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Madonna Feud Was THE WORST

3/31/2012 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Seems Deadmau5 is experiencing a little post-feud remorse ... admitting things didn't go exactly as planned in his cyber-feud with Madonna.

The super DJ was at Pearson International Airport in Canada yesterday ... when he was asked about the Madonna thing ... and he replied, "How is it?! It's terrible."

As we previously reported, Deadmau5 had accused the singer of promoting drug use at a recent electronic music festival ... but Madge fired back, claiming he totally misinterpreted her comments ... and scolded him for not addressing his gripe privately.

Now, it's obvious Deadmau5 just wants the controversy to go away ... saying, "It's just a little trite ... everyone will forget about it."



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I cannot believe people don't recognize the hypocrisy going on here *facepalm* deadmau5 is the bigges advocate of drug use that ever bursted onto the scene, and 9/10 of his sounds I've been able to recreate in my studio, he's really not that amazing? Madonna has much more influence on people around the world, deadmau5 is a record industry puppet who brainwashes young children who barely started listening to electronic music yesterday - its like cheating, he is dangerous - biggest hypocrite of our time and biggest publicity whore ever, he is taking electronic music in the wrong direction and placing it into the hands of young, confused, desperate, impressionable young children who just happen to hear his music and think he invented edm - there were 100,000+ people @ ultra frying on molly

Joel zimmerman is a meth addict from canada, not a prophet Im very sorry - deadmau5 relies on dozens and dozens of people to come up with his nazi marketing campaign and sets, music production, and his ideas in general which he takes all the credit for - I cannot believe he has blinded so many people with his little mouse head, its very sad - and very sick - but hey what can you expect, Amercia Loves Meth, and America Loves Gimmicks, so I guess its his time to shine, sorry if I have a different outlook - burn me at the stake why dont you. ****S.

930 days ago


I heard Deadmau5 got knocked out, is that true? That's what I read on

929 days ago


I heard Deadmau5 got knocked out, is that true? That's what I read on

928 days ago


I used to like deadmau5 but not after how he reacted over the whole molly thing

914 days ago


I think her lawyers got to him. She's always didn't approve of drugs? When she was inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, she mentioned taking ecstasy. So, she lied. What else is she lying about? Stupid b*tch.

888 days ago


I have something else I wanted to say. Did anyone see the pictures from that festival? Madonna's ass has fallen. When you start saggin' like that you should listen to what your body is telling you. Your ass is telling you Madonna. You are a dinosaur. I would never get involved with a person like her. I wouldn't have invited her to my show either. She's nasty.

888 days ago
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