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Morning Show Wars

Sarah Palin to Co-Host 'Today'

4/1/2012 10:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBC has countered ABC's move of bringing Katie Couric to "Good Morning America" this week by announcing Sarah Palin will co-host "Today" this Tuesday. 

On their website, the peacock said that Palin will "reveal a different side of her than you've seen before." NBC is also promising that "a surprise legend will return to the broadcast Monday morning."

Palin and Couric are forever linked from their infamous interview in 2008 when Couric hosted "CBS Evening News."

The interview is widely credited for destroying Palin's credibility ... probably forever.


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OMG Are they nuts? I guess if you just want to watch a pretty girl you can either watch NBC or go to Playboy. As far as listening to the news...don't think there will be much of that!

936 days ago


A train wreck is always more interesting to watch than a parade.

936 days ago


An attempted Couric 'comeback' to daytime TV - AND Palin? Today just shot themselves in the foot. They'll have decent ratings anywhere redneck, religious-zealot racists reign, and ABYSMAL ratings everywehre else in the country.

936 days ago


Won't be watching Today Show anytime soon. Really a stupid move forcing audience to watch Sarah Palin...and as far as GMA...they need to quit self-promoting Katie for her new show. GMA, Dancing With The Stars...It's getting old...GMA has never been the same since Diane Sawyer left.

936 days ago


Katie's program did not take Palin down - her own ignorance and anti-intellectualism did. She is sly, but om the end, you simply can't have a person that dumb and uneducated in the White House or nearby. The present candidates are doing their best to overrun that idea though, by competing in stupidity.

What on earth could she possibly contribute to a TV show? She doesn't know where to start. I suppose she will have producers guiding her and providing lines over her headset.

936 days ago


That's funny for people saying they will never watch if Palin hosts it. It's a one time gig. Get over yourself. If they will let dumbch!t contestants from The Bachelorette have hosting gigs, then a one-time governor with a journalism degree is quite alright by me. I won't watch anything with that airhead Couric on it which is why I couldn't watch the Today Show for the duration of her stint. I think this is a gutsy move for NBC. They must need the ratings...if even to draw in the Sarah haters hoping she messes up.

936 days ago

kade madison    

Wow, what a great call NBC. You've pretty much just guaranteed that no one will be watching the show. Well, except old republicans who don't know any better.

936 days ago


shes a baby snatcher in mn .they took my 7 day old baby and they wouldent help her office in i was beaten up in mn by cops her office in mn wouldent hrlp.

936 days ago


i cant stand her. her office in mn wouldent help in me getting my 7 day old baby back from the state of mn were she works. the state of mn had beaten me up in four countys by officials in mn then to . her office wouldent help me out .she is no good.

936 days ago


I'd look forward to tuning in and hearing more about her belief that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, but I figure that likely won't come up. So, instead, tomorrow will be the first weekday in 30 years I haven't tuned in to The Today Show.

936 days ago



936 days ago


Everyone check what date this story was posted.
Today wouldn't be that stupid! It would KILL their ratings.

936 days ago


This republican woman will not support or watch the Today show or any other show that promotes this embarrassment to the repubican party and women in general.

936 days ago


After reading some of the left wing, liberal comments It is no surprise they are bashing Sarah Palin. Once again they expose themselves as ignorant, angry, coarse, crude,and rude. They lack the intelligence to examine,critique,and verify the misinformation or any information they are fed by the Democratic machine. Regarding her voice, I agree it is like nails on a blackboard at speeches and listening to her takes some grit. But what comes out of that voice is Red, White and Blue American.

936 days ago


Great move by NBC - What does Sarah Palin have the Katie Couric dosen't - RATINGS! Love her or hate her you will watch. If you love her you will watch because she is inspiring. She causes you to think. She reminds you being an Americian is something to cherish and to be proud of. If you hate her you will watch because you don't want to miss an opportunity to critize what she wears, her hair style, her glasses, or in case she makes a gaffe. You will watch her either because she makes you proud you're an American or because you hate what she represents. Either way NBC good for you and good for our Country.

936 days ago
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