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Someone Stop Her!

3/31/2012 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom has now officially hit the skids by going on welfare, so we gotta ask ...


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justin hein    

Seriously people last I checked this is a free country. We do not sterilize people against there will. Legally, poverty is not grounds to take away children. I know you don't want to pay extra for taxes, I get it. But giving the gov't that much power would be a scary, scary thing. Do you really want the government to decide how many children you can have. Believe it would be a lot less than 14 if they were deciding. It is an extreme cir***stance that is why it is news. It is much easier to give up your rights than to give them back. Also these are children they now exist. They have a right to live and be fed and have medical care. I wish I had won that lottery. I would offer her money to just stay out of the news and privately take care of her children. She is kind of crazy but she is not abusive and I am sure her children love her. Think with your heart not your pocketbook. And if you don't have a heart and always think with yourself in mind remember the same gov't that would take away one right might take away another such as the right to a capitalist free society!!!!!!!!

933 days ago

justin hein    

I spelled some words wrong in my hasty typing but the one you edited was not profane. It is how you spell a word with more than one syllable for those who can see a profane word within a word. When we were 12 my brother used to do that when we went through the city of Han****. ******stance!!!

933 days ago

justin hein    

Cir***spect cir***cision cir***spection Does it work for these too. WOW!!

933 days ago

Shut it down    

Somebody should stop TMZ. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. Who comes up with this idiotic B.S. and does nobody with half a brain or conscience proof-read this before publishing it?

No wonder she's getting threats when you have TMZ acting as Fox News

933 days ago


When I read these question in this poll I got the same feeling as when my friend was killed, like some one put a knife in your heart. How could you put up such a vile questions, Take the kids away,worst parent, your kids are going to hate the mother, having 14 kids should be unlawful and the biggest one off all.. Lets just EUGENICS THE WOMAN SO SHE CAN'T DO IT AGAIN./

933 days ago


HARVEY COULD YOU SLEEP LAST NITE? you have no problem asking in a poll about octomom if she should be sterilized. The trouble with that is eugenics was banned in Ca. in 1964 How many of your family were eugenincs or even worst.This has to be one of your worst threads. I should think you need to say your sorry because they are the most vile I have ever seen.

933 days ago


I rather see Betty White NAked !!!!!!!!!!! this is grosss

933 days ago


Folks can be mean as they want when they don't have their own personal issues aired out in public.

933 days ago

Tom barone    

She is the biggest piece of Sh!t on earth. Her kids should be taken away. She is the poster child for neutering. Got one word for her.... S***BAG!!!!!

932 days ago


Well, frankly the doctor who inseminated her should bare some responsibility here, but he did lose his license! $2000 a month for 14 kids is still poverty level and will be very hard to do...It is a very sad situation for these kids..Keep a kind thought!

932 days ago


Seriously??? Take her kids away for getting food stamps...Half of middle America would have their children taken away if that were any reason to do it.. If they are in State custody guess who foots the ENTIRE bill not just the bill for food stamps.. that's right all you idiots who say to take away her kids.. I may not like this woman, but she has done a pretty amazing job of not getting ANY assistance for 14 kids for this many years... The worst part is probably half the people who are complaining about her have 2 or 3 kids and get food stamps... NO I DON"T get any assistance, but If I qualified I would take them to feed my kid.. Jerks

932 days ago


Octo should be shot point-blank in the head. [X] Y [ ] N.

932 days ago



932 days ago


The one question missing from your poll is: "Should the Doctor(forgot name)/fertility clinic who impregnated this idiot pay for rasing the kids? ANSWER HELL YES! The state should take away all of her parental rights considering her judgement is severly lacking.

932 days ago


Gee whiz..someone could have at least given her a make over for her photo shoot.

932 days ago
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