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Chevy Chase

Backed By 'Community' Staffers

'What Dan Did Was F**ked Up'

4/2/2012 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chevy Chase is getting support from several staff members at "Community" ... who tell TMZ there are a bunch of people at the show who feel the actor was UNFAIRLY attacked by show creator Dan Harmon.

As we previously reported, Chase recently left a scathing voice mail for Harmon after the producer led a "F**k Chevy" chant at the season wrap party.

Now, sources who work on the show tell us ... "What Dan Harmon did was f**ked up ... Chevy is a pleasure to work with."

We're told ... many people on set feel the "dispute" that took place between the two men during the taping of the season finale was blown out of proportion by Harmon ... because Chevy was "very respectful."

Here's how we're being told it all went down -- Chevy had an issue with one of the scenes and asked for a rewrite. We're told Chevy was very calm and polite ... but told producers he would "respectfully decline" to participate in the scene unless a change was made.

Producers shot down Chevy's request ... and he quietly left the set without incident.

Our sources tell us they felt the issue had been handled privately because Chevy showed up at the wrap party ... and everyone was shocked when Harmon grabbed the mic and unloaded on the actor.

One source tells us, "What Dan did was embarassing and left a sour taste in all of our mouths ... so low class."

The source adds, "The staff was not pissed at Chevy ... we're pissed at Dan. We all hope Chevy comes back next season."



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Some posts are saying Chevy is hard to get along with in hollywood what ever the case may be, Dan dropped the ball on this one he was very rude to speak about it to the world and in front of Chevy family at the wrap party. The guy has no class what so ever. There's a time and place for everything .. That wasn't the right time nor the right place . Shame on you Dan Grow up.!

932 days ago


I respect the F out of Chevy no-matter-what ...

And I wish more of Hollywood's talent did what Chevy did.

If the scene/bit doesn't WORK for you, be honest ...

-Chevy was - was honest - the scene, as written, doesn't work for me ...

-If it THAT big of a deal to get a sense of what Chevy needed to make the scene WORK for him?

To wit: Sam Kinnison, the late great Sam Kinnison?

Same thing - studio hands him a script that doesn't work.

Tells Kinnison, "Do it anyway, the money's in place."

Kinnison's honest, no, it doesn't work, nothing about it works, it's not funny - GOD can't make this funny ...

Balks - just as did Chevy.

If more talent stood UP exec producers/show runners/studio heads over BAD WRITING...

-Wouldn't the writing improve?

Chevy Chase is a comedy legend - you can't RE WRITE a scene so it can WORK for the guy?!

-You want him to go out and do a scene he doesn't FEEL?!

Dude, this one's on you - not on Chevy.

932 days ago


nof p.s.

If the "Barbarian Brothers" had-the-cayunes to say "no" to some godawful scripts Cannon Films was handing them?

They'd still be relevant -

But they didn't have Chevy Chase's moxie - said "okay" even though we all knew the scripts were pathetic.

932 days ago


Anybody know what the scene would have been, or why Harmon couldn't handle the fact that the scene didn't get shot or was shot WITHOUT Chevy?

It's hard to believe that this one scene could have been THAT freaking crucial...what up, Dan?

932 days ago


okay since you asked p.s.

It's not we don't understand Harmon's position.

He's tired, it's been a long season, needs to get the show in the can, etc.

-Anyone can understand that.

But it's the same reason I left Madison Avenue.

They say to you, "Just go through the motions - say yes to everyone, agree with everything..."

-"pick up a pay check every two weeks, have yourself a nice career."

Never happier than the day I got fired.

If ye start cutting corners - you don't last long here ...

932 days ago

Lighting Tech    

I Have worked with Chevy. He is an A$$HOLE!!!

932 days ago


This story sounds like it was written by Chevy Chase's publicist. I don't know how he could be such a nice guy when he refuses to act in the scenes written for him. Sounds like he wants to be the writer and the director and will play games to get his way. It's not surprising then that the creator of the show is angry with him. Still, this isn't exactly Shakespeare. It's not even Transformers 3. It's a stupid little television show and they get paid a lot of money to be on it. They should be ashamed.

932 days ago


He was funny, 40 years ago, for about a minute.
Chevy, STFU, it's over.......

932 days ago


You know, if more actors/actresses refused to act in the shiot that the crap writers in Hollywood are turning out now, the industry might start producing better work products. I don't know what really happened, but Harmon is the douche is this situation because his actions were in front of everybody INCLUDING Chevy's WIFE and DAUGHTER.

932 days ago


Wasn't Chevy banned from appearing on SNL for several years because he was such a nightmare to work with? Quite certain I read something about that once upon a time. I believe he's allowed back now but I might be wrong about that.

932 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

You suck, Chevy. Now Pierce is gonna die. Good job, a-hole.

932 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

It makes sense that of the 49 comments posted several people claim to actually work on the show... as there is no way that there are 49 people who actually watch prime-time NBC.

932 days ago


Why did the staff join in on the chant if they didn't agree with it? I'm not buying this story.

932 days ago


How can somebody treat such a seasoned actor like that? Dan Harmon must be related to Chuck Lorre.

932 days ago


So your boss ask up you to do something and you say no and run away? Most people would get fired over that crap. Oh, he wasn't " feeling it" boo freaking hoo. It's a network show, they work on a schedule. They don't have time to go around and ask every single non-writer how they feel about every single scene.

932 days ago
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