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Dennis Rodman

Laughs Off Child Support Debt --

My Baby Mama's a Chump!

4/3/2012 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Dennis Rodman really is broke, he doesn't give a CRAP -- eating at an expensive restaurant in Miami this weekend ... and brazenly laughing in the faces of all the people he owes money ... literally.

Dennis and his entourage hit up a place called Joe's Stone Crab -- a famous Miami spot where the entrees range from $25 to $45 -- and on their way out ... a photog asked about The Worm's widely reported financial problems.

Dennis immediately cracked up -- and his entourage proceeded to mock the photog, as if asking the question in the first place were utterly ridiculous (fact -- it's not).

Dennis' lawyer has publicly claimed Rodman doesn't have the money to pay $800,000 in back child support and $51,000 in spousal support because he's completely broke and "sick" (i.e. an alcoholic). For his part, Dennis has been fighting his child support order for years because he can't afford it.

A former Vegas waitress has also obtained a judgment against Rodman for $225,000 -- claiming he slapped her butt on the job.

It's not the first time Dennis showed zero regard for his debtors -- just last month, the guy walked around some Vegas shop ... throwing money in the air (below).

But for some reason, this was all joke fodder in Miami yesterday -- with Dennis' buddy even quoting his lawyer in a mocking tone ... joking, "He's broke and sick motherf**ker ... we're going under the bridge after this."

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How are so many men capable of simply walking away from the responsibility of their own children? People say that single moms are the problem, but most single moms are single because the dad walked away from the burden while the mother chose to carry it all on her shoulders. The GIANT problem in this country isnt single moms, its dead beat dads like this guy. If it wasnt for those single moms doing the right thing those kids would all be wards of the state.

899 days ago


Rodman's the washed up chump. What a looooser.

899 days ago

Patrick Henry    

How about some chemical castration: as above, so below. The empty brain will have something to match it. Did he give up wearing women's clothes or is that really where all his money went? Wouldn't any child be embarrassed to be seen with that weirdo? Maybe we should petition the judge to do teh right thing and force "Denise" to pay his child support. Real men do and earn the respect of their children.

899 days ago


Dude always creeped me out.

899 days ago

buzz kill    

Just goes to show you don't need a spine to reproduce.

899 days ago

Tigers Wood    

Obama: if I had a son it would be Dennis

899 days ago


This man is a good example of your typical street hood basketball player got a scholarship to go to college, never finish college, or wasn’t even qualify to be in college, non educated, got drafted into the NBL, made a lot of money, and spent a lot of money like water, got busted a couple of times, a drunk and a coke addicted, until nobody in the NBL wanted him anymore, went broke and still makes a ass out of himself, this isn’t the last example of a high school, college system melt down on how these educational institutions don’t care if a person get a education or even is qualifies to be in college, as along he can play sports and make the institutions money and status in the institution, a when the person career is wash up, nothing else to follow up on, no career, no education, broke, in prison or dead, nothing going to change, your going to have a lot more like Dennis, now and in the future, unless these institutions make changes, make it more harder and make it more imported to get an education, finish school, get a career, than being able to throw a basketball, like being a train monkey, you able to do tricks and entertain the public, but when you get old an finished up, you become worthless.

899 days ago


Well, my BIGGEST prayer is either his EX, or someone related or close to her or her lawyers have someone watching this site along with others.
I thought his ex was looking for way too much money, after watching him behave this way and NOT give a crap about his kids, not even mention them, just diss the mother of his children, welp...
Rodman, I hope you and your "ENTOURAGE" have just proven to the courts, when the judge sees this video - that you are FULL OF ****. If you were "BROKE" you wouldn't have an entourage, leave in the cars that are beyond expensive and eating out at EXPENSIVE places.
Michelle Rodman, KICK HIS ARSE IN COURT, get MORE than what you deserve and make him sell EVERYTHING to take care of you and the kids.

899 days ago


At least the tranny's money is trickling down to help the 99% ers. The baby mamas should just follow him around picking up money off the floor. It's how they met to begin with.

899 days ago


Just because he's so-called "broke" doesn't mean he should stop working out. He's starting to look like a junkie. Not that he isn't one.

899 days ago


Rodman's a useless POS. May the karma train ride him hard.

899 days ago


He looks like a herpes spirit animal.

899 days ago


The Worm tried to pick me up in a bar in
Laguna Beach CA. a few years ago....AND I'M A GUY...AND STRAIGHT! I just reached out for a handshake for gods sake!

899 days ago


You thought you were on top of the world with tons of money for drugs, drink and plenty of women - everyone wanted to be with you. Now, you are on the way down. The women (and your children) became a fixed expense, as did the the drugs and drink. As your cash has dwindled, so will the clowning entourage. They will find another sucker to leech off of. Everyone will forget you, except the children, who will forever wonder why they were not important. You will die a sick, lonely, broke individual. No mystery there. You are a piece of s**t.

899 days ago


I don't know who she is but she should be compensated just for the fact that she actually did him. She must have PTSD from that.

899 days ago
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