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Kris Humphries

Has a Date

with a 16-Year-Old Girl!!!

4/1/2012 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Being with Kris Humprhies may not be Kim Kardashian's wish anymore, but it is for a 16-year-old cancer patient in upstate NY ... and the NBA star is making it come true, TMZ has learned.

Friends of Kaely Kwitek started a Twitter account called @Kris4Kaely in an effort to get the attention of Kaely's favorite basketball player. Kwitek has stage 4 anaplastic large-cell lymphoma and her friends were hoping to wrangle Kris for a benefit for Kaely in May.

Their persistence paid off and Kris noticed. After trading a few emails, Kris and Kaely decided on April 23 for her to come down and catch a Nets game as Kris' guest. He'll handle all expenses for Kaely and her family and even meet up with her after the game.

Kris tells TMZ, "I'm truly honored that someone with much larger things on their plate feels that my involvement in their cause is important. Not many of us can be as strong as she has been. I hope that many more will join me and support Team Kaely."

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Also, TMZ, referring to my previous post, the word "cir***stances" doesn't need to be bleeped! What kind of idiots are working there today?

937 days ago


I agree, TMZ and their immature ways, did title this inappropriately. I think that they need to assign a MATURE person at TMZ to oversee the headline titles and articles. Some of those guys there act so immature and think that twisting a headline into something sick is okay, it is not okay.

This is a serious and sweet story but TMZ's spin on the headline is sick, says more about the sick mindset of the person who created that headline, then anything.

937 days ago



You are truly DISGUSTING. There MIGHT be a time and place for a headline like this, but now IS NOT THE TIME.

937 days ago


I bet by Monday Harvey will have a story up about Kim visiting a leper colony in India or digging a well to bring water African countries who havent had rain in 20 years.
Somehow Harvey will manage to promote Kim and I'm sure on TMZ live Monday Harvey will say that KRIS is GRAND STANDING again (like he did on Friday)

937 days ago


When you overlook the headline (obviously written by one of Harvey's pre-pubscent boys) and read the article, it's nice to see KH doing something like this. I'm sure Kim Trash-kanian would NEVER go near a "cancer patient" for fear she'd catch cancer.
Way to go Kris, thanks for making this girl's day a special one! This shows YOU have a heart

937 days ago


Kim would never do that unless it benefited her.

937 days ago


You have a headline like this so it is negative against Kris.
You have a poll asking if Octo mom should be sterilized. Eugenics was outlawed in Ca. in 1964
Can you get any more offensive or disgusting? But, you always will take the high road if Kim K is involved.

937 days ago


That headline title is hurtful to that little girl and to Kris Humphries. It is an amazing act of kindness from Humphries and TMZ is implying something so cruel with such a headline.

He is making this event about that little girl and doing something amazing for her, and to have such a headline out on the internet, is so callous, it is not something funny or to make fun of. I get you sensationalize your stories but some need to have an element of discernment.

Something I am not sure anyone at TMZ has, is discernment, just knee jerk reactions. Not every story has to be controversial, there was otherwise nothing controversial about Kris's act of kindness and giving a message that hey, there are many people in this world with more on their plate then some of this other nonsense in life.

Nonsense like the nonsensical spin TMZ is trying to put, to pull in viewers.

It is heartless to that little girl and to Kris, with such a headline. It is mean TMZ, mean.

937 days ago


The headline was designed to illicit responses and controversy.What else is new? Pretty lame,though.

937 days ago


TMZ doesnt care if the girl's feelings get hurt by the childish headline...they're more concerned about the WRATH of KIM.

937 days ago


I hope Kris's heartfelt act, helps encourage other ball players to do the same.

Kim Kardashian would not do something like this unless she could exploit a person for money or TV. She only does things that are self serving not other person serving.

Love your heart Kris Humphries!

God Bless that 16 Year Old and her family!

937 days ago

not surprised    

Despicable headline for such a heartwarming story, I hope TMZ and their Kash Kow K-Trash Klan are proud of themselves. This poor young girl has stage 4 cancer and you are making it look like Kris H. is raping her. Every story you plant to make the K-trash Klan look better is failing miserably. Kris H. is doing an honorable deed and he should be commended instead of being made a fool of by these kind of headlines. My heart goes out to this young girls family and Kris H. TMZ you should tell your whores to back off this story it only makes them hated more.

937 days ago


It just occurred to me that we havent heard a PEEp from Khum Whoredashian since last week and i figured out why. The ENTIRE COUNTRY was focused on that 640million dollar Mega Millions lottery and Khum KNEW she couldn't outshine that! Now that the MM Frenzy is over Khum WHOREdashian will surface.
TO ANY OF THOSE LOTTERY WINNERS - if you get a phone call or tweet from Khum Whoredashian - DO NOT RESPOND - she just wants your millions!

937 days ago

not surprised    

I hope Kris and his lawyer sees or hears about this headline, they would sue TMZ for defamation of character. This is a deliberate attempt to tarnish Kris's reputation.

937 days ago


I agree with many others, that the headline was pretty pathetic, to say the least! IF this is what TMZ is going to become, then I will just view the online People website.
ONLY Kris and God know what Kris' true intentions are for doing something so kind for this young girl. None of us has the right to judge him and presume what his intentions are. It's very sad that we live in a society where just about everyone and everything has to be judged in a negative way. Yet when someone famous actually does something that is obviously WRONG, so many come to their defense. It's the "good ole boy" network where people pick and choose what they will try and cover up/white wash and what they won't. And the bottom line is that many times, people choose which side to be on according to one's riches and power. Pretty sad!
I applaud Kris for what he is doing for this young lady. And I pray for this young lady and her family for all that they are going through.
People use the ugliest words against/towards other people that they believe did something wrong, yet they see nothing wrong with the words that are coming out of their own mind/mouth??? Hello. . . . . . .

937 days ago
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