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Someone Stop Her!

3/31/2012 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom has now officially hit the skids by going on welfare, so we gotta ask ...


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Someone needs to seriously help her with her eyebrows!

907 days ago

BB not bb    

Some of these questions are prety sick. Since when are people sterilized to reduce the population, the Third Reich? It sounds like the ASPCA run amok. First they sterilize all the pets to reduce the populations, and now people? What is going on?

There is plenty of resources, food, room, tax dollars, whatever is needed to make sure everyone is fed and living decently. It is greed that prevents this, greed at the top where the money is continually being sucked, leaving everyone at the bottom with less and less.

People shouldn't be made to feel ashamed for taking help, they should feel proud to live in a country great enough to support all of its people. Some just like to look down on others for being less fortunate, but what would they rather spend their money on? Isn't a baby getting food good enough for them?

I think that children are a blessing and people are jealous that she has alot of kids, even though it is a burden the way it happened to her. Why can't they just be happy for her and help her instead of trying to steal food and humiliat mothers?

What is wrong with this country is all of the mean selfish greedy people who would deny another person food and a means to live.

907 days ago


I still feel that the poor ecxuse for a doctor who implanted 8 embryos be somehow held financially responsible, and that money should aid in the support of the octuplets
say what you will about least she's trying
she isn't solely responsible for the fact that there are 8 more children in her family and sometimes people seem to forget that
had she have seen a decent doctor, there is a good chance he would have encouraged/ordered her into counselling to find out why 6 children for a single mother did not seem like a complete family for her....before he even
entertained and then dismissed her request for more children
don't know why lawyers ...even Gloria Alred for pity's sake- are not contacting her in order to help her sue the doctor.
any jury would see his cuplability and negligence and award her money for her children's needs- and possible some for herself
please don't forget the doctors' responsibility in all of this!!

907 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Maybe she can't buy a bike but she could buy soda, candy, gum, cookies and other junk food. That's all the state needs, 14 extra kids with tooth decay, diabetes and malnutrition.

907 days ago


Why does she still live in California? I understand that moving is an expensive endeavor, but CA is one of the most expensive places in the country to live. Why not move to a more affordable city/state?? And because she chooses to live in one of the most expensive places in the country, it's on taxpayers to help pay for that?! That doesn't seem fair to me. I'm not sure there's a way around that, but it sucks.

I understand that she probably WANTS to be where the paparazzi is swarming to do whatever she can to stay relevant, but that's just not fair to the taxpayers that are now paying the bill.

907 days ago


Okay let get her fixed, let the government into her personal body, and men, no more meds to make your stay up longer or at all. Get over it, no one needs the government more involved in our bodys.

907 days ago


The woman is ruining her children's lives. They have no father, and a nutjob for a mother. With 14 kids, they can't all be getting the attention they need/want/deserve. Their lives are no-doubt extremely chaotic. The house she lives in only has 5 bedrooms, which means no privacy ever for the older kids. There's no money, so the kids can't ever have anything nice or special for themselves. They will never have a normal childhood. There will never be vacations, or trips to the movies, or family camping trips. How could there be? With 14 kids, only one adult, and NO money, there's no way those kids will ever be able to do or have anything. On top of all that, they will have to live with the shame of having a mother who takes naked pictures for what little cash they do have. It's not fair to the kids. If she cared about them at all, she would give them up for adoption and let them have a chance at a good life with a good family.

907 days ago

BB not bb    

Yeah happy mother's day. Mothers sure get alot of respect in this country, people want to steal their kids and sterilize them and begrudge them food from their children's mouths. Oh but it is okay if you give your mother a card and by her some cheap slave labor produced piece of garbage from China. Then you are a good person who respects mothers.

I think all of the negativity around her is just making her job that much harder. She never thought that all of the embryos would come to term because that is what the doctor led her to believe. Why aren't people mad at the doctor and at the embryo industry instead of her? She is a victim of it.

907 days ago


What a piece of garbage. She had these kids with the intent of exploiting them. I am not allowed to say what should be done to her and that so-called doctor.

