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Madonna Feud Was THE WORST

3/31/2012 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Seems Deadmau5 is experiencing a little post-feud remorse ... admitting things didn't go exactly as planned in his cyber-feud with Madonna.

The super DJ was at Pearson International Airport in Canada yesterday ... when he was asked about the Madonna thing ... and he replied, "How is it?! It's terrible."

As we previously reported, Deadmau5 had accused the singer of promoting drug use at a recent electronic music festival ... but Madge fired back, claiming he totally misinterpreted her comments ... and scolded him for not addressing his gripe privately.

Now, it's obvious Deadmau5 just wants the controversy to go away ... saying, "It's just a little trite ... everyone will forget about it."



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watch mr mous5 on the JOE ROGAN PODCAST he was drunk out his mind boring and hell and smoked 33 cigarettes

938 days ago


can never tell if Deadrat is ripped, he wears that clown head to cover his face, he trainwrecked so bad in Nashville he should hide behind his mommy Skrillex. If ya think folks don't do drugs at his shows, you're badly mistaken. Fess up rat, DRUGS MADE YOU WHO YOU ARE IN MUSIC.

938 days ago


The problem is he is British. Most of them are too polite to get in a nasty war of words. He was right all along and Madonna is full of crap when she says she doesn't encourage drug use. She didn't title her album MDNA because they didn't have space for her full name.

938 days ago


Deadmouse is such an annoying nerd.

938 days ago


Oh please, she was clearly lying and the stupid molly song is obviously about the drug and not a girl. He has no reason to feel bad or back down.

938 days ago

Sin D    

She commented on ravers rolling on X at a show...So what is the crime here? Its true.

938 days ago


He was right!! She is LYING!!!
She's probably making his life hell...I wish he was strong enough to stand strong in his stance on this issue.

938 days ago


People who do drugs are going to do drugs no matter who is encouraging or discouraging it. The queen of media manipulation is pulling all of the strings. And we are dancing to her tune. Get a grip. She is getting so much free advertising and more we talk about it the more she earns. Look at the Kardashians. The more we hate them the more they make. It's a sick sad fact.

938 days ago


Madonna is a tired old Kunnttbag. She is a liar and fraud and is backed by huge corporate America and all the fools that follow her would by her music if they recorded her taking a shyte, and then say " she's ground-breaking, current, fresh, daring and fierce." She stinks and so does her music. She was caught in one big public lie and she made it worse by not admitting she F'd up big time. I used to like her years ago but no more. Why support a person who is not nice and no good anymore? I support this guy for calling her out!

938 days ago


@Carl: Deadmau5 is Canadian, not British. And he was absolutely right in calling Madonna out for her ridiculous behavior, but I understand why he's backing off. She has a lot of clout in the music business, I don't understand why. Choreography, pyrotechnics and costume-changes don't change the facts that her songs suck, despite the fact she lipsyncs her concerts. Her talent is suspect, she can't sing. When it comes to musical relevance, she won't be remembered once she stops talking about herself.

938 days ago


Why all the hatred towards Madonna? Unlike all these other Joe's she can actually sing without her voice being masked by synthesizers.

938 days ago


Uh, that guy picked the wrong profession if he dislikes ecstacy. What a 'tard.

938 days ago


Who is he? Madonna couldn't care less about him.

937 days ago


Deadmou5 you are a giant poosey. I can't believe you actually believed that BS response she gave. It was clearly a coverup. Her album is called MDNA for a reason. If you weren't going to stand your ground you should have just kept your mouse shut.

937 days ago


Perhaps if you don't want to court controvery, you keep your mouth shut and do what you do because what you do will not last and you will be a nobody again soon...

936 days ago
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