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Oprah Winfrey


4/2/2012 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey rues the day she ever launched the Oprah Winfrey Network -- claiming the entire operation was one giant mistake ... doomed from the get go.

The Big O appeared today on "CBS This Morning," confessing she might not have created OWN if she could do it all over again -- "The idea of creating a network was something that I wanted to do. Had I known that it was this difficult, I might have done something else."

She added, "If I knew then what I know now, I might have made different choices. If I were writing a book about it, I could call the book '101 Mistakes.'"

As we previously reported, OWN has been struggling BAD -- chopping a large chunk of network employees last month ... right after it was forced to cancel Rosie O'Donnell's show.


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Go into partnership with other well to do investors - didn't Tyler Perry want to start his own network - Ashton Kutcher - there are a lot of others - she doesn't need sole ownership - more diverse offerings - sometimes watching OWN I feel like I'm being lectured to death. How to overcome the fact OWN isn't available in some areas without paying extra I think was the major influence in why its not going well.

895 days ago


Please dont give up on OWN.. Its a great channel and I dont think you have given it time! Please dont give up on it. People need to tune into it if they can. You need to advertise more on your channel. PLEASE DONT GIVE UP ON THIS......

895 days ago

james mercer     

It was no mistake, you thought you had something to offer and you did. A learning experience is never a mistake. Now the only question is how to turn this unlimited potential into what it can be. Anyone can deal with "why did it not". Very few really ask, have you thought of this?

895 days ago


I guess she found out that you can't pay off the rest of the world like she paid off the audience on her TV show. Maybe if you put something under our seats we would have paid more attention (like keys to our new cars). Now you see why you were so successful, Opie...pathetic fraud.

895 days ago


Gee oprah can you say "my ego is bigger than this continent and I couldnt envision failing at anything" huh.

895 days ago


894 days ago


I don't think she's quite saying she regrets OWN, I think she's just admitting that she's in over her head. It would have been stupid and an obvious lie if she were to say that everything is going swimmingly. I've seen a few shows on OWN and a few episodes of Next Chapter and Lifeclass. I think having her presence on the network will only do good things, and that it's uphill from here. The reality programming is definitely better than the **** thats on TLC, but thats the problem. People like ****.

894 days ago


She should go back to hosting her own t.v.

894 days ago


Oprah was Jerry Springer before “she got a conscious.” But she'll always be trashy, daytime talk show host to me. She's also led countless women astray with her new age crap, how about you read a real book O, it's called the Bible. This woman has never been married, and never been a mother. She is also a shill for Obama, which was quite disgusting all in of itself. “THE ONE”, yeah, you can shove THE ONE right up your big butt. - our country is in the toilet thanks to THE ONE. The only reason she had any success at all...HER SHOW WAS FREE.

893 days ago

American Mom    

Her show was free and it followed General Hospital. The real reason she had so many viewers was because the daytime soap fans kept their tv on after their show clean, cook.....Abc needs to pay close attention as well as all the sponsers out there for ABC, we want General Hospital on every day not some silly talk show with Katie Couric. Saving General Hospital means saving ABC. See ABC, Oprah made some poor choices and it's costing her a network. If ABC cancells General Hospital it will be self destructing it own network too. The people are letting you know what they want. We want General Hospital !!!!!

893 days ago

Sabine Mondestin    

Oprah will always be the best and it's great to see that even her can make mistake .

893 days ago


Duh, get a clue, Oprah, you black! why you putting people like gay butt rosie odonnel on yo network and think somebody gonna watch that? don't nobody like rosie o'donnel except other rosie o'donnel's.

your success came from a totlly different genre of work. it should be no surprise you can't do what networks do, cause, wait for it, you ain't done it before.

Okay, for all those who don't know including Oprah, you are black, and money does not change what you are. but for us poor black folks you exclude from your reality as if we live on another planet, we know.

99 thousand ways to spend all that money, you could've started univeristies, helped educate youth, so many things.

Oprah, you ain't white. you can only succeed by doing what you know. I will pray that God will lead you to do good things, better than waste money on stuff you know won't sell. somebody is getting a big laugh all the way to the bank.

893 days ago


Gee Oprah,
Even I could have told you it was a dumbass idea. Hope it didn't cost you too much money. Not!!
Couldn't happen to a bigger fat ass loser. Hey, maybe Barry will give you some stimulus money? Yea, it would be a waste but it all was.

892 days ago

Mavis Larry    

I was watching TMZ Thursday night and was offended as an African American regarding the comment your narrator made about "Tyler Perry movies are ok, if you're black." That is a racist remark because he has never made a statement like that about the movies white people produce. Sometimes the narrator or whatever you call him can be funny commenting on the days events; but this time he was way over the line. Harvey, check your staff!

892 days ago


I have a two word response to O's comment; "OWN was a mistake," & that response is: NO SH*T! Take your self worshipping elsewhere & build more schools for African girls while snubbing the hungry, homeless & suffering kids of your home country. You sure are such a wonderful example of an idiot who thinks that you're better than everyone else. Go eat a d*ck! Now, let me ask why anyone is upset they can't watch this abomination of a network? It's akin to Lifetime, but with extra doses of Premarin, too many shots of Botox & a heapin' helping of BenGay.

891 days ago
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