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Lauren Scruggs

Nothing Makes Me Smile

Like a Settlement Check

3/31/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lauren Scruggs scored BIG
Lauren Scruggs scored BIG in her mystery settlement over her airplane propeller accident ... at least judging by the look on her face hours after the deal was announced.

Scruggs was photographed out near her home in Texas yesterday ... sporting a big ol' smile on her face ... the kind of smile that says I just got a MASSIVE check.

As we previously reported, Scruggs finally reached a settlement with the airplane insurance company for the gruesome injuries she sustained when she was struck by a propeller back on December 3.

The terms of the settlement have not been revealed ... but there are reports that the numbers got into the millions.


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This broad walked into a plane propeller.
How do you not see a propeller?

905 days ago


some of you are disgusting individuals! GROW UP!!! Hiding behind computer screens to say such evil and hateful things! I pray none of you go through what she has and if you do I pray that people have sympathy for you!

905 days ago


Wow this country is super ****ed up. You can be a complete ding dong and walk right into a plane propeller and get millions. Amazing! Sitting back waiting for the financial collapse. The people on Doomsday Preppers are looking smarter everyday.

905 days ago


She stands to make a fortune as a GIMP Model.

905 days ago


She walked into a running plane....????!!!! What a freakin dumbass...and then another dumbass gives her a bunch of money for doing it!!! I'm in the wrong business, apparently I need to be in the dumbass business!!!

905 days ago


Why is she getting a settlement? It was her dumb negligence that got her injured.

905 days ago


moneys not everything in life for all, geeze!

905 days ago


Read the comments on pilot message boards. They all are supporting her. There is no excuse for not turning off the prop before a passenger gets out of a small plane. A spinning propeller is nearly invisible during the day and totally invisible at night. The noise is so loud you cannot tell where it is coming from. It would have taken 5 seconds to turn off the engine and the propeller would have stopped immediately.

905 days ago


You people are idiots. Whatever amount she did receive I am sure she would give back to be normal again. NO AMOUNT is worth what happened to her or what it cost her. And the $200,000 grand they offered was an insult, typical insurance not wanting to pay. Leave her alone.

905 days ago


I think she deserves the money. The pilot, as a safety precaution, should have shut the propeller down before passengers were allowed to exit. Ms. Scruggs is now handicapped and her earning power is much reduced because of that. It is nice to see her smiling.

905 days ago


Ahoy! Guess she can now do Pirate Porn w/that missing hand, put a patch over her missing eye. Arrr!

905 days ago

poppa joe    

let me run out in the middle of the street and get ran over by a car so i can get a settlement. WTF seriously? on the other hand she is lucky to be alive!

905 days ago


Pretty sad that someone can become an overnight millionaire for being a complete mucking foron! If some warned me to look both ways before crossing the street and I didn't heed that advice and just walked right into oncoming traffic,would I get millions for my injuries. No.

905 days ago


Frankly, I don't believe Ms. Scruggs should have received anything from the pilot's insurance company. The plane was not moving. She, walked into the propeller. It was an accident, and a horrible one to boot. I feel very badly for her and hope she continues to do well, I really do...but I believe HER insurance company should be taking care of this.

905 days ago

charlei harper    

well...ya gotta HAND it to her...she has an EYE for the dramatics...just like to christians, homos and lesbos...

905 days ago
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