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Shifty Shellshock

In a Coma

4/2/2012 6:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Celebrity Rehab" star Shifty Shellshock is currently in a coma in an L.A. hospital -- TMZ has learned.

According to sources, the former Crazy Town singer has been in the ICU since last Thursday and is completely unresponsive. It's unclear what put him there -- but people close to him believe it was drug-related.

Shifty is scheduled to appear in court this week for a pre-trial hearing -- after his February coke arrest. We're told he was extremely anxious about the possibility of going to jail.


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I hope he makes it out okay but...Coma lady co coma lady will you be my butterfly suga baby.

936 days ago


Had to be lil careful :( bad things he had to quit

936 days ago


Never heard of him or his group.

And I don't watch the rehab shows as they are vomit level entertainment.. if I want that I would watch the Kardashian bowel movements of entertainment.

936 days ago

American Mom    

He really seemed liked he adored his boy. I hope he gets better and has a life with his boy.

936 days ago


I agree with some people here that he is a grown man and he chose his own path. Dr. Drew is not responsible for his choices in life. He offerred his help and Shifty chose not to follow any advice. Sad yet another young life lost to drugs.

936 days ago


Why do you all blame Dr. Drew? He can't save these people...they have to want to save themselves. Get real! I'm sick of reading negative comments about him.

936 days ago


Filed under "Not shocking and Incredibly sad"

936 days ago


stop blaming Dr. Drew.... most addicts end up this way. More addicts go through re-hab numerous times and still end up dying from their addiction or have major health issues due to their prior drug use. Shifty was lucky to have Dr. Drew on his side, probably saved his life more than once.

936 days ago

Mic Flex    

You did say "Crazy Town" right .. And Coke.. Was just checkin - nuff said.

936 days ago


I am not saying Dr Drew is talented, but he does take on some of the hardcore druggies. These people are very sick when they come to him and most of them don't really want to be healed or they would continue to work the program after they leave the facility ... which they don't, as proven by their return visits. I am sorry for his family, but the guy did it to himself ... it's all about the next fix. Sad life.

936 days ago


"Dr Drew is like the Grim Reaper"?? DRUGS are the Grim Reaper. Get it straight. Dr Drew doesn't babysit these people to make sure they live a sober life. That's their choice, and their choice alone!

936 days ago


God Bless him. I hope he gets better.

936 days ago


Not sure why you people blame Dr drew, he did his part at some point these people need to take responsibility for them selves and control their own actions. Dr Drew cannot baby sit them once they leave rehab, these people are adults and need to act like it. If they want the help them will accept it. If they don't they will go back to life before rehab. You cannot force someone to change no matter if your a DR or not they have to be willing on their own.

936 days ago


Those of you condemning Dr. Drew obviously know little about addiction. Dr. Drew doesn't claim to be a miracle worker. He can only help with the withdrawals, talk with the person and try to identify a reason that that person uses (what are they trying to bury or repress), group and individual therapy, and give them tools to help them commit to staying sober. (AA, sponsors, help with self esteem issues, etc)
Seth suffered from a severe dysrhythmia on the last "Sober House" and was brought back. Seth is a hard core Crack user. I seriously thought after the end of Season 1 that he would stay sober. He wanted to make good for his son, and his wife. Unfortunately, he still fights those demons that make you give up ALL that you love. That Crack is the most important thing in his life! Makes no difference whether he went through private rehab, court enforced rehab, or on "Celebrity Rehab" with cameras rolling. If he was going to relapse, he was *going* to relapse. No. Matter. Where.
Rarely, does an addict/alcoholic go through rehab ONE time and successfully remains sober until they die. If I remember correctly, the average amt of times someone goes through rehab is 8 or 9 times before they "get it".
There is no magic pill, no special words, nothing....that can make that addict quit. Until they are ready. And until they are ready, they continue to hurt themselves and all those around them that love them.
There is no joy for Dr. D to see any of his former pts die. Millions of Dr's pt's die all the time from their addiction. Does that mean they're all poor Dr's as well? No, it doesn't. Dr. Drew can not *FORCE* anyone to become and stay clean and sober! He can only watch and hope after they are out of his care.

936 days ago


TMZ, Thank You for being steadfast in talking about current events. I will pray for ShellShock and hope that all goes well. I would like to SALUTE the TROOPS and VETERANS. Nancy on CNN said, "Criminal intent can be formed in an instant." Thanks for this information to the CNN/HLN viewers. Why are the prosecutors office investigating George Zimmerman (G.Z.) under the "STAND YOUR GROUND LAW" if they can investigate and prove his "Initial Criminal Intent" was a "Hate Crime?" When G.Z. first called the non-emergency number and made a choice to exit the vehicle with his 9MM pistol looking for TRAYVON and allegedly murmuring "F***ing C***s" and saying, "THESE A******S always get away!" Can this statement be considered as "PROOF OF CRIMINAL INTENT" of his racial profiling thoughts of TRAYVON MARTIN?! IN A WORLD OF LOVELY PEOPLE, IGNORANCE IS BLISS. According to news reports, allegedly an ex co-worker of G.Z. discussed that he was fired from a job they worked at together because he had a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. This gentleman talked about how he witnessed G.Z. turn a simple situation into a complicated one and elevated it into eventually picking a young woman up and forcefully threw her across the room. I wonder has the prosecutor's office talked to his ex co-worker and the woman?! George Santayana said, "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Allegedly, G.Z. has a history of aggression and assault. John Holmes said, "There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up." According to Our Constitution everyone has the right to their own opinions. I would humbly suggest equanimity in debates that are swirling around in the news media. Some professionals should not refer to others as "RACE BAITERS AND RACE HUSTLERS." I think the world would be a better place if we learn to sensibly debate, communicate and understand each others multicultural differences without being crude and harsh towards each other. In my opinion, TRAYVON MARTIN was killed, shot point blank due to G.Z. alleged pre-conceived perceptions about his race. GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS AS WE ARE SOON COMING UPON EASTER SUNDAY. Morris Adler said, "OUR PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED NOT WHEN WE ARE GIVEN WHAT WE ASK, BUT WHEN WE ARE CHALLENGED TO BE WHAT WE CAN BE." ARREST GEORGE ZIMMERMAN!! NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!! TMZ, Thank you. HAVE A WONDERFUL AND BLESSED DAY. HAPPY EASTER!!!

936 days ago
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