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Lindsay Lohan

Only Thing She Wants to Nail

Is Her New Movie Role

4/2/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is focused on her career now that she's off probation and to make sure nothing gets in the way of her upcoming roles, she has sworn off dating for the time being ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ she wants to avoid any relationships or emotional attachments as she gets ready to shoot her Liz Taylor movie for Lifetime. Our sources say Lindsay wants to devote all her spare time to reading the script and getting Liz's persona down pat ... rather than focus on a new relationship. 

We're told Lindsay has had her fair share of intense relationships (ya think!?!?) and she doesn't want anything to derail her comeback.

Sorry, boys.



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As I'm cooking my American spaghetti, I am silently coveting Nikki's ravoli. Oh, why wasn't I born Italian???

927 days ago


I went to see a matinee today, The Hunger Games. It came to over $55 for 4 people with popcorn and a drink. For the life of me, I can't fathom anyone dropping that kind of money to see Lindsay freaken Lohan.

927 days ago


Pink for Easter, ya like?

927 days ago


And where pray tell did my comment from this morning Go ??

Did I hit on a point TMZ and Mikey doesn't like...?

Its not like I'm the only one thinking the same dam thing TMZ and by blipping it off your board is not going to make it go away.....Just shows how far up Lohan Inc Ass your nose really is.....

Just because I pointed out the facts that if that movie she's suppose to be in was actually going to start filming in May they are running a whole hell of a lot behind in hiring others actors and little things like having a SCRIPT...and stuff like that...
But I forgot if we get to stay on this board and play in your playground we have to kiss Lohan Ass like you do....Sorry I never kissed ass in my life and I'm to old to start now...eapecially to a wore out Hollywood Whore who has about as much chance at every being a super star and winning a ocsar as I do..and I have the Better Chance then she does and sure in her hell will live longer the she will if she keeps it up..

927 days ago


Lets see how long that last one lasts.....I would guessimate as longs as it takes for Lohan Inc to notice it and call in the alarm......Must be pissed that I would not name the name of the Lohan Inc when they asked the other night....
Really do they think they are that good..that nobody with half a brain couldn't figure it out....its all about patterns and context sweeties and repeating those patterns over and over till it narrows the field....Basic Intelligence 101 .........its not like they got genius's working for them or TMZ after all....GEEZ !!!!

927 days ago


Thanks Maddy but if it was on that comment it got zapped to....
Happy Easter to you ..its going to be a small one here just one daughter coming in and her son....everybody is off the the outlaws families as I call them since it was a big Christmas here. this year.....and its a good thing cause I seem to be coming down with a sore throat this evening......
Traditional dinner of southern baked ham and a small turkey brest for my general who doesn't like ham..and the fixin's that go with it and a blueberry YUM YUM for dessert.....
Sentings out hugs to you all...Happy Easter....

927 days ago


Robert Pattinson Ditches Kristen Stewart To Party With Lindsay Lohan

Robert Pattinson is working hard on his bad boy image instead of wanting to continually be labeled as Vampire Sparkles. He even blew off his current girlfriend Kristen Stewart to do the unthinkable — hang out with the current Hollywood party girl, Lindsay Lohan. Who knew that they even knew each other?!?

Lindsay has been trying to keep out of the paparazzi’s line of sight but she can’t do that by hanging out with the star of Twilight. Who could, right? It’s like the paparazzi have radar for both of them. Or perhaps he wanted to be seen since the media attention has shifted from the stars of Twilight to the stars of The Hunger Games?

They both spent their time together at a ****tail bar called Pour Vous. They left the bar a few minutes apart to avoid attention but they weren’t quiet enough. “Edward” was seen trying to cover his face from the press, who were waiting for them outside.

Let’s hope that Rob doesn’t get pulled into Lindsay’s “former” bad habits. She says that she’s going to stay away from the party scene, yet goes out the next day. I wonder if Kristen was miffed? Do you think he’s going to be in big trouble after this?

^^THIS^^ is what I was talkin about a few days ago and Lainey Gossip said the same. The man happens to be at 'the wrong place, at the wrong time' and now he's linked to that Toxic Tacky Trick Blohan. Poor thing.

