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Shifty Shellshock

In a Coma

4/2/2012 6:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Celebrity Rehab" star Shifty Shellshock is currently in a coma in an L.A. hospital -- TMZ has learned.

According to sources, the former Crazy Town singer has been in the ICU since last Thursday and is completely unresponsive. It's unclear what put him there -- but people close to him believe it was drug-related.

Shifty is scheduled to appear in court this week for a pre-trial hearing -- after his February coke arrest. We're told he was extremely anxious about the possibility of going to jail.


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I hope he's okay he's one of my most favorite artist ever.. I hope he makes a full recovery!

899 days ago


Another Dr. Drew failure.

899 days ago


For those who are unsure as to why this is a failure and Dr. Drews fault I will explain it.

When an addict actually enters into a rehab program they are looking for a safe environment to get healthy. Dr. Drew as the "professional" knows this. Privacy, competent care, safe environment are all part of the process on the road to recovery. Dr. Drew's celebrity rehab provides very little of this. There are cameras everywhere, they exploit situations that they should be diffusing in order to get ratings. Now some might say well the stars signed on, well guess what they are drug addicts,many are none to bright, and they are relying on Dr. Drew's "expertise". He in turn is looking for a way to boost ratings on his show and not acting in the best interest of his "patients".
Ultimately he, as a professional, should have quickly recognized the problems that Shifty had, and sent him into private intensive treatment, not paraded him around for ratings.
I am not saying that Shifty is not to blame, but maybe the results would have been VASTLY different if instead of being treated on a TV program and as a ratings getter, he would have been treated at a different facility with no cameras around.

Face it many of the people on the "Celebrity Rehab" are lured there because they are also "addicted" to fame, that is the lure. If the show was called what it really is "Hasbeen Downfall and Ratings Getter" I am sure less would show up.

899 days ago


That's too bad but he's been a long time drug addict. I just feel sorry for his child. It's selfish to do drugs after you have a child who needs his parent.

899 days ago


maybe doctor drew gets people who are far gone with no hope so he can get ratings.
everyone knows they have to want it. its not dr. drews fault.
although that was funny what mikey said about the grim reaper.
im an alcoholic and i finally saved myself.

899 days ago

Patrick Whyntie    

This is very sad to hear. He was hands down the nicest person on the whole tour and one of the nicest people I have ever met.

Not once on tour did he touch a drop of alcohol or partake in any drugs whatsoever. He had a blast out here in Australia and was hoping to return. My thoughts go out to the rest of his band, his manager Michael and more. Shifty deals with a lot and people labelling continuing to poke holes at his weakness isn't helping.

Best of luck Shifty.

899 days ago


LOL @ all the comments directed at Dr. Drew.

The ONLY person that can help an addict is THEMSELF. He chose to live his life the way he did despite NUMBEROUS people reaching out to help him. Good F'in riddance.

899 days ago


Seth is an absolute legend of a human being addiction is a sickness not a choice cut him some friggin slack and laying back on the constant media hounding waiting for relapse might be good aswell hey

899 days ago


I'm surprised he lasted this long.

899 days ago


For the people criticizing Dr. Drew, the success rate for addicts staying in recovery is dismal--everywhere. You're just revealing your lack of understanding of addiction. Most of the people on Celeb Rehab need long term residential treatment--months not weeks. 21 days is only long enough to detox. If these people are unwilling or unable to afford long term treatment (most insurance only covers 21 days) the odds are really against them.

899 days ago


It's not Dr. Drew's fault if these adicts don't stay with their program.
He does what he can for them.
They have to really want to stop.

899 days ago

Rik Bohrn    

Can't really blame Drew for this but he is no help either.

899 days ago


When I saw him on Celebrity Rehab, I really felt sorry for him! He loved his son VERY much, but couldn't overcome some deep dark demon! I hope he recovers, it's a shame that a lot of rehabs don't work eg: Whitney Houston!

899 days ago

Miss Vicki    

Another will soon bite it. Those with that predisposition are really doomed in the entertainment business.
What's new, death or jail is always it's result.
Or if Dr Drew can help, they go on Celebrity House Hunting. Showing them Million dollars homes, like they can afford them. Most are so washed up after there drug additions ruin there careers, that's it laughable. To believe they can afford, even the front steps of one of these homes.That's Reality T.V.

899 days ago


Dr. Drew kills people with his HOPELESSNESS approach.
How many stars has he killed in his care?

899 days ago
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