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'Real Housewives' Slade Smiley

Attacked On Red Carpet

for Deadbeat Dad Payments

3/30/2012 8:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley were caught in a CRAZY scene last night when a bill collector angrily hit 'em up for more than $100K in late child support Slade allegedly owes for his son ... an 11-year old who's fighting brain cancer.

The "Real Housewives of Orange County" couple had just stepped off a red carpet in Hollywood last night when the bill collector jumped out and shouted at Slade, "Pay your child support! Your son has cancer."

As TMZ reported, Slade owes a major chunk o' cash to his ex-gf Michelle Arroyo. Their son Grayson was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 6 and has had 11 surgeries.

In the video, the collector repeatedly says Slade owes $160,000 in back child support -- but Michelle tells TMZ the total was around $130,000 ... until she agreed to reduce it to $95,000 in a recent court hearing.  

She claims Slade is currently paying her $775 per month. We called Slade's rep for comment ... but haven't heard back yet.



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just sayin    

Dead beat dads deserve every bit of humiliation they encounter. It's their only actual punishment for leaving a child high and dry. Child support services is slow, and taking them to court cost the mother money and doesn't change the father blowing off responsibility. More deadbeat dads should be called out in this way!!! Maybe the humiliation will do something their own conscience wouldn't!

883 days ago


He a a major slimebucket of s***bag.
I feel so sorry for that kid, and he's awsome

883 days ago



883 days ago


Get real folks. That's not now it's handled when someone is behind on support. They get hauled into court, not approached by some sleezeball collector. Additionally, he's making regular payments on an agreed to amount, per the child's mother, so no one is going to go after him. The whole thing was fake just like everything to do with "reality" tv.

883 days ago



883 days ago


Wow, we have heard ecerybody from Vicki aka ms piggy to the media talk about his child support. His ex wife has some class about her for not dragging this out in the open, maybe until now, all depends who the loud mouth guy is on the red carpet. GR dump his ass now! He is just using you and I can imagine that pretty soon you will be giving him his walking papers. For cryin out loud, he has now job, no car and no money. He is living offf of you and you must see that by now girl.

883 days ago

Jay W.     

If this guy really owes that much in arrears, he's a piece of sh.. !

883 days ago


slade slimmy pus al this extra stress on his baby mama while she is dealing with the childs termainal illness.
Hes making 100k or more a year ont he show and wont give one dime of back support. Gretchen should dump him she cant be that despret to stay with slade.
I guess she doesnt wanto have to pay for an assistnat.
something realy horrible well happen to slade other than his kid dying from his neglect!!

883 days ago


Bravo should NOT employ people like him! They are throwing criminal behavior
in the face of victims, with apparently no conscience.

883 days ago


Gretchen is shallow old how bag to be witht his creep. He ealy should go in jail for this.They sprudge on fansty cars vactions limo desinger clothes ect and nothing for the kidd.
slimmmly slade doesnt eve n vist the kidd or give a flyfing leap about his dyeing son.If he did he would pay up and be apart of his sons last days.He wont thought he want his money to spend on gretchen and himself on menningless vain junk.Gretchen is upportting a man who is gulity of clid abuse she cant white warsh this any more. ZI hope her fake tits expolde!

883 days ago


From someone who knows Slade....he is a s***bag, loser. Get a job Slade and quit being Gretchens little biatch! You are a disgrace to your family. P.S. Love your mom.

883 days ago


But again he continues to get air time . This man is a tool a sloth.Why hasn't he had his lic taken from him ?

883 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

This azzhole needs get rid of his Range Rover, get a used '85 Toyota Corolla, stay out of Pizza Mozza and Fashion Island and pay the child support he owes. What kind of a dirtbag won't care for a sick child?


883 days ago


Slade is a total piece of S--- and Gretchen is no better. I am sorry but to stand by a so called man who has a son who has cancer and his own flesh and blood father is behind on child support is just WRONG and unethical I don't care if we know the "whole story" or not.. your son has CANCER.. and you are behind on child support. I am sorry but your RICH, DUMB girlfriend can spot that type of money ... I know people say it's not Gretchens problem.. but in a way it is.. she tows his LAZY ass all over town to all these red carpet events and such acting like hes this prize... I am sorry but Bravo Tv needs to boot his ass off the show until he can pay up his child support.. I used to like Gretchen until NOW... how can you have someone living in your home and support them or care about them when they can't care for their own child.. the rules for slade should be no different then they are for joe schmo.. either pay up NOW or sit it out in jail... slade is no movie star or someone that important to where the rules should be bent for him... paying 700.00 a month is bullsh--... Slade you have no morals what so ever... and im sorry but gretchen ive lost all respect for your dim wit ass... shame on slade smiley..hes a poor excuse for a father...

883 days ago


I am in no way defending Slade, but what is left out of this story is that most of the money he makes goes to paying for his childs medical bills and medications, which is why he is "behind" in "child support". To me, that IS taking care of his child. If he was paying nothing, then he would have been arrested and put in jail like Vicki's boyfriend was.

883 days ago
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