tells us how he's hunting down the creeps who scammed his mom out of $4k -- and a heated debate about ... Mitt Romney's garage? Yeah, we did that.

(0:30) Lindsay actually did it! She's off probation ... and the judge had motherly words of advice for her.
(6:45) A member of the family affected by Spike Lee's tweet calls in ... he says Spike called to apologize.
(11:00) Michael Bay and Tyrese call in to squash a ridiculous rumor being spread about them.
(14:10) Rihanna rips a reporter.
(17:01) "Idol" argument ... does Deandre suck? Compared to Elise's amazing Led Zeppelin cover ... yes.
(21:01) Kurt Angle calls in to talk about how his mom got scammed in the worst way.
(27:01) Lindsay Lohan is on the phone! She explains how she finally turned it around.
(32:01) The mother of gay 9-11 hero calls in to talk about how Carson Daly's rant was offensive ... but she forgives him.
(36:01) Mitt Romney's car elevator ... bad idea?


No Avatar

Bubbles The Chimp    

Lindsay will win an Oscar in 5 years and TMZ Mike will be thin...

LOL!!!! Dreamer.

902 days ago


what the reporter should've said was "get your tits out Rhianna" Little miss "I'm so disappointed" that a question was tailed onto a rancid arse licking tirade. Just wondering do photogs normally wait outside Ashtons at 4 am or were they tipped off????

902 days ago


As a Canadain I dont want this spoiled brat Li Lo in the country,its only a matter of time till shes back in the courts!As far as mikes opinion she cant act and will never even be at the Oscars never mind win one!

902 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Harvey, what is your next big "money" celebrity following? There was Mel, then Lilo, who's next????

902 days ago


RE: Trayvon. I don't care if he was carrying a TV strapped to his back down the street. Zimmerman should have just called the police and let them handle any possible burglary questions, etc. The young man should not have been shot.

902 days ago


We will be right back in 6 months or less, when she runs over someone with her car, or wraps it around another tree and flees the scene, for her "omg she is still technically on probation so this could be big trouble" story - which she will walk away from with a slap on the wrist.

902 days ago

Flying Blind    

Finally on American Idol someone sang a song someone really wants to hear. Instead of that Neil Diamond/Adele crap.

Whole Lot of Love

902 days ago


Hate the new TMZ Live format. Do you have any idea how incredibly boring it is to watch huge blocks of muted video? I used to watch TMZ live everyday, but I'll be tuning out until things change.

902 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Ryan has a girlfriend?... Which hand... :)

902 days ago


Do the Lohans own TMZ now or something, because it's really starting to seem like it. She wins? Seriously? Wins what? All she did was complete what she was ordered to do and she is still on probation for 2 1/2 years. There is nothing remarkable about that. The only reason she was able to do it is was because she was given strict guidelines. The fact that she is seriously irresponsible is the reason she had the strict guidelines. It's not like she accomplished anything, most people never have to deal with something like this. This only shows that she's a complete loser. We all know what she's going to do next, tell some more likes, get in trouble again, get sentenced to jail, be there for 2 hours, and then go through all of this all over. That's her life. It's already going around that she'll be "partying" at Chateau Marmont tonight. Common knowledge that most people go there just for the access to drugs. Yeah, she's a winner alright.

902 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

What cow's butt did Ryan stick his head in?

902 days ago


why don't they play music during commercial breaks? it's annoying, "can you kill my mic?" "is my mic off"

902 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Look at Harvey pretending like he has been on Lindsay's side all this time. What a snake.... a dwarf snake.

902 days ago


What kiss asses you two are...that interview was gross.

902 days ago

Flying Blind    

Some good "gets" today .......

902 days ago
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