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'Real Housewives' Slade Smiley

Attacked On Red Carpet

for Deadbeat Dad Payments

3/30/2012 8:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley were caught in a CRAZY scene last night when a bill collector angrily hit 'em up for more than $100K in late child support Slade allegedly owes for his son ... an 11-year old who's fighting brain cancer.

The "Real Housewives of Orange County" couple had just stepped off a red carpet in Hollywood last night when the bill collector jumped out and shouted at Slade, "Pay your child support! Your son has cancer."

As TMZ reported, Slade owes a major chunk o' cash to his ex-gf Michelle Arroyo. Their son Grayson was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 6 and has had 11 surgeries.

In the video, the collector repeatedly says Slade owes $160,000 in back child support -- but Michelle tells TMZ the total was around $130,000 ... until she agreed to reduce it to $95,000 in a recent court hearing.  

She claims Slade is currently paying her $775 per month. We called Slade's rep for comment ... but haven't heard back yet.



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For Gretchen to still be with this guy means that something is really wrong with her. Pretty doesn't always mean good mate. Maybe he's the best she can get. Other men would be interested and since they don't seem to be, that is telling. There is a reason why she's with this loser. She's damaged in some way and he's the best she can do. Sad.

900 days ago


Sad but at the same time there are plenty of women who use child support as spousal support. In cases like this it's different but because so many "scorned" women abuse the system the child enforcement agency lacks on the real pos like this..

900 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

dang. if that collector is so damn emotional about the damn kid, he should marry the damn woman and take care of him. egg mcmuffin anyone? (beloved tom leykis reference)

900 days ago


OMG! What the HELL does Gretchen see in this evil Feck! He is the most horrid man I have ever seen. He is a true HORROR story! His little son has cancer, and all he does is control, control all those around him. He is pathetic! Bravo needs to get his sorry A$$ off their channel ASAP!!!!!

900 days ago


Sorry guys but this "collector" is a ****!! He had no right to be there. He said himself it was personal! This is being taken care of through the courts. I agree Slade is responsible for paying child support and it is very sad his son has cancer. However, there is no reason he cannot have a life of his own and go out at night. just because the Bravo TV cameras don't show DAD Slade because the mother won't allow we do not know what kind of hands on father he might be. we just hear the BS ppl say on the websites and gossip. I think ppl need to layoff and shut up and let Slade be. the courts had adjusted support to his income, he is working and he is paying. Gretchen is not liable for any of these payments nor should she dump him because he got behind. But the ass so called collector was a **** and inappropriate, a collector does not do that!! that was someone his ex sent. no class

900 days ago


He pays $775 a month. That is after tax dollars. That is a lot of money.

900 days ago


That guy making those comments deserves tobe knocked out. How dare him publicly talk about a child who is battling cancer. What a piece of dog crap.

900 days ago

linda antonioli    

I try to be thoughtful when judging someone else's situation since we never know the entire truth. The only one I worry about is Grayson, the rest is just silly window-dressing. We don't know if Slade is spending solid, quality time with his son, which is as important as money during life-threatening illness. Also, Slade may be meeting his $ obligations by hitching his wagons to RHOC, so I don't find his presence surprising. I do think he is dimming Gretchen's light, and she should be cautious about her branding if $ matters.

899 days ago


THIS GUY IS A LOSER!!!!!!!!his poor son is fighting everday to live and slade parades around with that horse face slut gretchen.I'm sure he uses the horse to hide money threw her accounts.They both should feel ashamed.

898 days ago


Who was the scary weightlifter with the "collector"? I agree that Slade is a total deadbeat dad but what the hell is up with bringing a bodyguard to a collection attempt? Like Slade was going to pummell him or somthing? That guy needs to have his license pulled.

897 days ago

Nicole Cohen    

If Slade pays $775 a month, that's roughly $25 a day. Sad that Slade thinks that there is equanimity between his lifestyle and the one his support goes toward his child. Instead of focusing on the fame machine, maybe his time would be better served looking to get back into the industry who once supported his extravagant life. Gretchen's shoes probably cost more than the amount he pays in a year in child support.

892 days ago


There are a lot of deadbeat MOMS out there to. I have my 2 grandsons my daughter can buy drugs but nothing for her kids

871 days ago


What a dirtbag! Just saw tonites episode where he said to Gretchen "Ive never worked a day in my life!"
Just Sayin....

868 days ago


she needs to find someone else.

868 days ago


There is a thing called going back to court and having your support re-adjusted to fit your income when it changes and I speak from experience. He is without excuse dumber people than Slade have jobs...someone will hire him Bravo did!

839 days ago
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