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Katie Couric

Her GMA Hosting

Pisses Off 'GMA' Staffers

4/2/2012 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Couric
's debut as a fill-in host this week on "Good Morning America" has pissed off some of the GMA staff, who feel it's a slap in the face to vacationing co-host Robin Roberts.

GMA is breathing down the neck of "Today" and could overtake it in the ratings this week, breaking years of NBC morning show dominance. Katie's week-long stint -- along with the fact that millions of people have their TV sets tuned to ABC because of "Dancing with the Stars" -- could put it over the top.

Our GMA sources tell us it's disgusting that honchos chose the week that Robin was on vacation to put Katie on the show. They note Robin has been co-hosting GMA since 2005 and is a big reason the show is doing so well.

As one insider put it, "They should have put Katie on when George was on vacation."

And the contingent of GMA staffers who are pissed off is large -- because Robin is well-liked. And, sources tells us, although Robin is unhappy with the Katie move, she has not badmouthed anyone.

As for Katie, ABC sources say she had nothing to do with the decision to fill in and she was very conscious today that she was a "visitor on the set."


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"honchos chose the week that Robin was on vacation to put Katie on the show"
So what's the issue? Robin was going to be on vacation anyway - so how is making Couric the 'guest host' while she's gone a 'slap in the face'?
Sounds to me like someone is trying to create drama where none exists.

933 days ago


How great did her and George look together, I think she is a perfect fit,just having her on for the week will change this whole show sorry Robin but Kate was great

933 days ago


If it's a "Slap in the face" to Robin to have Couric co-host while she's on vacation, why wouldn't it also be a "slap in the face" to George?
Seems like a double-standard to me! At least they waited util Robin was on vacation to bring on Couric - I get the feeling Robin wouldn't have wanted to co-host with her.

933 days ago


The only people who watch either show are Sheeple who need to get their marching orders.

Nobody with half a brain would watch either show.

Liberalism is a disease and the only cure is death.

933 days ago

Pudding Tang    

JACKSON & SHARPTON WILL COME SAVE THE DAY!!!! as they always calm (blame) the white capped racial waters.

933 days ago

good as gold    

Hasn't Katie made enough money by now to go do something else? There is nothing special about her interviewing skills or NEWS skills. At this point she is a ratings killer [see CBS]. If I see her on TV the channel gets changed. I actually like the current GMA lineup but I won't be watching this week.

933 days ago


Remember what Curic was able to do for the CBS" 6o'clock news?? She took the number #1 rated news program and sunk it into the great abyss. I don't think the TODAY show has anything to worry about. Remember there are still many woman who aren't happy with the fact that Katie booted off their favorite soaps. To be honest I can't stand Katie Couric so my comment is bias.

933 days ago

Pat Boone is a Flaming Fruitcake    

I like Robin, but she can't carry the show. This is a business. Good Morning America is very lucky to get Katie.

933 days ago


I do not like Katie Couric and will not be watching anything she is on. I find her a very offensive person. This was a very tasteless move on everyone's part.

933 days ago


The Today show would be way out ahead of the morning shows like it was before if they partnered Matt Lauer with someone else. Ann is really a nice person and probably has put in the time and should have been offered the co-hosting spot when Meredith left but Ann is just not the right person for the job.

933 days ago


Tell Robin to get over it. Its not personal. Its ratings. And whomever can pull the #s in, whether it is a squirrel dancing the cha'cha' will get the host seat. Feelings have nothing to do with it and if Robin walks, I guarantee somebody will happily sit in whatever seat with Katie or anybody else. PRODUCERS!! CALL ME!! :)

933 days ago


KATIE COURIC'S APPEARANCE ON ABC seems to be an audition between she and this Josh Elliott person, who has been STIRRING THE POT since Sept 2011, hoping to replace George with the ridiculous notion "he is too short!" Tell it to the judge! I am reminded of a Broadway musical star who suddenly has an "accident" so the "stand in" can take his or her place, hoping to become, "the star!" This Elliott thing has been transparent from the very beginning and ABC is treating the public like fools! The public is much too smart not to figure this out. Note to George: Not everyone can be 6" tall. If ABC kicks you out, see a lawyer, STAT!!!

933 days ago

Mary Miles    

Get her off the show. I have already turned to watching ABC World News in the morning until that sappy, syrupy wench is gone. I CANNOT STAND THAT WOMAN !!!

933 days ago


I didn't like her before and I don't like her now. Robin, I am waiting for you to return. Watching another channel till you do....

933 days ago


I have never liked Katie. Will take note not to watch GMA this week.

933 days ago
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