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Lauren Scruggs

Nothing Makes Me Smile

Like a Settlement Check

3/31/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lauren Scruggs scored BIG
Lauren Scruggs scored BIG in her mystery settlement over her airplane propeller accident ... at least judging by the look on her face hours after the deal was announced.

Scruggs was photographed out near her home in Texas yesterday ... sporting a big ol' smile on her face ... the kind of smile that says I just got a MASSIVE check.

As we previously reported, Scruggs finally reached a settlement with the airplane insurance company for the gruesome injuries she sustained when she was struck by a propeller back on December 3.

The terms of the settlement have not been revealed ... but there are reports that the numbers got into the millions.


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good for her,you guys lose a limb and jack your face up if it isnt already and then tell us how much you want... f**k holes....

938 days ago


Look at that photo. Even now, she's not watching where she's going. She loves that camera.

938 days ago


It seems to me ,if someone walked into an active propeller,they would be dead. I don't think we know the whole story.Also.wouldn't she hear the propeller,they are quite loud?

938 days ago


blondes....they really are stupid.

938 days ago

just because    

OMG a fan

938 days ago

Billy Bob    

She walked into a propeller and got money? Why?

938 days ago


Glad she took the reasonable settlement and didn't sue, that would have been lame. Nice of the airline to pay her off.

She still looks pretty damn hot, you've really got to give her a hand.

938 days ago


Maybe she's a happy person despite being an amputee, and to add insult to her injury, vapidly reported on by third-rate media staffed by middle-school dropouts with arrested intellectual development like TMZ.

938 days ago


I've been on private planes many times....NO PILOT should let passengers out onto a DARK tiny airstrip with the propeller still running. NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER. An untrained person not usually around planes can easily become disoriented, can't hear the pilot over the engine one knows the exact cir***stances so people should quit the speculation.

This beautiful young woman was well educated, driven, had a going small business, and had her life, and that of her parents, forever changed. She exhibits amazing faith, determination. Read 'Over My Head' by Dr. Claudia Osborn and ER internist who had a head injury--as did Lauren. Trust me, that's the REALLY HARD PART....and it is A LOT OF EXTREMELY HARD WORK to learn to manage life again after a serious head injury let alone losing your eye and hand when you're a model/writer/blogger.

I can't believe how suspicious, uncomprehending and just mean some people can be.

I admire Lauren Scruggs completely and am glad she rec some compensation to pay for her TBI recovery that IS TREMENDOUSLY EXPENSIVE and will take YEARS. Even Dr. Osborn with all of her medical training and access to the best care took ELEVEN YEARS to start getting a sense of her life back.

Go Lauren! Admire your amazing spirit!!

938 days ago


Still, money or not, STUPID, no nothing going on, except the air in her head. "Walk into a Propeller"???? and get rewarded.

938 days ago


wow, this is so rude and heartless...this poor young woman is disfigured for life...unbelievable...disgusting...

938 days ago


Woman walks into plane after being told not to. Then can sue for millions. How does that work? money from the schools, police, hospitals (even the one that treated her). Thats where her millions are coming from. All because she walked into a plane. Unfortunatly the UK is fast becoming like this its a bad way to be and you bought it onto the world shame on you America.

937 days ago


-What dose a blonde get when they walk into a propeller?

-Millions of dollars....

937 days ago


She was stupid enough to walk into a propeller.....

guess this is "future earnings" for her hand modeling career

937 days ago


get the facts right TMZ "she sustained when she was struck by a propeller back on December 3." you make it sound like the plane ran into her. She walked into a friggin moving propellar!!!

937 days ago
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