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Someone Stop Her!

3/31/2012 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom has now officially hit the skids by going on welfare, so we gotta ask ...


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I know a lot of couples with several kids, some up to 10 or 12. Not one of them has ever taken a hand out! My aunt home schooled 6 kids and has never taken a dime from the government! 2 are now in college with full scholarships, the other 4 are in high school & junior high. Octo is an irresponsible idiot!

905 days ago


As of 679 votes, only 55% think that Octomom is abusing welfare. Why that is not 100% is beyond me. This is why the US is going down the toilet. Freeloading should not be encouraged.

905 days ago


Man, she sure does have one FUGLY face.....seriously. And who would want to see her even FUGLIER body?!?!? Sick bastages, that's for sure. She's ab-so-lutely NASTY!

905 days ago


She should have put the octuplets up for adoption when she first had them, they would have been given a fighting chance

905 days ago


She should put those kids to work!!! That's why people have children. Send them to work and have them bring in the dough to help support the family. There's really no other reason to have children other than that!

905 days ago


D*mn bitch needs to get those bush-infested eyebrows mowed, trimmed and plucked. Oh sh*t, just looking at the face made me throw up in my mouth a little. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

905 days ago

Hugh Jorgan    

If you can't feed them, don't breed them!
She's a no talent fame whore.

905 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

it is a well do***ented fact that most people, mostly women who go to college and want to major in psychology are often troubled and looking for for reasons to justify their troubled minds or point fingers at other troubled people, she was studying psychology before this fiasco and she was also receiving disability payments but was able to drive do aerobics and other activities she was obviously cheating the disability benefits programs and she is milking the systems as much as she can all around , if you cannot afford children you should not be having children and if you are not a california tax payer mind your own business i payed 5 figures in california state tax this year and have no children so i already dont want it going to schools but am even more mad it is going to support people like nadia suleman

905 days ago


This, coming from the SAME person on the "Octomom on Welfare" post (posted below) CLAIMING to be a christian. Mmmm Hmmm. KEEP telling urself that as u look in the mirror, Stink Bomb. ;)

Stinkweasel: 46 minutes ago
Fact is, this b!tch needs to get A REAL JOB and take care of her obligations and be a responsible adult. shockingly I have NEVER seen ANYONE EVER mention that as a solution to this b!tch and her financial issues. She CHOSE to be pumped full of all of those babies. If she were a man in the same situation her a$$ would be sitting in prison.

905 days ago


I can't believe the idea of having someone sterilized is even a question.

905 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

"Having 14 kids should be outlawed"

It is none of the government's business how many kids a person has. But it should be illegal to have X number of kids and receive welfare. One is the business of the person having the kids and their business alone. The other is everyone's business because we have to pay for it.

905 days ago


Based on the voting and the comments, it's fairly obvious TMZ is read mostly by high school dropouts who haven't yet gotten pregnant out of wedlock. And celebrities looking to see their names in print. Since I'm neither, guess it's time for me to find another gossip site. Good luck, losers!

905 days ago


It was stupid for her to have all those children when she knew she couldn't afford to care for all of them. If she was rich and decided to have all those children that would be fine but shes not and clearly cannot cope with all of them. I think its very selfish of her to bring those poor children in the world and I think it was a publicity stunt to get famous. Apparently this woman has been trying to get famous for years and wanted to be the next Angelina Jolie in her delusional head she has been seen spending the money that were for her children on herself like buying designer clothes and having plastic surgery. She should be ashamed of herself.

905 days ago


She is a very sick woman!

905 days ago


The walking womb stricks again,
The tax payers get it in the end.
Workmens comp was the start of this mess,
Did she plan that many is anyones guess.
She played the system, that's her knack,
Carried 8 kids with a messed up back.
Thought that she could strike it rich,
with tons of kids, she's such a bitch.
The idea came from Kate + eight,
her scheme, started to formulate.
If Kate has 8 well I'll have 14,
I'll give them a show like they've never seen.
The money that was set in place,
Was not for kids, but for her face.
She took care of herself so well,
At parenting she's one big fail.
A doctor fixed one childs cleft lip,
Cause Octo couldn't give a flip.
Their house is gone, where will they go?
Will she get a job? or become a Ho?
I think for the childrens sake,
They should be taken from this fake.
And give them parents that love and care,
No more Octo, it's only fair.

905 days ago
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