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'Inside American Jail' Lawsuit


and Producers Humiliated Me

4/2/2012 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The people behind the TruTV reality show "Inside American Jail" are being sued by a former DUI arrestee who was featured on the show ... who claims producers did NOT have the right to put her on the air ... because she was TOO WASTED to sign the waiver form.

The woman behind the lawsuit is Lenette Beall ... who was arrested for DUI by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department on April 10, 2010.

According to the suit, Beall claims an "American Jail" camera crew recorded footage while she was being booked and processed at a Clark County detention center. Beall claims the footage was then edited to portray her in a negative light ... "to embarrass and incriminate [her]."

Here's the rub ... Beall claims she was "extremely intoxicated" at the time ... and does not recall signing a release or waiver which would've given producers or LVMPD permission to use her image.

But even if she DID sign a waiver in her drunken state, Beall says the waiver is invalid because she was "not mentally competent" to enter into an agreement at the time.

Beall says she was labeled as "Naughty Girl" on the show ... and says she's been the subject of "an avalanche of personal ridicule, scorn and unwanted recognition" ever since it aired.

In her suit, Beall also says the Sheriff allowed producers to shoot because the production company, Langley Productions, donated $10,000 to his re-election campaign in 2009.

Beall is suing TBS (which owns TruTV) ... as well as Langley, the LVMPD and Sheriff Douglas Gillespie. She's demanding more than $10,000 in damages.

So far, no word back from TruTV. A rep for the LVMPD tells TMZ, "We do not comment on pending litigation."


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Silverado Mom    

If any one of us were ever in the same situation. I think we'd feel the same way she did.

901 days ago


The woman has a point. It doesn't matter if you agree with her being drunk or not, and impaired person cannot enter into a contract or sign a legal do***ent (other than booking sheets and whatnot). Personally, I don't believe those for-profit cameras should be inside a jail at all - Especially when most jails don't have adequate video monitoring to help protect prisoners from other prisoners, as well as prisoners from some jailers.

901 days ago

Ratings Needed    

Old news

901 days ago


While being processed into jail, you have to sign lots of legal do***ents, for a variety of things, including your property and the fact that you understand what you are being charged with. What's the difference here? All she signed was the fact that she knew a camera was rolling, and that her image would not be blurred. If she hadn't signed, the only different outcome would have been the blurring of her image. What her inebriated state caused her was to think that somehow by being allowed to tell her side of her story, she might redeem herself somewhat. After she sobered up, she realized she made herself look even more foolish, and now she's pissed. She should sue herself. Next case, please...

901 days ago


People, people....this is NOT a live show. Even if she was not capable of consenting at the time of taping, she was certainly sober enough when she left or any time afterward. This episode was aired LONG after her arrest and I have no doubt the consent forms were signed well after the taping. The producers need time to go over the footage to see what they will use and what they will scrap. Not everything on tape is worthy of airing. Once they determined which scenes to use, it is at that time they probably issued the consent form to her. In any case, she has had plenty of time to retract her consent if she did in fact sign at the jail - which I highly doubt. Just another person looking to make a buck off of their irresponsible behavior. How about she just chalk this up to a lesson learned and not drink so much she can't remember anything?

901 days ago


Somebody call Colton Harris-Moore lawyer who needs to call 'Inside American Jail'.

901 days ago


I hope she wins. Producers of these crappy shows are beyond repugnant.

901 days ago


Regretfully, I've been in that same jail when those same cameras are there filming people (save the hate, the case was dismissed...I was in the right). Also, I've regretfully been on several reality TV shows (related, save the hate, it was background stuff).

The thing about it is....she didn't really have a choice about being filmed. You come in, are handcuffed to a chair, can't really go anywhere, and they shove two reality show cameras in your face. I didn't ever see waivers being signed by anyone at all. Even if you are in the background of something that airs, on any show, they have to have a waiver signed...or they have to blur you out. Thats how it works. She has a case.

901 days ago


Who's fault is it that she was drunk and under arrest? The potential murderer should be in jail for driving drunk.

900 days ago
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