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Madonna Feud Was THE WORST

3/31/2012 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Seems Deadmau5 is experiencing a little post-feud remorse ... admitting things didn't go exactly as planned in his cyber-feud with Madonna.

The super DJ was at Pearson International Airport in Canada yesterday ... when he was asked about the Madonna thing ... and he replied, "How is it?! It's terrible."

As we previously reported, Deadmau5 had accused the singer of promoting drug use at a recent electronic music festival ... but Madge fired back, claiming he totally misinterpreted her comments ... and scolded him for not addressing his gripe privately.

Now, it's obvious Deadmau5 just wants the controversy to go away ... saying, "It's just a little trite ... everyone will forget about it."



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It probably dawned on him she's old enough to be his grandmother and felt bad about picking on an old lady.

934 days ago


okay RIGHT Madonna ... "have you seen Molly" was about a song and not ecstacy.
we weren't born yesterday you silly old bag! your album name 'MDNA' is a clear segue to the rave community.

934 days ago


How many people know about Madonna and how many people know about Deadmau5? This wig needs to go back to World of Warcraft.

934 days ago

Flying Blind    

"Two turntables and a microphone"

what a joke, he makes rappers look talented ..... please!

934 days ago


I used to be a huge madonna fan. I would buy all her albums then she did American Life album and was rapping and I started to feel a little embarassed, her Confessions.. album was great, then the cover of Hard Candy was sad again, this latest album just adds to that. She's trying too hard to be something this is not and whether she really thinks "Molly" is cool or thinks acting like it's cool is going to bring her more album and concert sales, I have no interest in supporting someone like that. The day Deadmau5 stood up and called out some bs negativel affefting the EDM community I went to Amazon Mp3 and bought all his albums and I've been having a great week listening to music that makes me happy and I didn't need any drugs to have a good time

934 days ago


I'm GLAD Deadmau called Madonna out on this. Molly is a very harmful drug, and Madonna is either an idiot or lying when she claims not to realize she seemed to be supporting it. We need more Deadmau's to speak up.

934 days ago


And the Guns N Roses song "Mr. Brownstone" was really about Slash's landlord, Burt Brownstone.

934 days ago


This is him?? Bwahahahaha

934 days ago


he is sad and just wants attention. anyone that decides to be a party DJ and speaks out against drugs is not right in the head. go give speeches at schools because nobody at a music festival or club party wants to hear that garbage.

934 days ago

Change 2010    

Madonna is just covering her ass.She was definitely referring to drug use.
She's just using her PR machine to bully a lesser celebrity.
But just as Madonna is known to do Deadmau5 got free publicity.I mean who would have ever heard of Him or Joe Francis before?

934 days ago


I'm a BIG fan of Deadmau5 and i'm glad he outed Grandma Madonna like that. Just because people listen to House/Trance/Techno or any other club music doesn't make them drug users. I personally think she was trying to be hip with the crowd at Ultra. Like it's cool or something. I've been to Ultra before and yes there's people on drugs there, so she see's an opportunity to get attention from the crowd.
I just thought the whole "Molly" statement was uncalled for.

934 days ago


Of course TMZ, the ultimate source in vicarious star ****ing, thinks criticizing Madonna is just "THE WORST." Madonna is not sacred. No artist is. When she's being an idiot, she deserves to be called one. Preferably by someone with a voice that can be heard.

934 days ago


This little nobody sure changed his tune awfully quick. Wonder what happened?

934 days ago

Jay W.     

Nice move from Mickey ! Feud publicity with Madonna.

934 days ago


Dude, don't let that bitch intimidate you, the audience knew exactly to what she was referring. To hell with that *******, has-been.

934 days ago
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