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Now On Welfare

3/31/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0330-nadya-suleman-Welfaretmz-exOctomom is doing what she swore she would never do -- go on welfare ... TMZ has learned.

The mother of 14 is getting $2,000 a month from the State of California. The money is deposited directly into a special debit card account (see above). The card can ONLY be used for food -- and it's closely monitored by the State to make sure the cardholder isn't making illegal purchases -- i.e., buying a bike at Costco.

It's a cruel twist, for a woman who vowed in 2010 -- a year after giving birth to octuplets -- she would NEVER go on welfare, saying she refused to become "a self-fulfilling prophecy" by accepting government assistance.

Octo qualified for the card because her income is less than $119,000 a year ... and a family of 15 that makes less than that amount is entitled to welfare benefits

In case you're wondering, the $119,000 figure is based on an average of just under $8,000 for each member of the household. The more kids, the more you can make and still receive welfare.

We’re told the cash-strapped mom has taken her children out of private school, except for her one son who has autism, saving her $4,000 a month. And as we first reported, she's even posing topless to make ends meet. But it just wasn't enough.

It's a sad story, but one we saw coming from a mile away.


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honestly, at this point i would pay my $ to see this B**** give some big black dude a B*** job

935 days ago

BB not bb    

Listen that is what Foodstamps or Snap is for, to make sure people have the minimum food they need to be healthy. What is wrong with that? She is essentially running a daycare there by herself, so she should get some funding. I don't think her life is a pic-nic or that people should resent her for what has happened to her. I think she is struggling and doing the best she can.

I wish the sperm donor would step up and help her or her parents. Why are they all leaving her out to dry? Did she kill anyone, no, she saved the lives of her kids, which she shouldn't have been allowed to make in a lab anyway.

They thing that should be outlawed is lab embryos, not her having kids or getting money to help raise them. People have their morals twisted. The doctors who did this to her are the ones at fault, not some goofy woman with a dream or the sperm donor looking for quick cash.

Why isn't the doctor who did this to her being sued for child support? It is really his fault in the end. He impregnated her, he should have to pay. He has insurance and money, let him cough some up for malpractice.

935 days ago

BB not bb    

Hey Gloria Alred, get in here and maker Nadya's doctor pay child support. Thank you.

935 days ago


can someone in america explain to me why he payment goes onto that kind of card instead of into a bank account?
like do all americans on welfare payments have to get them onto a card and can only buy food with it?
how do you buy other stuff with it?
like pay for medication or buy a birthday present or something?

935 days ago

Joan K    

Surprise, Surprise!

935 days ago


Not only take the license of the fertility Dr. who impregnated her with all those eggs, but MAKE HIM PAY CHILD SUPPORT. Who did he think was going to pay for all those kids????

935 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

so what let her collect welfare, porn business are only going to ruin her reputation more than it is, by trying to buy her into exposing her body. If you do some research the most famous and wealthy celebrities had very humble beginnings and were on welfare before they become who they are today such as Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, David Geffen, Jay-Z, Celine Dion, Shania Twain,and the list goes on.

935 days ago


Yes, indeed,predictable from more than one mile away!

935 days ago


No wonder the State of California is broke.

935 days ago


It's only sad for the kids involved. I don't feel bad for Nadya at all. This is EXACTLY what she wanted. She made the decision to pop out 14 kids. Who did she think was going to support all of them? That's right. SOMEONE ELSE. She originally figured her parents would support them all, but once she ran her parents bankrupt, she realized she was f_cked. This woman will NEVER get a real job. She's too f_cking lazy! Take her kids away and remove her uterus. That seems to be the best option for everyone involved. I hate this woman soooo much. She is a prime example of what's wrong with this country. Let's all keep giving handouts to these breeder cows. The more babies a woman can pop out, the more free handouts she gets. Yep, girls. Don't want a job? Just have 5-20 kids and no one will ever make you work again!

935 days ago


935 days ago


ugh. you americans. WHO CARES IF SHES ON WELFARE????? good on her, i say. @nadia; there is no shame in getting welfare. more strength to your arm. come and live in australia. you wont be judged for getting welfare like you are in god-forsaken america.

935 days ago


The government (i.e. you & me) should sue her implantation doctor for child support.

935 days ago


Ok, TMZ, it's time to stop hounding the poor woman. She's on welfare now trying to feed her kids. Don't make it harder for the children, they are the innocent victims. And, by the way, you should cut her a check for all the publicity and business she's steered your way over the years.

935 days ago


Where are the Christian Americans Billionaires?? Should 14 Americans be raised to learn that their mother had to sacrifice the sanctity of her words and her body to provide for them?

935 days ago
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