927 days ago


OK Mr Stupid No where in your streams of drivel is a link to a definitive announcement from anyone the remotest bit credible that she does have the Liz Taylor role.

So far the only people saying it is the Lohan cast of Liar's. The freaking producers of the MOVIE won't even confirm it.

I have asked you repeatedly to provide do***ented proof and again you FAIL! as always you provide unsupported supposition.

927 days ago


' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(•̪●)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿
Milo, when informed about the missing UHaul, its contents (see 425/29 Lindsay Loses Cash Stash!), and his daughter’s savings, went apoplectic and nearly stroked out, eh? Furious about the child porn videos, missing pets and hearing for the first time about Little Nicky, his rage escalated over the loss of a fortune in dope and investments. Then he added some insights that are telling. “People think she is a hoarder, she is not! She is a collector. She collected the Goods on the Good Fellas! She has DNA samples from about half the North American mobsters. She is writing a book about length, duration, performance, preferences and idiosyncrasies that will cause divorces nationwide. And she has them on video! She has no understanding about Family Values and you can forget about Omerta…eh? That trailer is nuclear!” He then asked the TMZ News Crew to Google “Witness Protection Services” and asked for a ride.
This story is still developing…

927 days ago


Just a thought...

Why would Lifetime deny that Lindsay is playing any role of theirs when the movie is garnering so much publicity. If it's not true, they are smart for not denying it, until they have to.

927 days ago


Its obvious that TMZ is only posting PRO LINDSAY stories..and avoiding the Neg. ones..
But this NONsexual lindsay story has been up for 4 days...that tells me she isnt doing anything positive

927 days ago


I haven't had time to comment but caught up on posts and, awards, you are awesome. The detail and nuance are always appreciated. With your permission, I would like to nominate your LINDSAY LOSES CASH STASH piece for a Pulitizer Prize in investigative journalism. Do you have an agent I may contact?
Once again, kudos and happy holiday.

927 days ago


BBIAF, have to put my lobster ravioli in to boil. Happy Easter LLsez!

927 days ago


Amanda Bynes' DUI Arrest Does Not Mean She's the Next Lindsay Lohan

By now you've surely heard about Amanda Bynes, right? Welp, the former All That star got in an eeeensy bit of trouble Friday morning. OK, so maybe being arrested for a DUI after allegedly sideswiping a police car at 3 a.m. in West Hollywood isn't eensy. Woof, probably not the way she wanted to jumpstart her weekend.

Well, the 26-year-old B-lister is now out of jail and back on the roads after posting a $5,000 bail and taking a little tripski a local L.A. tow yard to pick up her black BMW, solo. FYI: Rocking the outfit you wore last night (complete with sky-high hooker heels) to the impound yard WILL get you ****ted on.

And rightfully so! Hell, the girl needs to learn a lesson for what she did. However, there's a whole bunch of people comparing her to another Hollywood actress with a criminal record this morning, and I'm here to say it's a little extreme. Yup, you guessed it: Lindsay Lohan.

Let's look at these two ladies, shall we? On one hand, there's Amanda, a girl who pretty much stays out of the spotlight, only surfacing every so often for a pity roll alongside hot men a la She's the Man and Easy A.

On the other, there's LiLo, who has been to rehab a whole slew of times, has served time in jail, was forced to wear an ankle bracelet under house arrest, allegedly stole a $2,500 necklace at one point, and oh -- we can't forget that whole cocaine thing.

I get it. Hollywood actress slips up with the law and it's almost automatic to compare her to Lohan, a woman with one of the lengthiest rap sheets in the biz. Not that I'm saying that Bynes deserves any slack whatsoever, but let's be real: ONE arrest doesn't mean she's headed to Lindsay's school of hard knocks.

For her sake, I'm hoping her time spent in the slammer shook her silly. For her sake, I hope she stops partying so much and takes a little breather. Oh, and for her sake -- I PRAY she changes that hair color.

927 days ago

andyscandy she looking to corner the 60 Y/O plus age demographics.
Betty white wont even watch lifetime..

927 days ago
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