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I Didn't Want to Go on Welfare ...


4/1/2012 3:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0401_octomom_videoOctomom tried her best to avoid going on welfare, but she says "becoming totally destitute" forced her hand ... temporarily. 

As TMZ first reported, Nadya is getting $2,000 a month from the State of California, which can only be used on food. 

We spoke to her at her home today, where the mother of 14 said she's hoping she only needs the assistance for a month or two at the most.

Octo has been receiving death threats since the news of her welfare broke, but she feels people should be directing their anger towards those who are abusing the system and not at her. 

Plus if she doesn't get some help, we might see more pics like these. Lesser of two evils ...


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This woman talks a mile a minute,can't understand a word she says! She has some kind of disorder.

912 days ago


There is something about that voice that gets me harder than diamonds.

912 days ago


Why death threats? that is not right. She has all those children and was previously on welfare it is no surprise she on again. It is sad that she had all those children and can not financially support them.

912 days ago

No comment    

Why doesn't the state sue her to force her to tell who the sperm donor father is? She has said she is friends with the sperm donor. He should have to help paying for this mess.

912 days ago


has it EVER occured to this WOMAN to get A REAL JOB OR TWO??????? sorry, no pity here. if she doesn't want to work to support 14 kids, THEN GIVE THEM UP! There are PLENTY of wonderful, hard working people out there whom have TRIED to have kids, but can't. this woman is more disgusting than that kate chick.

912 days ago

al gerald     

eres una Sucia, asquerosa, rata de dos patas con 14 ratones, cucaracha inmunda, perra, rabandola, maldita abusadora, lombriz con patas, gusano sin cabeza you know how hard I work to pay for your escuincles moscosos.

912 days ago


She was warned against having that many knds knowing she could not afford to take care of them. It was her choice. Now she's burdening society as a whole for her choice. It is 100% her fault.

912 days ago


Oh boo f'g hoo. She's a dump puta who used becoming a freak of nature to try to make her FAMOUS. This is about HER and her narcissistic loon-ism. Those children were nothing more than a means to an end. Just like every other welfare queen who squeezes kids out to get MORE from hard working tax payers. Do the right thing and put all those kids up for adoption and GET YOUR TUBES TIED!

912 days ago


What was she doing for a living when she had this last batch of children?

912 days ago


Can`t have it both ways, dumbass. Welfare queen alerts TMZ to her every move in order to remain relevant, then boo hoos when peeps call her on her BS. And it`s all BS.

912 days ago


Why are there so many people feeling sorry for her? No wonder this country is going straight down the sh*tter. She got pregnant with eight more kids, ON PURPOSE, in order to become famous. And now it's a sob story, oh, I can't take care of my 14 kids, poor me, look at me I need help, pay attention to me. She isn't a mother, she's an opportunistic, selfish piece of TRASH and we should all be furious at her.

912 days ago


NOT FAIR!!!!! She chose to have 14 kids and I cant get food stamps for my 4 kids here in Virginia and we fall way below the poverty line........

912 days ago


If she had death threats for this, why was she answering the door?

912 days ago


If something isn't done we are going to see more naked pictures of her? Gross. Who cares that would be her choice. There are plenty of welfare queens out there and they aren't torturing the public with their ugly bodies. She has been playing the system the whole time and will be for the next 15years. How much do think medical insurance costs monthly for 15 people? Guess what she isn't paying for it, the taxpayers are!! Stop giving this loser publicity and let her just fade away to raise her kids.

912 days ago


what is she doing???
she definitely has to get a reality show on bravo or something
there's no other way she can support her own family.

single mother of 14 may not be common but it's a lot more realistic than many other reality shows out there

she has to get media coverage about her on the brink oc bankruptcy and have cameras cover it. Then announce her reality show.
She may have been enormously irresponsible but she's still a human with a family to care for.

TMZ, i hate to say this but you guys should help her out. You guys have given her the media attention she needs but have gotten a ton of views/hits/ad revenue from her.

912 days ago
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