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Katie Couric

Her GMA Hosting

Pisses Off 'GMA' Staffers

4/2/2012 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Couric
's debut as a fill-in host this week on "Good Morning America" has pissed off some of the GMA staff, who feel it's a slap in the face to vacationing co-host Robin Roberts.

GMA is breathing down the neck of "Today" and could overtake it in the ratings this week, breaking years of NBC morning show dominance. Katie's week-long stint -- along with the fact that millions of people have their TV sets tuned to ABC because of "Dancing with the Stars" -- could put it over the top.

Our GMA sources tell us it's disgusting that honchos chose the week that Robin was on vacation to put Katie on the show. They note Robin has been co-hosting GMA since 2005 and is a big reason the show is doing so well.

As one insider put it, "They should have put Katie on when George was on vacation."

And the contingent of GMA staffers who are pissed off is large -- because Robin is well-liked. And, sources tells us, although Robin is unhappy with the Katie move, she has not badmouthed anyone.

As for Katie, ABC sources say she had nothing to do with the decision to fill in and she was very conscious today that she was a "visitor on the set."


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Gayle Ryan    

I don't have anything against Katie Couric (aside from her trying to blindside Sarah Palin), but I really think all the hoopla about her subbing for Robin Robert was a bit much.

929 days ago

Jamie Hicks     

I was worried all week about where Robin was. Soo glad to read that Katie is just "filling in" while she is on vacation. I love Robin's personality and is main reason that I watch GMA!

928 days ago


If Robin Roberts is replaced, I will not be watching Good Morning America. If she is, I hope she lands a job that will be put them all to shame.

928 days ago


I felt it was forcing Robin to act as if Katie was coming to replace her. NOT a fan of Katie, she needs to go elsewhere. I faithfully watch GMA everyday including the weekend additions. I wept when Diane,and Chris left. Now you have an awesome group of amazing Journalists don't mess it up. KATIE has to go. And if I heard Regis say Katie was coming on at 3:00 in the afternoons, TAKE AWAY MY GMA TEAM AND MY GENERAL HOSPITAL, GOOD BYE ABC

928 days ago

Ann Marie Clark    

You can take this promise to the bank because it is golden: I will NEVER watch GMA again if Katie (GAG) Couric is ever asked to "cover" again. Period. Done. Finished with GMA.

928 days ago


Hmmm. I think we know where this is headed. In fact, I think we always knew that Robin would not remain the co-anchor with George, though she does seem a genuinely lovely person. Ratings are what count.

As for Katie not having anything to do with the decision...surely you jest. She had to agree to it. That counts for something.

928 days ago


I never liked Katie. I thought it was a bad idea to have her on GMA. I actually watched The Today Show last week. Glad Robin is back. The higher ups at ABC owe her an apology.

926 days ago



926 days ago

Judith Hazen    

Thanks for having Katie Couric on your show. I wish she was a regular. Not instead of Robin Roberts but in addition to Robin. Or instead of George.

I never watch GMA but I will if Katie is a regular.

Judith Hazen

925 days ago


Katie and Robin, a total non-story. Just a ratings stunt. I can't watch GMA anymore. I don't like Robin. When they added the new guy, GMA became more like a frat party than anything else. I like George but I think he'll soon be pushed out. That may be a good thing for him. The show won't have any cred without him.

919 days ago


Perhaps they were angry out of fear that Katie would show what a professional she is and remind people that GMA has gone down hill fast. Robin talks over people she is 'supposedly' interviewing, makes noise in the background when chefs are attempting to demonstrate and if she says MAGMA one more time in that foolish voice i will vomit. What it boils down to is that Katie would do a far superior job than any of them. BTW what is this Lara Spencer even doing there?

915 days ago


I did not watch GMA the entire week that Katie Couric was on. She has always been extremely obnoxious and annoying. Do not bring her back.

911 days ago


Who cares what any of them look like?
George is an excellent, hard-hitting reporter and deserves better than what he's doing now.
In my opinion, Robin needs to go, to many fluffy news stories since she came on board. GMA would be better off doing 2 shows--one entertainment type news that Robin could do, and get their morning show, with George, back to hard-hitting news, like when Charlie and Diane were on. Now there is maybe 15 or 20 minutes of news before it goes to fluff and feel good stories, etc. There is a place for that sort of thing, but they currently do way to much. I have switched to CNN.

854 days ago


GMA has nothing to fear with Katie Couric.

I looked so farward to Katie's new show as I am a big fan of hers....but I grew extremely bored after 5 minutes of interviews. She needs to get with the program and cut the interviews down in time or have better questions.

771 days ago
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