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Someone Stop Her!

3/31/2012 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom has now officially hit the skids by going on welfare, so we gotta ask ...


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934 days ago

Joan K    

That picture is butt azz ugly, I wonder if she really thinks she looks good. This woman is a looney tune.

934 days ago


There is no way this woman will ever get a job and make enough money to support all those kids it wont happen ,Even if she gets a boring reality show she still wont be able to take care of each one of those kids needs ,Why after having 6 kids a doctor would even think of letting her have more children is a sin and he should have to pay her at least something for his stupidity ,If I was a tax payer In california I would be pissed off .It would be wrong to separate those kids she is there mother that cant be changed ,But If I was one of those kids and I wanted a little attention spend on me and she was to busy with the other 13 kids I would resent that so we just may have a few children who will feel unloved and that is what is sad about this whole baby mess ,How can she spend time with one child there are not enough hours in a day all children need to feel special and have one on one time with mom and dad in this case we have no daddy that we know of , this is a sad story all the way around,I feel sorry for those kids and I hope that something good happens to them till they turn 18 and get out ,go to school ,Guess there is one good thing they will always have each other .

934 days ago


You take certain actions,you pay for the consequences. I don't know what made her decide to have children invitro when she was already on disability, but in reality, she definitely wasn't right in the head. At least 3 of those children are special needs and she most certainly is NOT the one to provide for them as a mother much less than the others. Someone should intervene...

934 days ago


I bet you can drive an aircraft carrier through that "poon tang" ...

934 days ago


Stop octomom? Stop reporting on her.

934 days ago


Folks can be mean as they want when they don't have their own personal "issues" aired out in public. I don't have a problem with it. She's not doing anything illegal.

934 days ago

senior citizen    

The comparison should be between Octomom and Kate Gosselin. And Octomom would win that contest hands down, since Octo clearly loves her children.

934 days ago


It is clear from comments that you are all s***. bye!

934 days ago


You are all a bunch of losers with your comments. The picture of her is terrible ,taken by a very bad photographer. It is more like a microscope than a camera and she is a specimen, not a person. No body could look as bad in real life as in this type of photo.

934 days ago


TMZ isn't helping to stop the madness when they give this woman FREE PUBLICITY HANDOUTS...

934 days ago


i don't see how she's abusing's there for people who need help. and the report says she's only allowed to buy food with the she supposed to let the kids starve?putting them in foster care would cost the state more money by the way. should she have had all those kids?no. but they're here now and there'e nothing anyone can do about it.this is what i think, if you want to have all these kids you should think about how you're going to give each child the love and attention they long as they all feel loved they wont resent her. do you resent your parents for having you?

934 days ago


someone pluck her eyebrows

934 days ago


It was foolish for Nadya to put herself in this situation, but the past is the past. I think that it is so sad that she has to resort to posing topless to support her kids. I am always reading on gossip sites about A-list celebrities that have gobs of money that they spend it on mansions, elaborate vacations and such. You would think one of them could support Nadya and her family for two or three years so maybe she could return to school and earn an actually degree or learn a skill so that she can take care of her kids. I really feel badly for her.

934 days ago


what ever happened to daddy support? why isnt she getting any support from any of the daddies of at least one or more of the kiddies? ok well then make the doctors who knocked her up pay for these kids

934 days ago
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