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Someone Stop Her!

3/31/2012 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom has now officially hit the skids by going on welfare, so we gotta ask ...


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Why doesn't she do her kids and society a big favor and put a bullet in her brain.

932 days ago

Jennifer L.    

Why is everyone soooo upset with Octomom?...really? It seems totally crazy that this many people have negative comments and feelings about her and her the point of hatred. So many couples can't even take care of their 1,2,or 3 kids, and "have" the money to do so, but are horrible parents. The nit picking at everything she does is insane. My gosh on TMZ today, some guy was giving her trouble because she bought some Mac make-up and clothes, but insisted all her money goes to the kids. Then he called her a liar, and was yelling "ill prove it, I got the tape." God forbid she does something for herself. Just because everybody is thinking "I knew it"..."told ya this would happen.." or "she gets what she deserves" doesn't mean they need to lash out in such a cruel way. I think people with that perception and attitude of her are insecure *******s that are probably *****n miserable in their own lives. Give her a break! I have heard nothing that proves her to be unfit or a bad mom in these kids lives. Everyone is just absolutely taking this to a level that is way beyond what it should be. I bet half the people commenting on this site are either on welfare, receive food stamps, living in subsidized housing, working under the table to avoid taxes, or are scamming the system in some way. What would u do in her position? If she needs assistance, everyone is eager to bash her, if she does something revealing for money she's viewed as a whore, if she works a 9-5 she's ridiculed for not being at home with her kids, if she needs a nanny people say "oh look, she can't handle it..she's an idiot, if she doesn't elect to get aid but needs it then people will say she's irresponsible and shouldn't be concerned about her ego......and the list continues. Why doesn't everyone just shut the f*ck up and worry about their own lives. Seriously...seriously.. seriously.

932 days ago


It amazes me that so many people have nothing better to do but criticize someone who has to this point, supported her kids without any help for the last what, three years? Considering the number of children she does have, I would say that isn`t bad. Does she plan on staying on Food Stamps? No. You all seem to be pi**ed off because of the number of kids she has, or maybe it`s jealousy because she has been taking care of her kids by herself, is this something any of you could do? How many of you have kids and complain that they are getting on your nerves, and you all probably have only two or three. How about money, do you all have enough? Can you all say that you have never asked for help in one way or another? Truth is, from the beginning I thought she was out of her mind for having so many, but that was before we all knew the truth. How about putting part of the blame where it belongs, on the Dr who impregnated her, he lied to her and said she would only have two, possibly three at the most. Even the State of California knows he was in the wrong, they took away his license to practice. They also should have made him pay for each one of those babies, since he was the `father` in a sense, he did get her pregnant, just not the `normal` way. Under no cir***stances does she deserve to be getting death threats, harassing phone calls, or condemned because she had all those babies, what would you all do if by some chance you were impregnated with 6 or more embryo`s at a time and had the same amount? Bet the first thing you would do is to have your hands out for help, and not just for food stamps. What about Kate Gosslen? She has 8 kids, 6 of them were also done the same way as Nadya, but who is dissing her? She put herself and her children on national TV so she could not only get money, but to become famous, what some of you said Nadya wanted...fame whore. One takes care of her own, the other is out taking care of herself and crying that she is broke, while she is spending more money on herself with fake tans, nails and what ever else she wants. The ones who call Nadya names like you are doing, well, that only shows your mentality and your insecurity with in yourself. I am assumming you are all in your 20`s or above, so isn`t name calling a bit immature? Put yourself in her place for once instead of sitting up on your better then her, soap box, how would you feel if others were calling you the same hurtful, childish names you are calling her? I bet you all would say you would never get yourself in that predi***ent. Well, truth is, you probably wouldn`t have that many kids, but you really have no idea what is down the road for you either, do you? Just like you, I`m sure Nadya had big plans too, things happen to change the best laid plans. So instead of you all calling her names and being so judgemental, grow up and put put your negative thoughts on a positive outcome for change. No one is perfect, and as you are pointing one finger at her, three more are pointing back at you.

930 days ago


OK, I just cast my votes on the questions above and I see the majority votes to sterilize Nadya. I'll agree to that if I see all the crack whores and illegals who pop kids to collect welfare all get rounded up and sterilized as well. If not, then leave Nadya alone.

930 days ago

Vet Tech    

The one good thing about Octomom is that she hasn't exploited all those kids by sticking them on TV. Can't say the same about kate Gosselin. But still, Octo knew she would hav 14 mouths to feed. Where did she think she would get the money to buy groceries and having EIGHT babies on top of the 6 she already had. She made her bed, now she needs to lie in it !!!

929 days ago


your grandparents and other family members back in the day had as many kids and they didn't have to put up with people like we have in todays world sick sick people God loves her as she is.dg

923 days ago


I find it outrageous that she will be allowed to receive Welfare. She would get 3452$ in food stamps alone. That is screwed up! They should have taken those babies from here when they were born. Lots of families here in Maine have large families, but having 8 children all at once with no significant's an epic fail that she was allowed to take them home. she had no support housing for 14 people...did she have her other children via in vitro? Or where they natural pregnancies?

909 days ago


Clearly, this person is expecting everybody to support her. How does she rate getting her hair done? Normal people would say that they children and their creature needs come first.

I wonder whether this is a publicity setup to entice television execs to award her with a reality show. Already, the programming is overrun with freak shows. This would just be one more. Enough of this insult to our intelligence!

The doctor who did this should support them...not tax dollars. It's time to bring him into the picture. He's a modern day, real Frankenstein. Obviously, he thought he'd find some sort of professional fame in this venture. Didn't he consider that she was unfit to mother anymore children? I wonder what he's like..... It would be a great service to humanity to take his license away from him.

907 days ago
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