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Katie Couric

Her GMA Hosting

Pisses Off 'GMA' Staffers

4/2/2012 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Couric
's debut as a fill-in host this week on "Good Morning America" has pissed off some of the GMA staff, who feel it's a slap in the face to vacationing co-host Robin Roberts.

GMA is breathing down the neck of "Today" and could overtake it in the ratings this week, breaking years of NBC morning show dominance. Katie's week-long stint -- along with the fact that millions of people have their TV sets tuned to ABC because of "Dancing with the Stars" -- could put it over the top.

Our GMA sources tell us it's disgusting that honchos chose the week that Robin was on vacation to put Katie on the show. They note Robin has been co-hosting GMA since 2005 and is a big reason the show is doing so well.

As one insider put it, "They should have put Katie on when George was on vacation."

And the contingent of GMA staffers who are pissed off is large -- because Robin is well-liked. And, sources tells us, although Robin is unhappy with the Katie move, she has not badmouthed anyone.

As for Katie, ABC sources say she had nothing to do with the decision to fill in and she was very conscious today that she was a "visitor on the set."


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Lisa Marie MacGillivray    

I DON'T understand what the BIG deal is about Katie to begin with!! She's not funny or interesting and to make it seem like she's the biggest thing to hit GMA IS a slap in Robins face! Katie should just go back where ever it was that she came from and beg forgiveness for the big to do everyone is making over her. It's embarrassing!

746 days ago


Amnerica is a strange country, where one party - the Republicans - constantly claims that everyone who is not with them, is a traitor, un-American, and irrelevant. Only THEY are "the real America". Which must mean that they think some of their best presidents, the founding fathers, the Constitution and indeed the very concept of democracy is treacherous, un-American and irrelevant. Very odd and scary.

746 days ago

American Mom    

Katie Couric is a bore! Why does ABC want to self destruct? Abc needs to reconsider giving her a talk show that would cancel the number one soap of all time General Hospital. She will only be remembered as the broad who ended the American Soaps. Saving General Hospital means saving ABC. The best financial move ABC could make is to keep General Hospital. The ratings are extremely high for GH. American people want the American soaps. General Hospital is historical and has been on for generations and succeded through different presidents, wars, different kinds of economies and always had loyal viewers. Don't tell us it's a ratings issue. Maybe it is who is running ABC that has some issue? But seriously, Katie Couric? Why ? Who's **** is she ******* over there at ABC cause she has no talent. She is so freaking boring this has to be a joke! Abc you are insulting the viewers when you put it out there that you want her to replace an all American historical show. Truely the network will self destruct if you get rid of General Hospital. Listen to your viewers when we tell you. Couric is a bore!!!!!

746 days ago


Also, America must be the only country IN THE WORLD where the question "what papers do you read?" TO A POLITICIAN can be considered a gotcha question. Katie wanted to find out exactly how uneducated Palin is (a fair point, since she often displays contempt for knowledge and education) and Palin didn't disappoint - or, of course she did. If anyone asked any normally orientated person the same question, for instance me, I would mention several papers, and occasional articles from other sources on various subjects. Only in America is lack of education in basic areas such as history, geography etc, and lack of knowledge about current affairs around the world, seen as something good by a large part of the population. People like Palin, Bachmann and Santorum couldn't uphold a normal civilized conversation with a European head of state, and they have no real base on which they can form valid political decisions. Jaw-dropping - and scary indeed.

746 days ago


I really wonder if this is a test by ABC to see how Katie fairs ratings-wise before they make the decision on whether to keep General Hospital or that horrible talk show as her lead in to her new talk show this fall. I hope the ratings go down. Don't watch ABC anymore, but might start watching GH if they give it a green light for another year.

746 days ago


I just hope that ABC does not replace Robin Roberts. I love the team of George and Robin...they are so real..add Josh and Sam and Lara you have a great team!!! Katie (im sure she is a great person) should simply retire...take up where Barbra Walters is leaving off and leave this show alone!

746 days ago


ABC has gone brain dead...KC on GMA?? Perfect way to tank their ratings..Katie is so biased and everything she touches blows up..

746 days ago


Not watching while Katie is on---ridiculous to think they need a "babysitter" while Robin is gone. It is very insulting to the cast. Chris Cuomo or JuJu Chang could have filled in. If I wanted to watch the Today Show all these years I would have.

746 days ago

Jason Reese    

Robin will not bring in ratings like Katie Curic is going to!

746 days ago


I love Katie. She's sooo bubbly & enjoyable to watch.

746 days ago


am wondering why tmz has not been on the local station I was watching it on untill friday
Now your show seems to be on none of the channels
in Tacoma Washington ?? thanks

746 days ago


See you GMA when Robin Roberts(xoxo) returns, my vacation started when she flipped the key card to Katie. Will miss you this George and Sam.

746 days ago


Yuk, I think Katie was a disaster, with her cutsie persona. Poor Matt. He is such a gentleman. The good days were after Katie left. PLLLLLEEEEASE don't bring her back.

746 days ago


As a COMPLETE AND TOTAL FAN of Robin Roberts, I will NEVER watch while KC is on.

746 days ago


My husband and I are very disappointed with your selection of Katie Couric to fill in for Robin....who we think is wonderful. GMA has been our favorite but we will not be watching this week.

746 days ago
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