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Kris Humphries

Has a Date

with a 16-Year-Old Girl!!!

4/1/2012 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Being with Kris Humprhies may not be Kim Kardashian's wish anymore, but it is for a 16-year-old cancer patient in upstate NY ... and the NBA star is making it come true, TMZ has learned.

Friends of Kaely Kwitek started a Twitter account called @Kris4Kaely in an effort to get the attention of Kaely's favorite basketball player. Kwitek has stage 4 anaplastic large-cell lymphoma and her friends were hoping to wrangle Kris for a benefit for Kaely in May.

Their persistence paid off and Kris noticed. After trading a few emails, Kris and Kaely decided on April 23 for her to come down and catch a Nets game as Kris' guest. He'll handle all expenses for Kaely and her family and even meet up with her after the game.

Kris tells TMZ, "I'm truly honored that someone with much larger things on their plate feels that my involvement in their cause is important. Not many of us can be as strong as she has been. I hope that many more will join me and support Team Kaely."

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liz smith    

I was shocked at this headline thinking that Kris Humphries had done something disgusting. Instead i read that he is helping a dying young woman. This is a dispicable headline from TMZ. Harvey you should be ashamed of yourself and change the headline immediately. There is a special place in hell for people like you that would take a good act and make it into a sleeze fest. Obviously you side with Kim rather than Kris.

935 days ago


I SO agree, WHY do u have 2 put such an STUPID ASS headline??!!? Hoooooooooooray 4 KRIS HUMPHRIES, he IS the
WINNER in allllll the **** that ole cim NO K carTRASHian &
that ole HAG cris NO K fool-jenner have put this HANDSOME, WONDERFUL, CARING MAN~KRIS HUMPHRIES through!!!! BLESSINGS(SSSSSSS) to KRISH HUMPHRIES!! Hey tiny, small, tight w/ the
$$, shorty, UGLY, GIRLIE, dumb A&& harvey, you're ALWAYS doing the "jew thing", do your people in the office get paid
$1.99 IF they're lucky??!! MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX~~~YES, YES, YES, YES, MAX you ARE waaaaay too handsome!! Peter u r
handsome, too, but MAX comes out #1! PETER, you won the car thing, coz u got out of your car... YOGI is cute, too!! DUMB A&& richard IS a ****!!!

935 days ago


Great, now the Kartrashian's are going to team up with Make a Wish Foundation & pretend to care about granting some kid their last wish just so they can make the whole thing about themselves. Talk about low.....Does anyone remember when The Saints (Reggie Bush) won the Superbowl and Kim & her mother made it about themselves. They hogged the whole damn camera!!!

935 days ago


Wow. Nice headline. Does Kim K. do all the headlines regarding Kris Humphries?

TMZ trashes anybody including a cancer patient just so they can get to their target Kris Humphries.

935 days ago


I don't care what you think about Kris Humphries. He is doing some good in this world and you people are twisting it around. How disgusting.

935 days ago


Horrible headline! Very misleading, makes him look bad when he's actually doing something good.

935 days ago


Doesn't tmz ever run anything by their lawyers? and no i'm not referring to harvey. You do realize this is slander; no matter how cute u tried to twist it around? its still a potential lawsuit; and if i were him i would as this is pretty flagrant grounds for such a case. He's a nice sweet guy who did a nice thing. He should sue tmz and would probably get alot of support doing so.

935 days ago


Don't dare hurt the Turdtrashians feelings. But if an innocent young sick girl gets in the way because of childish writings by Harvey and his wanna be writers,, oh well. Old Harvey is supposed to be friends of Nancy Grace..Love to hear what she thinks of this style of writing.

935 days ago


Yeah nice headline you guys. Turn a innocent good deed and implying it's something more. Sure hope Harvey is as good a lawyer as he claims because I can't wait until Kris decides to sue you guys for implying otherwise with that kinda of headline. You guys are treading on a thin line and I sure hope that the guy decides to sue you for such crap. When he does I and everyone will be laughing our asses off

935 days ago


dude i gotta agree the headline is misleading and gives a false impression thats its a romantic date and that's not the case. TMZ is on thin ice implying otherwise unless TMZ want's a lawsuit i'd stop trying to pull that crap for headlines. Most people would interpret the headline as false and misleading

should sue for slander; tmz knock of this b.s of trying to play on words to attract viewers unless your begging for a lawsuit

he did something nice and sweet and you pull this headline crap??? god tmz has to turn a nice story into something salacious. If i were in his shoes i'd be sniffing out a lawyer with such blatant crap as tmz is pulling

935 days ago


very classy headline TMZ! take it off....smh

935 days ago


While this is very sincere from Humphries, he doesn't need a PR stunt, wanna bet Kimmy will and pull some bogus PR, BS stunt that no one would believe?

Kim Kardashian voted by Forbes the most 'over rated celebrity' by what 65%. Not good at all. That's a nice way of saying the public is still sick of her/them and not liked.

Kims Q score of negitive 53. Prooves that her un-likability, honesty, sincerity is horrible. As you can see with the new Forbes pole.

Lindsay Lohan a very close second. But, Lohan as and is been nothing more but a tabliod joke for the past 5 years, because of what Lohans been legally able to get away with. If you or me did what Lohans done our butts would be in jail and over crowding would not even be a factor.

Kim Kardashian/Kardashians, Lindsay Lohan/Lohans, publically still not liked at all.

935 days ago


Too bad it wasn't a 21 year old boy. They could pick up a few bucks on a fake a gay wedding.

935 days ago


Kim Kardashian's high school prom date ,was even a black dude.
One could speculate,that she had been seduced,at a young age, ,by intense family friend O.J. A strange proclivity for a "upper class",white chick.

935 days ago


What's with the disgusting headline? Congratulations, you've now sunk to the level of the National Enquirer.

935 days ago
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