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Katie Couric

Her GMA Hosting

Pisses Off 'GMA' Staffers

4/2/2012 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Couric
's debut as a fill-in host this week on "Good Morning America" has pissed off some of the GMA staff, who feel it's a slap in the face to vacationing co-host Robin Roberts.

GMA is breathing down the neck of "Today" and could overtake it in the ratings this week, breaking years of NBC morning show dominance. Katie's week-long stint -- along with the fact that millions of people have their TV sets tuned to ABC because of "Dancing with the Stars" -- could put it over the top.

Our GMA sources tell us it's disgusting that honchos chose the week that Robin was on vacation to put Katie on the show. They note Robin has been co-hosting GMA since 2005 and is a big reason the show is doing so well.

As one insider put it, "They should have put Katie on when George was on vacation."

And the contingent of GMA staffers who are pissed off is large -- because Robin is well-liked. And, sources tells us, although Robin is unhappy with the Katie move, she has not badmouthed anyone.

As for Katie, ABC sources say she had nothing to do with the decision to fill in and she was very conscious today that she was a "visitor on the set."


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Who the hell cares?

899 days ago

barbara eustice cooper    

I don't like gma since little georgie came on the show he is such a leftist he can't make a right turn !! don't care for katie curic either. do love the Today show !!!! george is it true they wanted you to be in " Mirrow Mirrow " but you were too short ??? yes I don't like you AT ALL !! just my thoughts, which we still have, so far that is.

899 days ago


If GMA wants better ratings, they need to get rid of George.

899 days ago


Congratulations to Katie.. See her connection to Mark Twain at:

BTW I like Robin as the host too! Hope she has a great holiday!

899 days ago


Just noticed comment from Hayden (166) stating that Robin Roberts will be off for one week. Thank you for the info. I too have already changed the channel in the morning but I am happy that it will only be for one week. I was ready to make a permanent change if Couric was in. ROBIN ROBERTS PLEASE COME BACK SOON, ENJOY YOUR VACATION. See you again in one week.

899 days ago


I hate the way the network executives do things. Robin has brought the show's ratings up. Why are they having Couric co-host?

899 days ago


If you people are thinking of putting Katie Couric in place of Robin Roberts forget it. I've been watching for ears and all your changes that you have made up to now have been good. I will stop watching GMA if this happens. The people you have on now work very well together. You feel good after the show. There is laughter and love between everyone. If you are going to hire Katie put her on some program at 11:00pm PCT. Thank you, Joeanne Briggs

899 days ago


Robin is SO annoying!!! Good for Katie. I hope she gets the spot full time. She and George are great together

899 days ago


Oh come one people. I didn't like Katie Couric before, but I was really surprised at how well she did. She's funny, she's witty and I think she was better than Robin in some ways. I think having George replace both Bob Weir (who was and is a fantastic witty host, the likes that no one else has) and Chris Cuomo, who did a fantastic job as well, was ridiculous. Did the staffers make a big deal about that? This show is famous for the 'old buddy' system. Diane waves a magic wand and Robin is confirmed. George goes from The Roundtable to GMA and then boots Chrisiane Amanpur from 'the table' and takes that too. ABC should be ashamed of themselves. How about some new blood for a change instead of constantly promoting and worshiping, and idolizing their little group. It's why I now started watching CBS in the morning and NBC for that matter. Enough is enough.

899 days ago


Katie is a nasty SKANK

899 days ago


Get rid of “that woman” before you lose your wonderful on-air staff and all your viewers. We have had it up to our eyeballs with Katie Couric’s inflated notion of how important and how cute she is. She isn’t and she isn’t. Get rid of her.
Everybody likes Emeril, but that was a really fake “win” with the breakfast sandwich episode this morning. I am truly disappointed. Katie is really pissing off the viewers.

899 days ago


I cannot stand Katie Couric! God forbid she replace Robin Roberts who has so much class and sophistication compared to her. Plus Katie gets aggravated with guests who don't answer her questions quick enough or in the way she wants to hear them! Please let know Robin is loved by all and can't be replaced! Look what they did to Meredith Vieira, who was so lovely and loved by all. What is wrong the network bigwigs?

899 days ago


I call BS on Katie not knowing EXACTLY what is going on. It is obvious. Unless you are blind, deaf and dumb (in every sense of the word). Katie is being 'tested' in the spot conveniently while Robin is away. They (producers) think she compliments George in stature (I'm not kidding) and professionally. Robin makes George look small, even petite. There was talk awhile back (speculation really) that Josh looked better alongside Robin due to his height. The truth is he is not a seasoned journalist or politico like George. (He's also a dim bulb). SO losing George and keeping Josh was ridiculous and just plain stupid. The solution is to bring the show back it's credibility and newsworthiness as opposed to its current state of cackling and mindless jokes and references. The phoniness and forced comaraderie are really awkward and cringing to watch. You only have to watch George's fake smile, laughs and deer caught in headlights reaction to being the wallflower while the children act like...well, children. SO, if Katie fits...great, if it means the show goes back to reporting the news and just being plain smart again.

899 days ago


I will never watch any channel that Couric is on. I can't stand to see her sneer at everyone.

899 days ago


Katie is the best!!! Sorry all u haters, nothing against Robin, and she and George are boarding. Best thing abc could do is keep Katie and lose the Robin/George show!

899 days ago
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