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Shifty Shellshock

In a Coma

4/2/2012 6:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Celebrity Rehab" star Shifty Shellshock is currently in a coma in an L.A. hospital -- TMZ has learned.

According to sources, the former Crazy Town singer has been in the ICU since last Thursday and is completely unresponsive. It's unclear what put him there -- but people close to him believe it was drug-related.

Shifty is scheduled to appear in court this week for a pre-trial hearing -- after his February coke arrest. We're told he was extremely anxious about the possibility of going to jail.


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Coma coma my lady
you're my butterfly
Sugar baby

899 days ago


You know all you people say 'he's responsible for his own actions'... basically saying he deserves it. Yes, your destiny is in your own hands, but it's not easy to get off drugs. He's publicly tried to get off drugs. It's hard. We tried to get my brother off drugs and honestly, all you can do is watch. Once addiction takes over someone, it has them. There's not much you can do when someone's been an addict for so long on hard drugs. Those who are totally cured are the lucky ones.

Addiction isn't something you can just shake off, especially with what Shifty was using. It possess you, it takes over your mind, body and soul. Shifty I hope you find peace and my thoughts are with your family.

899 days ago



899 days ago

BB not bb    

Dr. Drew has a pretty dismal success record with his Celebrity Rehab Clients. I don't think he has much compassion for people to begin with. I think he is a self serving individual who exploits other people's problems for his gain. I don't think I could stand to watch a show like that and even when I see him being interviewed as an expert somewhere or giving his opinion on some talk show, he seems to say whatever will stir up the most judgemental reaction from people.

Like he said Kim Kardashian was a spouse batterer for taking a swing at her humongous husband who just oafishly had ripped off her newly manicured toenail. If that is spousal battery syndrome to him, then he needs to figure out what it means to people who are really victims of that.

899 days ago


Shifty shellshock, is that one of the new ninja turtles?

899 days ago

Just Reading    

Guess he thought crack was whack as well but discovered coke is no joke. Oh sorry, too soon?

899 days ago


Very sad, but honestly, not unexpected. I never thought he'd live to see 40. I hope he pulls out of this and this is his "rock bottom", but I really don't think that's the way it will go down.

There's already been 2 former members of Crazytown who died prematurely; DJ AM and Rust Epique/Charles Lopez..... both died right about the same age as Seth is now - 36... ( I believe Seth is 37)...

899 days ago


If he does "wake up" from his least on the plus side,he'll be drug free.

899 days ago

Delaware D    

RIP Shifty (thats what the tweets will be this weekend).

899 days ago


Shifty was worried about going to jail. Well I guess he doesn't have to worry about that, being that he put himself into a coma. Nice alternative....not.

899 days ago


I disagree on this being the fault of Dr. Drew. He is not God and cannot force any of the celebrities on the show, or anyone outside of the show, to stop going down the path they have chosen for themselves. Nobody can make that choice for them. If an addict isn't ready or willing to take the next step, nothing (or anyone) is going to be able to help them. They have to want to make a change in their life. All the therapy in the world cannot force a person to change if they are unwilling to.
It is easy to shift the blame off on someone else, other than the person who is ultimately responsible. Nobody puts the crack pipe to their lips or the needle to their arm but them.

898 days ago

Kim Richter    

I love how people keep putting this on Dr. Drew. Most people who are drug addicts do not recover no matter how many times they are in a rehab center. Sad to say they let the demons and the high get the better of them. Most do the drugs and alcohol do be numb and don't have correct coping skills. I hope and pray he comes out of the coma for himself and his son and the rest of his family. My prayers are with you Seth!

898 days ago


How people can blame Dr.Drew who on numerous occasions tried to help him is ridiculous! The man has had a death wish for sometime and no one except himself is responsible. He would be constantly on the wagon,off the wagon but could never stay clean. Addiction no matter what is can destroy you and those around you. You have to want it bad enough,he has two young sons and he couldn't stop even for them. This story has made me very sad as I've rooted for him ever since he appeared on celebrity rehab the first time,he's outlived himself 10 fold!!!

898 days ago


You cannot blame Dr. Drew.

If the patient doesn't want to do what is needed to be clean and sober, what can you do.

Dr. Drew's patients are adults they need to take responsibility, instead of placing the blame on Dr. Drew or any other person.

898 days ago


You cannot blame dr drew. If anyone has any knowledge of drug abusers, it is very common to relapse over and over and over. It is very disheartening for family members and friends to go through this with a drug abuser. and no matter how much rehab they go through and how much love and support is behind them, they must want to get clean and be done with drugs for this to work. This is 100% on shifty and all Dr. Drew did was offer him a chance.

898 days ago
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