907 days ago

Shameful Behavior    

Why is this woman being vilified? Why is it okay to ridicule her? The entire situation is quite sad and could have been avoided if she had been seeing a competent fertility specialist. However much we disagree with her choices and current situation, there are 14 completely innocent children involved. As a society we should be ashamed of our behavior. Instead of mocking her, individually and collectively, we should be helping her. Our behavior, not hers, is a national shame. At this point she has reached the limit of her resources and has had to apply for and receive government assistance just to feed her children. And we spew venom at and about her. Who among us has never made a mistake or a poor choice? Ms. Suleman made a poor choice, but it's done and cannot be undone. It's time for this country to show what we are made of and step up to help her and 14 children.

907 days ago


Who the hell do you think you are TMZ? Who gives you the right to judge this woman or her kids,
octo should be sterllized? this is the poll? how about if we ask if we should ban Harvey from television because he is ugly? This is a disgusting poll- you don't ask that type of question especially when it is coming out of Ca. How many thousands were sterilized in Ca? you are a pig. Shame on you to degrade a person, you need to take this one down. You need to say your sorry on this one.

906 days ago


Next Question: Should TMZ stop trying to promote this loser? Y/N. Seriously let her fade off, she's gross and her get rich scheme didn't work. The taxpayers of CA were inevitably going to raise these kids one way or another. Move on already.

906 days ago


This is the history of Ca. and banned in 1964. This is from a story CBS come out with.

At age 12, without explanation, he was institutionalized at the Sonoma State Hospital in Sonoma, California; its name has since changed to the Sonoma Development Center. The institution was originally created for the mentally disabled.

But as California laws not only allowed for, but also expanded, the practice of sterilization, people were forced to undergo the procedure for a wide range of reasons — pre-marital sex, truancy, being so-called dim-witted. Children were even sent here for masturbating.

Charles was held at the institution for nearly a decade. He says he was pretty much alone and only given a 6th grade education which made finding a job later nearly impossible.

Over 20,000 people in Ca. were sterilized. Shame on you TMZ for putting this as a joke

906 days ago

Get A Real Life    

tmz, you have it all wrong. Not one mention of the criminal who is the doctor that performed the procedure for her to get pregnant? I don't blame her....I blame him! He needs to have his license revoked and be formally charged. End of story!

906 days ago


my opinions are based on what i've heard or read about this. I heard an interview that explained the large amount of embryos implanted. her embryos were low quality and she had six implanted at each go and had all singletons with one set of twins. she had remaining embryos and believed as a whole lot of IVF mothers do that once an embryo is created they deserve a chance to be implanted and while she knew she was a little "off" she felt she needed to give them a chance. during implantation she had a uteral spasm and her dr told her the six she had implanted were expelled and asked/recommened that he implant the remaining as the procedure had already been paid for and so she agreed based on his expert advice. so she was implanted with the six PLUS the next group and ended up with the eight. lets keep in mind the Dr. was punished and his liscense revoked. he as no way to provide income to the ongoing care of this family. the father (they all have the same one) donated with the idea that she was going to have one child and found out much later that he has 14. you cant expect someone who DONATED his sperm to have to step up and support children that were produced this way. a sperm donor by the vary nature of it donates and then has no legal right to support or visit, he has given up his sperm for adoption so to speak. that's like trashing a bio mom for not giving the adopted mom money for the kid. Yes this mom has issues. but then she has the kids and everyone wants her to split them up and give the babies away, or keep the babies and give up her older kids...It is admirable that she has had 14 kids for two years and not needed the help until now. But this is a food card to feed the children whom we all should understand are not responsible for their mother or fathers faults and should not be hungry. so that's 142 per child for the MONTH. She's still going to have to come out of her pocket. I dont agree with her decisions and have heard she has refused all volunteer help with sitters n such. but we are faulting this mom for TRYING, trying to keep her family together, trying to keep them fed, and obviously trying to work because she has some sort of income.

906 days ago
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