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Now On Welfare

3/31/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0330-nadya-suleman-Welfaretmz-exOctomom is doing what she swore she would never do -- go on welfare ... TMZ has learned.

The mother of 14 is getting $2,000 a month from the State of California. The money is deposited directly into a special debit card account (see above). The card can ONLY be used for food -- and it's closely monitored by the State to make sure the cardholder isn't making illegal purchases -- i.e., buying a bike at Costco.

It's a cruel twist, for a woman who vowed in 2010 -- a year after giving birth to octuplets -- she would NEVER go on welfare, saying she refused to become "a self-fulfilling prophecy" by accepting government assistance.

Octo qualified for the card because her income is less than $119,000 a year ... and a family of 15 that makes less than that amount is entitled to welfare benefits

In case you're wondering, the $119,000 figure is based on an average of just under $8,000 for each member of the household. The more kids, the more you can make and still receive welfare.

We’re told the cash-strapped mom has taken her children out of private school, except for her one son who has autism, saving her $4,000 a month. And as we first reported, she's even posing topless to make ends meet. But it just wasn't enough.

It's a sad story, but one we saw coming from a mile away.


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Octomom is a complete phony. She got paid recently for taking off her clothes to reveal all those marvelous stretch marks. She should get off welfare by getting back to what she did before becoming a notorious baby factory - a streetwalker.

899 days ago


Why can't this woman get a normal job like everyone else?

899 days ago


Those people who say she can't afford to're so wrong. She already has a nanny, and she had all the kids in day care previously (don't know if she still does). She has a college degree, and was working on her master's at one time (not sure why she hasn't finished that since she's not working). All the jobs she's had recently, like posing naked, could be done on weekends and nights. Same with the fights, they were on weekends. There is no excuse for her not working full time to take care of those kids.

899 days ago


If a miscreant like KIM KARDASHIAN ,can sell her sex tape for 5 million dollars and use it for start up money, why not Nayda Suleman???

899 days ago


I like to personally thank all who understand Nadya struggles and thinking more of the kids eating then a woman with kids on food stamps-- in spite of the fact she put herself and the kids in this predicament. For three years Nadya has been struggling to do the right thing, has been taking on any low paying quick buck media jobs, some of them humilating but she did what she had to do to provide for her family, to feed, clothes and shelther them and she did it all without being on food stamps. Time is hard for everybody even those are on here everyday/all day complaining about Nadya though they won't tell you. Nadya is not the first nor the last single woman in Californai that's raising her kids on food stamps (hopefully temporarily) and I don't think she has to give up the children she obviously love to please strangers who want her to. She love her kids and she takes the struggles, hardship, insults and abuse from the media, tabloids and public everyday to prove it.

When I think of Nadya situation, I don't reminisce about her past mistakes, that's over and done with. There are 14 lives at stake here and regardless of how you feel about the mother they are American kids and they have to eat to survive just like you and I. Nadya obviously had no other choice but to rely on food stamps to feed her kids, otherwise she would not have chosen to.

If anything, for the jobless struggles... I blame Gloria Allred and her legal team who cost Nadya her career in the beginning, she was working for ROL and had business job offer from eye works to which Gloria got involve and scare them off with child labor law, law suits. Never mind the fact that you people that's screaming for her to get a job now and screaming she's using taxpayers money to feed her kids are the same ones that didn't want her to have a doc-umenary and complained to TLC and to any networks that would listen not to employ Nadya.

People have been harassing this woman for years now. ENOUGH!

899 days ago


California wonders why they are bankrupt? $2,000/month!?! She needs to get a job and stop living off the taxpayer's money.

899 days ago

The Ean    

That's the same formula Mormons use to fleece the government.

899 days ago


after reading this i am shocked , white people dont ever try that black folks and welfare crap.. this woman is not black and she takes the welfare cake.what fool in their right mind would bring 14 babies in the world with no daddy no help.. she is a babys mama, a unwed mama and a welfare queen and i see no black in her.. stop the stereotyping.

899 days ago


She has tried every other avenue to feed her family. It's a lot of work and there's no going back at this point. She deserves welfare just as much as someone with four kids.

899 days ago


Figures - I don't qualify for VA food stamps even though I fall several thousand dollars below their threshold......Granted feeding 14 is alot but so does 4....I have to visit 2 food banks for food... Now I have to come up with 3 meals for all of my kids for the next 2 weeks due to spring break......Not Fair......I am not a free loader my hubby and I have 3 jobs but we keep having to suffer pay cuts, 10 percent is the latest for my hubby just last week....we are losing our home despite declaring bankruptcy......

899 days ago


She ought to be making out pretty decent on welfare with all those kids. she needs to live within her means. other than that who really cares??

899 days ago


She was always collecting welfare, one way or another

899 days ago

And thats the truth    

TMZ, she claimed that she "hurt her back" years ago and she has been on disability all this time. Funny how she can stand up with 8 babies in her belly with a bad back....I have had a torn ligament in my back and a slipped disc. I could not get out of bed and both were taken care of in six weeks. She is also getting monies from the government for her kid who has autism and she has another one with autism-like symptoms which means she gets disability for that child as well. Now she is on foodstamps, next it will be Medicaid and housing while she gets more plastic surgeries on the taxpayers dime.....

899 days ago


I wonder how much TMZ paid her for this picture of the card.

899 days ago


Make the Dr pay the child support

899 days ago
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